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(28 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MRFE6S9205HR3 High voltage RF MOSFET transistors NXP USA Inc. 8,518 Add to BOM
MRF6V12500HR3 Product Description: RF MOSFET with a voltage rating of 50 volts, current capacity of 200 milliamperes, operating frequency of 1 NXP USA Inc. 7,781 Add to BOM
MRF8S9220HR3 Power LDMOS Transistor N-Channel 70V 3-Pin NI-780 T/R NXP USA Inc. 8,838 Add to BOM
MRF6V13250HR3 Linear voltage regulator with 2.5V output and 80mA current in SC88A package NXP USA Inc. 6,297 Add to BOM
MRF7S21170HR3 28V RF Mosfet with 1.4A current rating and 2.17GHz frequency NXP USA Inc. 6,293 Add to BOM
MRF7S27130HR3 N-Channel RF MOSFET with 65V Rating in NI-780 Package NXP USA Inc. 8,309 Add to BOM
MRF18060ALR3 RF Mosfet 26 V 500 mA 1.81GHz ~ 1.88GHz 13dB 60W NI-780H-2L NXP USA Inc. 5,816 Add to BOM
MRF19085LR3 RF Mosfet 26 V 850 mA 1.93GHz ~ 1.99GHz 13dB 18W NI-780H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 7,622 Add to BOM
MRF5S19130HR3 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.2 A 2GHz 13dB 26W NI-880H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 8,197 Add to BOM
MRF5S9150HR5 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.5 A 880MHz 19.7dB 33W NI-780H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 8,126 Add to BOM
MRF6S19200HR5 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.6 A 1.93GHz ~ 1.99GHz 17.9dB 56W NI-780H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 9,109 Add to BOM
MRF6S19140HR3 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.15 A 1.93GHz ~ 1.99GHz 16dB 29W NI-880H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 9,134 Add to BOM
MRF6S21140HR5 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.2 A 2.12GHz 15.5dB 30W NI-880H-2L NXP USA Inc. 5,753 Add to BOM
MRF6S9130HR3 RF Mosfet 28 V 950 mA 880MHz 19.2dB 27W NI-780H-2L NXP USA Inc. 8,777 Add to BOM
MRF6S9045NBR1 RF Mosfet 28 V 350 mA 1GHz 22.7dB 10W NI-880H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 9,787 Add to BOM
MRF7S19080HR3 RF Mosfet 28 V 750 mA 1.99GHz 18dB 24W NI-780H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 9,177 Add to BOM
MRF7S18125AHR5 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.1 A 1.88GHz 17dB 125W NI-780H-2L NXP USA Inc. 7,901 Add to BOM
MRF8S21100HSR5 RF Mosfet 28 V 700 mA 2.17GHz 18.3dB 24W NI-780H-2L NXP USA Inc. 9,674 Add to BOM
MRF9085LR5 RF Mosfet 26 V 700 mA 880MHz 17.9dB 90W NI-780H-2L NXP USA Inc. 6,360 Add to BOM
MRF9135LR5 RF Mosfet 26 V 1.1 A 880MHz 17.8dB 25W NI-780H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 8,030 Add to BOM
MRFE6S9160HR3 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.2 A 880MHz 21dB 35W NI-780H-2L NXP USA Inc. 7,838 Add to BOM
MRF7S16150HR3 Trans RF MOSFET N-CH 65V 3-Pin NI-780 T/R NXP USA Inc. 7,188 Add to BOM
MRF7S15100HR5 RF Mosfet 28 V 600 mA 1.51GHz 19.5dB 23W NI-780H-2L NXP USA Inc. 7,202 Add to BOM
MRF6S21140HR3 Trans RF FET N-CH 68V 3-Pin NI-880 T/R NXP USA Inc. 8,515 Add to BOM
MRF5S4140HR5 RF Mosfet 28 V 1.25 A 465MHz 21dB 28W NI-780H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 7,243 Add to BOM
MRF21085R3 RF Mosfet 28 V 1 A 2.11GHz ~ 2.17GHz 13.6dB 90W NI-780H-2L Freescale Semiconductor 5,210 Add to BOM
MMRF1011HR5 RF Power LDMOS Transistors NXP USA Inc. 5,013 Add to BOM
BLA1011-300,112 RF Mosfet 32 V 150 mA 1.03GHz ~ 1.09GHz 16.5dB 300W LDMOST Ampleon USA Inc. 6,921 Add to BOM