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(27 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
GALI-74+ Frequency range from 0 MHz to 1000 MHz Mini-Circuits 5,663 Add to BOM
GALI-39+ Compact lead-free design for easy integration Mini-Circuits 5,732 Add to BOM
BAW78D SOT-89 RECTIFIER DIODE 400V Infineon 5,727 Add to BOM
AP7370-50Y-13 SOT-89-3 Package with 18V Maximum Input Voltage Diodes Incorporated 7,569 Add to BOM
GALI-6+ Wideband RF amplifier for frequencies from DC to 4GHz Mini-Circuits 5,672 Add to BOM
GVA-84+ Advanced RF Amplification Technolog Mini-Circuits 5,224 Add to BOM
GVA-123+ Reliable Frequency Amplification Solution for Wireless Systems Mini-Circuits 6,815 Add to BOM
PGA-102+ RF amplifier for CATV applications with a frequency range of 50MHz to 6GHz Mini-Circuits 7,377 Add to BOM
PHA-1+ High-gain amplifier for frequencies ranging from 50MHz to 6000MHz Mini-Circuits 4,044 Add to BOM
GVA-62+ RF Amplifier ML AMPL / SURF MT / RoHS Mini-Circuits 7,072 Add to BOM
PHA-13LN+ Miniature monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifier Mini-Circuits 6,416 Add to BOM
GALI-2+ RF Amplifier ML AMPL / SURF MT / RoHS Mini-Circuits 5,443 Add to BOM
PHA-13HLN+ Compliance with ROHS regulations Mini-Circuits 6,010 Add to BOM
GVA-91+ Boost your signal strength with this high-gain RF amplifier, perfect for LTE and WCDMA networks Mini-Circuits 9,708 Add to BOM
GVA-93+ Amplification device for ML AMPL / SURF MT systems Mini-Circuits 5,939 Add to BOM
GALI-52+ Amplifier featuring a frequency range of 0 to 2000MHz Mini-Circuits 7,072 Add to BOM
GALI-3+ RF Amplifier ML AMPL / SURF MT / RoHS Mini-Circuits 5,892 Add to BOM
AP7370-33Y-13 Low dropout voltage regulator Diodes Incorporated 5,957 Add to BOM
GVA-60+ RF Amplifier ML AMPL / SURF MT / RoHS Mini-Circuits 6,625 Add to BOM
FP1189-G RF JFET Transistors capable of delivering +27dBm at P1dB qorvo 5,237 Add to BOM
GVA-83+ MHz Minimum Frequency, 7000MHz Maximum Frequency Mini-Circuits 6,410 Add to BOM
DXT3150 Advanced chip solution for precise multi-channel energy monitoring API Delevan 6,798 Add to BOM
MMG3015NT1 RF Amplifier 20.5DBM 15DB GPA SOT89 NXP 7,072 Add to BOM
GALI-49+ The GALI-49+ RF amplifier offers a gain of 4.4dB across a frequency range of 0Hz to 5GHz Mini-Circuits 7,684 Add to BOM
GALI-84 + Low power consumption for extended usage periods Mini-Circuits 5,766 Add to BOM
PHA-23HLN+ High-Gain Amplifier for CATV and Cellular Application Mini-Circuits 6,112 Add to BOM
FJC2383YTF NPN Transistor Suitable for Various Applications Onsemi 4,430 Add to BOM