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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MK10DX128VLH7 72MHz Cortex-M4 Performance MCU Nxp 7,993 Add to BOM
MK20DX256VLH7 ARM Cortex-M4 72MHz with 40 kilobytes of flash memory and 256 kilobytes of total memory Nxp 4,954 Add to BOM
S9KEAZ128AMLH Operating at 48MHz, QFP 64 Package Nxp 6,068 Add to BOM
S9KEAZ128ACLH Tray of MCU with 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ RISC and 128KB Flash memory Nxp 6,952 Add to BOM
SFR4310E1MAE40 Tailored Interface Solution for 40MHz Applications Nxp 4,101 Add to BOM
FS32K144UAT0VLHT The LQFP64 package makes the FS32K144UAT0VLHT suitable for a wide range of general-purpose applications Nxp 6,934 Add to BOM
MKL16Z256VLH4 Packaged in a 64-pin LQFP Tray arrangement Nxp 7,537 Add to BOM
S9KEAZ128ACLHR With its 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ architecture and 128KB Flash memory, the S9KEAZ128ACLHR microcontroller is engineered for automotive applications Nxp 5,810 Add to BOM
S9S08DZ96F2MLH 3.3V/5V Operation Voltage Nxp 3,328 Add to BOM
MK10DX256VLH7R LQFP-64, 72MHz, MK10DX256VLH7R, 32 Nxp 9,060 Add to BOM
S9KEAZN64AMLH AEC-Q100 certified 64-pin LQFP Tray package designed for automotive-grade performance and reliability Nxp 3,709 Add to BOM
MKL16Z64VLH4 In-stock, ready to ship Nxp 5,432 Add to BOM
MC56F80738VLH 56800EF 56F80xxx Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 100MHz 48KB (48K x 8) FLASH 64-LQFP (10x10) NXP 8,260 Add to BOM
MC56F83763AVLHA Robust and reliable solution for industrial, automotive, and medical markets NXP 7,073 Add to BOM
MC56F83683VLH High-performance microcontroller featuring a X core, ideal for resource-intensive application NXP 9,086 Add to BOM
MKM33Z64CLH5 ARM Microcontrollers - MCU Kinetis KM33: 50MHz Cortex-M0+ Metrology MCU, 64KB Flash, 16KB SRAM, Segment LCD, 64-LQFP NXP 9,275 Add to BOM
MCF51JM128EVLH ColdFire RISC-based MCU, offering 32-bit processing power with 128KB Flash memory, suitable for operation at both 3 Nxp 4,327 Add to BOM
MKM33Z128ACLH5R Segment LCD, 64-LQEF Kinetis KM33, 50MHz Cortex-M0+ Metrology MCU, 128KB Flash, and 16KB SRAM Nxp 5,758 Add to BOM