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(395 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
FA1A4M-T1B-A Bipolar Transistors - BJT RENESAS 6,272 Add to BOM
BFR92A NPN 5 GHz wideband transistor NXP 7,871 Add to BOM
BZX84-B12 Diode Zener Single 12V 2% 250mW 3-Pin SOT-23 NXP 6,808 Add to BOM
BAP1321-04 Silicon PIN diode NXP 6,647 Add to BOM
BFR520 Unparalleled frequency range for advanced radio designs Nxp 7,190 Add to BOM
NX2301P -2A drain current capability in a compact 3-pin SOT23 package NXP 4,216 Add to BOM
1SS184 Diode Switching 0.3A 3-Pin SOT-23 Lite-On Technology 5,211 Add to BOM
MA144769-287T Varactor Diodes MA144769-287T: Capacitance Ct=1.2pF, Operating Range -65°C to +125°C" MACOM Technology Solutions 3,873 Add to BOM
BSR58 Product BSR58 encompasses a N-type JFET transistor encased in a 3-pin SOT-23 package, delivered in Tape and Reel packaging for convenient deployment Nxp 7,667 Add to BOM
AD8638ARJZ Suitable for demanding applications such as sensor interfaces ADI 5,566 Add to BOM
BAT754C BAT754C is a Schottky rectifier diode incorporating two elements engineered for rectification functions, supporting currents up to 0 NXP 6,756 Add to BOM
BAS116 Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation 6,130 Add to BOM
XC6202P332MR XC6202P332MR is a Fixed Positive Standard Regulator with a 3.3VCMOS output in a compact PDSO5 package TOREX 3,933 Add to BOM
PESD2IVN24-TR ESD protection for In-vehicle networks Nexperia Semiconductor (NXP) 6,800 Add to BOM
BC817-40 NPN bipolar transistor with 45V voltage rating Diotec Semiconductor 6,165 Add to BOM
BC817-25 Featuring a 3-pin SOT-23 package Diotec Semiconductor 6,542 Add to BOM
BC807-25 High-performance silicon-based device for general-purpose applications Diodes Incorporated 5,699 Add to BOM
FMMT449 SOT23-packaged NPN transistor capable of handling currents up to 1A with a voltage rating of 30V Onsemi 4,973 Add to BOM
2N7002A Single Element Transistor Diotec Semiconductor 6,532 Add to BOM
SI2307CDS-T1-E3 MOSFET -30V Vds 20V Vgs SOT-23 VISHAY 7,230 Add to BOM
MMBD7000 Low-loss, high-reliability diode for switching and rectifying duties Onsemi 7,668 Add to BOM
TLV62565DBVR Synchronous Buck Regulator TI 4,933 Add to BOM
TLV333IDBVR Single, 350-kHz, low-noise, RRIO, CMOS operational amplifier for cost-sensitive systems TI 7,026 Add to BOM
LM50BIM3 LM50BIM3: Analog temperature sensor encapsulated in an SOT23-3 package, suitable for detecting temperatures from -25°C to 100°C TI 4,510 Add to BOM
TL431ACL3T With its compact SOT-23 package Stmicroelectronics 4,005 Add to BOM
TL431AIL3T Adjustable micropower shunt voltage reference ST 6,366 Add to BOM
BAR43SFILM Rectifier Diode Small Signal Schottky Si 30V 0.1A 5ns 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R ST 5,717 Add to BOM
BAR43AFILM Schottky diode for small signal applications with a 30V voltage rating and 0.1A current capacity Stmicroelectronics 6,147 Add to BOM
STM1001TWX6F Voltage Supervisor - SOT-23 Package ST 7,631 Add to BOM
STM809TWX6F With its compact design and low power consumption, this product is ideal for a wide range of applications in the electronics industry ST 6,228 Add to BOM
STM809LWX6F 3-pin SOT-23 package Stmicroelectronics 4,644 Add to BOM
NVR5124PLT1G Single P−Channel Power MOSFET −60V, −1.1A, 230mΩ ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,612 Add to BOM
BSS138K ON Semiconductor's BSS138K is an N-Channel MOSFET designed for a current of 220 mA and a voltage of 50 V, enclosed in a 3-Pin SOT-23 package Onsemi 6,084 Add to BOM
SMMBT3904LT1G 200 mA, 40 V NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,606 Add to BOM
BC850CLT1G Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN 45 V 100 mA 100MHz 225 mW Surface Mount SOT-23-3 (TO-236) ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,153 Add to BOM
2SB1691WL-TL-E <p>Support is limited to customers who have already adopted these products.</p> RENESAS 4,959 Add to BOM
MMUN2233LT1G NPN Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,743 Add to BOM
NBA3N012CSNT1G 3.3 V Automotive Grade LVDS Line Receiver ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,243 Add to BOM
BSS169H6327XTSA1 MOSFET in SOT-23-3 package, featuring N-channel design, supporting voltages up to 100V and currents up to 90mA Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,597 Add to BOM
IRLML0060TRPBF Silicon Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET with 2.7A Drain Current, 60V Voltage Rating, and 0.092ohm On-Resistance Infineon 7,339 Add to BOM
IRLML0030TRPBF 30V N-channel MOSFET with 5.3A current rating Infineon 6,751 Add to BOM
IRLML6346TRPBF Highly efficient and durable for demanding applications Infineon 5,550 Add to BOM
IRLML2030TRPBF SOT-23-packaged HEXFET Power MOSFET featuring N-channel configuration with 30V voltage tolerance, 154 milliohm RDS(on), and 1 nanocoulomb Qg Infineon 6,314 Add to BOM
IRLML6344TRPBF IRLML6344TRPBF is a MOSFET that can handle 5.0A of current, has a resistance of 29mOhm, and can be driven by a 2.5V signal Infineon 7,614 Add to BOM
IRLML6244TRPbF 20V 6.3A Transistor Infineon 7,891 Add to BOM
IRLML2244TRPBF -Pin SOT-23 Transistor Infineon 6,205 Add to BOM
IRLML9301TRPBF P-Channel MOSFET with 30V voltage rating and 3.6A current rating in SOT-23 package Infineon 4,903 Add to BOM
IRLML2803TRPBF N-channel 30V MOSFET with 1.2A current rating, packaged in a 3-pin micro form factor, suitable for surface-mount applications Infineon 7,231 Add to BOM
IRLML2502TRPBF Trans MOSFET N-CH 20V 4.2A 3-Pin Micro T/R - Tape and Reel Infineon 5,981 Add to BOM
IRLML6302TRPBF Tape and reel packaged MOSFET transistor with P-channel configuration, ideal for small electronic devices Infineon 6,534 Add to BOM