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(235 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SGA-4363Z Advanced SiGe Technology Enables 3.1dB Gain Flatness Qorvo 7,323 Add to BOM
TQP369181 RF Amplifier DC-6GHz NF 3.6dB Gain 15.3dB 50 Ohm QORVO 5,957 Add to BOM
UM6K1NTN Robust and reliable device for high-reliability applications requiring minimal component coun Rohm Semiconductor 6,269 Add to BOM
BAV99S The BAVS is a robust bridge/ring diode array ideal for audio and power management design Infineon 7,166 Add to BOM
UMD22N Bipolar Transistors - Pre-Biased Yangjie Technology 5,578 Add to BOM
BCR148S Bipolar Junction Transistor with 2-Element NPN Configuration INFINEON 6,860 Add to BOM
DMC3400SDW-7 Transistor MOSFET in N/P-Channel with 30V and 0.65A/0.45A in 6-Pin SOT-363 Package Diodes Incorporated 5,648 Add to BOM
SGA-4563Z SiGe RF Amplifier for frequencies up to 2.5GHz with 20.2dB SSG and 2.4dB NF Qorvo 7,114 Add to BOM
MGA-62563-TR1G 3 Volt RF Amplifier with 22 dB Signal Boost Broadcom Limited 5,664 Add to BOM
DMG1016UDW-7 Metal-oxide Semiconductor Diodes Incorporated 7,310 Add to BOM
ABA-54563-BLKG RF Amplifier for frequency range DC to 3.4 GHz with 23 dB gain Broadcom Limited 6,672 Add to BOM
ABA-31563-TR1G 21.5dB amplification for frequencies from DC to 3.5GHz Broadcom Limited 5,644 Add to BOM
74LVC2G14GW,125 Schmitt Trigger 2 4uA 4.7ns@5V,50pF 1.65V~5.5V SC-70-6(SOT-363) Inverters ROHS Nexperia 6,406 Add to BOM
MGA-62563-BLKG Miniature RF amplifier providing 3 stage voltage amplification with 22 dB gain Broadcom Limited 6,259 Add to BOM
SI1869DH-T1-GE3 MOSFET -20V Vds 8V Vgs SOT-363 VISHAY 7,877 Add to BOM
SI1869DH-T1-E3 This product is part of the Si1869DH Series, featuring a compact SC-70-6 package for easy installation and integration Vishay 7,293 Add to BOM
SI1902CDL-T1-GE3 MOSFET, DUAL, N-CH, 20V, 1.1A, SOT-363-6; Transistor Polarity:Dual N Channel; Continuous Drain Current Id:1.1A; Source Voltage Vds:20V; On VISHAY 7,663 Add to BOM
SI1553CDL-T1-GE3 SI1553CDL-T1-GE3 Dual N/P-channel MOSFET Transistor, 0.4A, 0.7A, 20V, 6-Pin SOT-363 VISHAY 5,806 Add to BOM
SI1539CDL-T1-GE3 Voltage: 30 Volts, Current: 0.7 Amps, Power: 0.34 Watts Vishay 6,362 Add to BOM
D5V0F4U6S-7 TVS/ESD Electrostatic and Surge Protection Diodes Incorporated 6,683 Add to BOM
UMD3NTR 50V 50MA Bipolar Transistors NPN/PNP - Pre-Biased Rohm Semiconductor 6,279 Add to BOM
SI1539DL-T1-E3 Equivalent replacement for MOSFET: 78-SI1539CDL-T1-GE3 VISHAY 6,674 Add to BOM
SI1403CDL-T1-GE3 SC-70-6 surface-mount package housing a P-Channel MOSFET designed for applications requiring efficient power management in compact electronic devices VISHAY 4,242 Add to BOM
MMDT3904-7-F 40V Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT) with a Power Handling Capacity of 200mW" Diodes Incorporated 4,568 Add to BOM
MMDT3906-7-F -40V 200mW Transistors - BJT Bipolar Diodes Incorporated 4,283 Add to BOM
