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(655 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TQP7M9103 RF Amplifier 400-4000MHZ 5VOLT GAIN 16.6DB NF 4.4DB QORVO 6,970 Add to BOM
SBB-1089Z SBB1089Z: 1 Function Wide Band Amplifier with High Frequency Range Qorvo 6,015 Add to BOM
XC6201P502PR Positive voltage regulators for precise power management solutions TOREX 5,938 Add to BOM
XC6201P332PR Positive LDO Regulator 3.3V Torex Semiconductor 4,508 Add to BOM
XC6203E332PR XC6203E332PR is a high current positive voltage LDO voltage regulator Torex Semiconductor 3,658 Add to BOM
SS543AT Rectangular plastic/epoxy Hall Effect Sensor offering a sensitivity range of 8mT to 20mT Honeywell 7,575 Add to BOM
NJM78L05UA Linear Voltage Regulators intended for regulating voltage to 5V with a maximum current load of 0.1A, equipped with 3 terminal connections Nisshinbo Micro Devices 4,326 Add to BOM
MGA-30689-TR1G Integrated amplifier module suitable for various radio frequency applications Broadcom Limited 6,852 Add to BOM
AZ1117CR-ADJTRG1 Low dropout voltage regulator Diodes Incorporated 6,078 Add to BOM
FCX458TA FCX458TA - Transistor NPN, 400V Voltage Rating, 0.225A Current Rating, 2000mW Power Dissipation, SOT-89 Package Diodes Incorporated 6,747 Add to BOM
BCX5616QTA Mid-range power transistor for bipolar junction transistors Diodes Incorporated 4,181 Add to BOM
UA78L05AIPK Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 100mA SOT-89-3 TI 6,490 Add to BOM
UA78L09ACPK Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 100mA SOT-89-3 TI 4,945 Add to BOM
TL432BIPK Voltage regulator Texas Instruments, Inc 7,445 Add to BOM
UA78L10ACPK Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 100mA SOT-89-3 TI 4,091 Add to BOM
L78L09ABUTR Positive voltage regulators ST 5,523 Add to BOM
L78L18ACUTR L78L18ACUTR is a voltage regulator with a current rating of 0.1A and an output voltage of 18V, with a tolerance of ±5%, in a 4-Pin SOT-89 package ST 4,977 Add to BOM
L78L15ACUTR Positive voltage regulators ST 4,020 Add to BOM
MC78LC30HT1G 0.05A current limit Onsemi 5,594 Add to BOM
LND150N8-G MOSFET transistor with N-type channel, rated for 500V and 0.03A, housed in a 4-pin SOT-89 package MICROCHIP 7,997 Add to BOM
MCP1703T-3302E/MB Accepts input voltage from 2.7V to 16V Microchip 7,331 Add to BOM
MCP1701AT-3302I/MB Plastic SOT-89 package with 3 pins MICROCHIP 6,226 Add to BOM
MCP1703AT-5002E/MB Low Iq, high voltage 250mA LDO. MICROCHIP 6,643 Add to BOM
MCP1703AT-3302E/MB 250mA, 3.3V 2% Output Microchip 6,969 Add to BOM
MCP1702T-3302E/MB 250mA low IQ LDO. MICROCHIP 7,973 Add to BOM
MCP1700T-3002E/MB Low Quiescent Current LDO. MICROCHIP 7,855 Add to BOM
MCP1700T-3302E/MB Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 250mA SOT-89-3 MICROCHIP 5,006 Add to BOM
VP2450N8-G MOSFET, P-Channel Enhancement-Mode, -500V, 30 Ohm. MICROCHIP 4,647 Add to BOM
CL25N8-G The CL25N8-G LED driver is compact in size and easy to install, making it a versatile option for a range of lighting applications Microchip 7,711 Add to BOM
ADL5535ARKZ-R7 This IF gain block provides a significant boost to incoming signals within the specified frequency range Analog Devices Inc. 7,038 Add to BOM
ADL5324ARKZ-R7 SOT-89 Package Type Analog Devices Inc. 3,272 Add to BOM
AP7383-50Y-13 Low-power LDO Voltage Regulators Diodes Incorporated 5,611 Add to BOM
XP161A1265PR Compact SOT- package for space-efficient design Torex Semiconductor Ltd 6,538 Add to BOM
XP161A1355PR-G N-Channel Metal-oxide Semiconductor Power Field-Effect Transistor Torex Semiconductor Ltd 7,318 Add to BOM
2SAR513P5T100 Bipolar junction transistor for low power applications Rohm Semiconductor 4,465 Add to BOM
XC6206P332PR This product is a SOT-89 package with a 1k reel for easy handling and storage UMW 6,311 Add to BOM
ZXTP2012ZTA Tape and Reel Packaged General Purpose PNP Bipolar Junction Transistor 60V 4.3A 2100mW Diodes Incorporated 4,144 Add to BOM
ZXTN2010ZTA Product ZXTN2010ZTA Overview: NPN Transistor with 60V Voltage Rating and 5A Current Capacity Diodes Incorporated 7,973 Add to BOM
S-812C33AUA-C2NT2G A 50mA fixed 3.3V positive voltage regulator in a compact SOT-89-3 package, ideal for voltage regulation in various electronic applications ABLIC Inc. 4,692 Add to BOM
SBB4089Z Cascadable Active Bias InGaP HBT MMIC Amplifier for high-gain amplification RFMD 4,214 Add to BOM
SBB2089Z High-gain, low-noise performance for demanding RF applications Qorvo 4,186 Add to BOM
RT9161A-33GX Positive voltage regulator offering a dropout voltage of 3.3V and a maximum output current of 0.5A in a 4-pin (3+Tab) SOT-89 package Richtek USA Inc. 6,930 Add to BOM
RT9166A-33GXL 3.3V Fixed Output Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with 0.6A Maximum Current Richtek USA Inc. 6,241 Add to BOM
NJM78L05UA-TE1 This voltage regulator is designed for SOT-89 applications and provides a stable 5V output for electronic circuits Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 4,981 Add to BOM
MGA-30889-TR1G Wide Band Low Power Amplifier Broadcom Limited 5,392 Add to BOM
MGA-30889-BLKG Low noise figure Broadcom Limited 7,115 Add to BOM
MGA-30989-TR1G SOT89-3 IC for general purpose RF amplification in the 2GHz-6GHz range Broadcom Limited 5,015 Add to BOM
HMC478ST89 Broadband signal amplification ADI 4,105 Add to BOM
HT7150-1 CMOS Technology UMW 4,506 Add to BOM
HT7130-1 SOT-23 Linear Voltage Regulators UMW 5,741 Add to BOM