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(380 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NJM431U-TE1 Voltage References Adj Precision Shunt Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,537 Add to BOM
NJM79L03UA Provides stable -3V output NJR 7,453 Add to BOM
L78L05ACU Standard Regulator Pos 5V 0.1A 4-Pin(3+Tab) SOT-89 ST 5,706 Add to BOM
XC62FP3302PR IC, V REG LDO +3.3V, SMD, SOT-89-3 TOREX 5,081 Add to BOM
UPC1093T-E1-AZ Ensures Stable and Reliable Power Supply RENESAS 4,861 Add to BOM
TL431BQPK Stable output ensures reliable power supply performance Texas Instruments, Inc 7,774 Add to BOM
TL431BIPK IC voltage reference source with 2.495V output and ±0.5% precision in SOT89 package Texas Instruments, Inc 4,934 Add to BOM
TL432IPK Adjustable precision shunt regulator (reverse pinout) TI 5,476 Add to BOM
L78L06ABUTR Voltage regulators ST 5,834 Add to BOM
L78L15ABUTR SOT-89 packaged regulator providing 15V output at 0.1A current Stmicroelectronics 6,377 Add to BOM
L78L33ABUTR Regulator IC with 3.3V Output, 0.1A Current, SOT-89 Package, Tape and Reel Packaging ST 7,862 Add to BOM
L78L12ABUTR 12V voltage regulation component Stmicroelectronics 7,400 Add to BOM
L78L05ACUTR Devices that maintain a consistent positive voltage Stmicroelectronics 6,777 Add to BOM
L78L33ACUTR Compact power management solution for modern electronic Stmicroelectronics 7,516 Add to BOM
L78L12ACUTR Positive voltage regulators ST 6,705 Add to BOM
L79L05ABUTR Negative voltage regulators ST 6,424 Add to BOM
L79L05ACUTR Negative voltage regulators ST 5,783 Add to BOM
LD2981CU50TR 63 decibels at 1 kilohertz with a fixed output of 5 volts and a maximum current of 100 milliamps Stmicroelectronics 4,702 Add to BOM
LD2981ABU33TR 89 package of LD2981ABU33TR ensures easy and compact integration into various electronic designs Stmicroelectronics 6,787 Add to BOM
L78L08ABUTR Positive voltage regulators ST 4,658 Add to BOM
L78L05ABUTR SOT-89-3 package design Stmicroelectronics 7,379 Add to BOM
2STF1360 Introducing 2STF1360, a powerful NPN Bipolar Transistor capable of handling currents up to 3 A and voltages up to 60 V Stmicroelectronics 4,590 Add to BOM
2SC5964-TD-E General Purpose NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor Operating at 50 Volts and 3 Amperes Onsemi 7,704 Add to BOM
XC6201P502PR-G Fixed 5V Regulator Torex Semiconductor Ltd 4,527 Add to BOM
GALI-1+ High gain RF amp for 0Hz-8GHz frequency range (51 characters) Mini-Circuits 7,084 Add to BOM
WJA1510 Amplify RF signals in the 50-1000MHz range with a +44dBm OIP3 RF Amplifier TRIQUINT 4,747 Add to BOM
XP162A12A6PR XP162A12A6PR is a P Channel MOSFET designed to operate at a voltage of 20V with a power rating of 2W and a maximum current of 2 TOREX 7,387 Add to BOM
NJM78L12UA-TE1 Voltage regulator Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 4,259 Add to BOM
NJM79L12UA Precise voltage regulation for reliable circuit operation New Japan Radio 7,626 Add to BOM
NJM79L05UA Voltage Regulator for -5V Output with 0.1A Capacity Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 7,238 Add to BOM
NJM79L12UA-TE1 SOT89 Linear Regulator IC -12V 100mA Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 5,655 Add to BOM
NJM431U Reliable and Stable Voltage Reference for Precision Applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 6,770 Add to BOM
NJM78L08UA-TE1 NJMLUA-TEoffers reliable power regulation for low-power applications with an output of and A capacit Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 4,385 Add to BOM
NJM79L05UA-TE1 -5V Voltage Regulator with 0.1A Output and Three Pins Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 6,849 Add to BOM
NJM78L12UA High-reliability regulator ideal for industrial control syste New Japan Radio 5,058 Add to BOM
ECG008B-G RF Amplifier ECG008B-G operating in DC-4 GHz range and delivering +24dBm P1dB at 1 GHz TRIQUINT 4,890 Add to BOM
BSS87,115 BSS87 MOSFET in SOT89 Package Nexperia USA Inc. 7,230 Add to BOM
AH118-89G Frequency-agile RF amplifier with exceptional gain performanc Qorvo 6,116 Add to BOM
AH1-G Advanced amplifier technology for efficient performance Qorvo 7,416 Add to BOM
AH31-G 19dB gain RF amplifier for operation between 50-1000MHz TRIQUINT SEMICONDUCTOR INC 5,517 Add to BOM
2SA1487 85V voltage rating and 0.05A current capacity make it reliable choice Panasonic Electronic Components 6,313 Add to BOM
2SA1162-Y SOT-23 Bipolar Transistors - BJT ROHS, Product 2SA1162-Y TOSHIBA 4,182 Add to BOM
XC6214P332PR-G This regulator, XC6214P332PR-G, is designed to provide stable voltage output in a variety of applications Torex Semiconductor Ltd 7,357 Add to BOM
GVA-81+ MHz minimum frequency, 7000MHz maximum frequency, SOT-89 package Mini-Circuits 5,732 Add to BOM
2SC3736 Robust construction for reliable performance in a small footprin Renesas 4,882 Add to BOM
TAT7461 Compact amplifier solution for wireless design QORVO 6,509 Add to BOM
SKY65017-70LF A low-power wide-band amplifier for high-frequency applications Skyworks Solutions Inc. 7,543 Add to BOM
FCX605TA Transistor Darlington NPN 120V 1A 1000mW 4-Pin SOT-89 Diodes Inc 7,251 Add to BOM
2SD1834T100 Darlington transistors offering a 60V voltage rating ROHM Semiconductor 5,273 Add to BOM
BCX51-16 Transistor BCX51-16 is a PNP type with a power dissipation of 0.5W and is housed in an SOT89 package NXP 4,044 Add to BOM