MGA-81563-TR1G Wideband RF amplifier BROADCOM 3,091 Add to BOM
DMN2004DWK-7 MOSFET Dual N-Channel Diodes Incorporated 6,024 Add to BOM
BAV70S Fast and reliable switching for modern electronics need NXP 7,234 Add to BOM
BCR08PN Miniature signal transistor Diotec Semiconductor 7,172 Add to BOM
ABA-52563-TR1G This RF Amplifier provides up to 21 Broadcom Limited 7,630 Add to BOM
2N7002DW-7-F N-MOSFET Transistor Diodes Incorporated 5,737 Add to BOM
MGA-82563-BLKG Low power consumption and small size make it ideal for battery-powered device Broadcom Limited 5,711 Add to BOM
DMC3400SDW-13 MOSFET 30V Complementary Pair Enhancement Mode 20V Gate-Source Voltage 55 picofarads 0.6 nanoCoulombs Diodes Incorporated 5,714 Add to BOM
BCM857BS-7-F Transistor, General Purpose Bipolar Junction, PNP Type, 45 Volts, 0.1 Amperes, 6-Pin SOT-363 Package, Tape and Reel Packaging Diodes Incorporated 5,402 Add to BOM
2N7002DWQ-7-F 2N7002DWQ-7-F is a dual N-channel MOSFET with a 60V voltage rating, capable of handling currents up to 0 Diodes Incorporated 4,760 Add to BOM
MUN5215DW1T1G Featuring a 6-Pin SOT-363 package, the MUN5215DW1T1G from ON Semi is a Dual NPN Bipolar Transistor designed for reliable performance onsemi 7,995 Add to BOM
BSS138DW-7-F Transistor MOSFET Array Dual N-CH 50V 200mA 6-Pin SOT-363 T/R Diodes Incorporated 7,108 Add to BOM
DMN53D0LDW-7 Dual N-Channel 50 V 310 mW 0.6 nC Silicon Surface Mount Mosfet - SOT-363 Diodes Incorporated 7,902 Add to BOM
DMN63D8LDW-7 The MOSFETs in DMN63D8LDW-7 have a resistance of 2.8Ω at 10V and a maximum drain-source voltage of 1.5V at 250uA Diodes Incorporated 6,013 Add to BOM
SI1563DH-T1-E3 Mosfet Array 20V 1.13A, 880mA 570mW Surface Mount SC-70-6 VISHAY 4,964 Add to BOM
DMN5L06DWK-7 MOSFET Dual N-Channel Diodes Incorporated 6,268 Add to BOM
DMC2004DWK-7 Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor, 0.54A I(D), 20V, 2-Element, N-Channel and P-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET Diodes Incorporated 6,723 Add to BOM
BSS84DW-7-F Transistor MOSFET Array Dual P-CH 50V 130mA 6-Pin SOT-363 T/R Diodes Incorporated 4,753 Add to BOM
ABA-54563-TR1G Wide Band Low Power Amplifier, 0MHz Min, 3400MHz Max, 1 Func, BIPolar, LEAD FREE, ULTRA MINI, SC-70, SOT-363, 6 PIN Broadcom Limited 5,249 Add to BOM
SGA-3363Z Wide Band Low Power Amplifier, 0MHz Min, 5500MHz Max, 1 Func, BIPolar, GREEN PACKAGE-3 SIRENZA MICRODEVICES 6,983 Add to BOM
SGA-2463Z Wide Band Low Power Amplifier, 0MHz Min, 5000MHz Max, 1 Func, BIPolar, GREEN PACKAGE-6 SIRENZA MICRODEVICES 5,402 Add to BOM
SGA-3563Z RF Amplifier DC-5GHz SSG 21.5dB NF 2.7dB SiGe SIRENZA MICRODEVICES 5,924 Add to BOM
AG303-63G SOT-363 Op-Amp for compact designs Qorvo 7,072 Add to BOM
BCR48PN Description of BCR48PN: A small-signal bipolar transistor capable of handling 0 infineon 5,055 Add to BOM
BCR135S BCR135S is an NPN bipolar junction transistor with a digital interface and is suitable for automotive applications infineon 6,764 Add to BOM