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(319 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ADP3330ART-5 Regulate voltage for stability ADI 7,011 Add to BOM
MIC2005A-1YM6 Switching component ideal for high side power control, featuring a single output and compact SOT-23 package MICREL 5,949 Add to BOM
FDC6506P -pin TSOT-23 P-channel MOSFET with 30V voltage rating FAIRCHILD 5,908 Add to BOM
LTC4412HVIS6 Low Loss PowerPath Controller - LTC4412HV 36V Analog Devices, Inc 7,067 Add to BOM
AD8361ARTZ High-speed power detector IC for Hz frequencie Analog Devices, Inc 3,006 Add to BOM
SI3932DV-T1-GE3 N-channel 30V 3.7A Transistor in TSOP Package VISHAY 6,940 Add to BOM
REF3430IDBVR Compact voltage reference with low drift and low power consumption TI 5,834 Add to BOM
TPS560430YFDBVT SIMPLE SWITCHER® 36-V, 600-mA Buck Regulator With High-Efficiency Sleep Mode TI 7,836 Add to BOM
TPS560430XFDBVR Synchronous step-down converter with integrated FETs for reliable performan TI 4,740 Add to BOM
TPS560430XDBVR SIMPLE SWITCHER® 36-V, 600-mA Buck Regulator With High-Efficiency Sleep Mode TI 6,435 Add to BOM
TPS25221DBVR 0.275-2.7A adj. ILIMIT, 2.5-5.5V, 70mΩ USB power switch, active-high, reverse blocking TI 5,025 Add to BOM
REF3433QDBVRQ1 -40 to 125 temperature range voltage reference TI 4,377 Add to BOM
TPS3808G25DBVR Low-quiescent current supervisor with programmable delay & manual reset TI 5,178 Add to BOM
TPS563249DDCR 17-V, 3-A, constant 1.4-MHz synchronous step-down voltage regulator TI 5,182 Add to BOM
TPS61071TDDCRQ1 Adjustable, 600-mA switch, 1200-kHz boost converter in ThinSOT-23 with forced PWM mode TI 7,504 Add to BOM
TPS3106K33DBVR Dual-channel, voltage supervisor, ultra-low supply current TI 6,919 Add to BOM
TPS560430YFQDBVRQ1 Adjustable output voltage in a tiny SOT-23 package TI 6,671 Add to BOM
LMR50410YQDBVRQ1 Reliable and high-performance design TI 7,877 Add to BOM
LMR50410YFQDBVRQ1 Automotive qualified SIMPLE SWITCHER 4-V to 36-V, 1-A synchronous step-down converter TI 5,104 Add to BOM
LMR50410Y5FQDBVRQ1 Automotive qualified SIMPLE SWITCHER 4-V to 36-V, 1-A synchronous step-down converter TI 7,440 Add to BOM
LMR50410Y3FQDBVRQ1 Compact and efficient 4V to 36V step-down converter for automotive use TI 3,110 Add to BOM
TPS2514DBVR USB dedicated charging port controller - Gen 1 Texas Instruments, Inc 4,421 Add to BOM
TPS2514ADBVR USB dedicated charging port controller - Gen 2 TI 4,565 Add to BOM
LMR14006YDDCT Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 0.765V 1 Output 600mA SOT-23-6 Thin, TSOT-23-6 Texas Instruments, Inc 5,161 Add to BOM
LMR16006YDDCR SIMPLE SWITCHER® 4V to 60V, 600mA Step-Down Regulator with Low Iq TI 6,136 Add to BOM
LMR16006XDDCR Simple yet effective power management solution that efficiently steps down voltages within the 4V to 60V range TI 4,736 Add to BOM
TPS3702CX33DDCR Active low voltage supervisor with threshold of 3.3V Texas Instruments, Inc 7,088 Add to BOM
TPS3808G33QDBVRQ1 Top-notch voltage supervisor chip for 3.3V operation, SOT23-6 format Texas Instruments, Inc 5,930 Add to BOM
LMR16006YQ3DDCRQ1 Automotive Qualified SIMPLE SWITCHER® 40V (65V transient), 0.6A Buck Regulator with 28μA IQ TI 7,371 Add to BOM
TPS562208DDCR 4.5 V to 17 V input, 2 A output, synchronous step-down converter in FCCM mode TI 4,103 Add to BOM
TPS564208DDCR 4.5 V to 17 V input, 4 A output, synchronous step-down converter in FCCM mode TI 5,379 Add to BOM
TPS54202DDCR 4.5V to 28V Input, 2A Output, EMI Friendly Synchronous Step-Down Converter TI 7,151 Add to BOM
INA181A2QDBVRQ1 Automotive application Texas Instruments, Inc 4,470 Add to BOM
TLV1805QDBVRQ1 Small-sized SOT23-6 package TI 5,953 Add to BOM
DAC5571IDBVT Low-power, 8-Bit DAC with high-speed I2C Input Texas Instruments, Inc 3,997 Add to BOM
DAC081S101CIMK/NOPB Ideal for precision voltage output in a variety of electronic devices Texas Instruments, Inc 4,902 Add to BOM
TPS22918DBVR 5.5-V, 2-A, 52-mΩ load switch with adj. rise time and adj. output discharge TI 4,858 Add to BOM
TPS22810DBVT 18-V, 3-A, 79-mΩ load switch with adj. rise time and adj. output discharge TI 7,812 Add to BOM
TPD4E1U06DBVR Quad 0.8-pF, 5.5-V, ±15-kV ESD protection diode in SOT-23 & SC70 packages TI 5,940 Add to BOM
TPD4E001QDBVRQ1 Automotive Quad 1.5-pF, 5.5-V, ±8-kV ESD protection diode with VCC pin for USB 2.0 TI 4,259 Add to BOM
TS5A3159DBVR 6-Pin SOT-23 Package Texas Instruments, Inc 6,256 Add to BOM
TPS561201DDCR 4.5V to 17V Input, 1A Synchronous Step-Down Voltage Regulator in 6-pin SOT-23 TI 4,781 Add to BOM
TPS565208DDCR TPS565208DDCR Voltage Regulator TI 5,548 Add to BOM
SN74LVC1G3157DBVR 5-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 1-channel general-purpose analog switch TI 7,864 Add to BOM
1P1G3157QDBVRQ1 Voltage-controlled analog switch TI 3,917 Add to BOM
TPD2S017DBVR ESD suppressors with TVS diodes for enhanced protection TI 5,016 Add to BOM
TPD3S014DBVR Current-limit switch and D+/D– ESD protection for USB Host ports TI 4,899 Add to BOM
TMP121AIDBVR 1.5°C 2.7V to 5.5V digital temperature sensor with SPI interface in SOT-23 TI 6,456 Add to BOM
LMV761MFX/NOPB Comparator General Purpose Push-Pull SOT-23-6 Texas Instruments, Inc 4,975 Add to BOM
TPL5010DDCR Timer with watchdog functionality and manual reset, designed for ultra low power consumption Texas Instruments, Inc 4,554 Add to BOM