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(397 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SSM6N15FU SSM6N15FU TOSHIBA Toshiba Semiconductor 7,502 Add to BOM
SSM6K407TU Trans MOSFET N-CH Si 60V 2A 6-Pin UF Toshiba Semiconductor 3,916 Add to BOM
NTJD4152PT1G Tape and Reel Packaging for NTJD4152PT1G onsemi 4,801 Add to BOM
SMUN5233DW1T1G Dual NPN Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,259 Add to BOM
MUN5314DW1T1G SC-88 Package: Housed in a 6-pin SC-88 package, this transistor offers compactness and versatility in circuit design ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,921 Add to BOM
MUN5311DW1T1G Complementary Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,551 Add to BOM
MBT3904DW1T1 Dual NPN Bipolar Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,759 Add to BOM
BC857CDW1T1G Dual PNP Bipolar Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,647 Add to BOM
NTJD5121NT2G Mosfet Array 60V 295mA 250mW Surface Mount SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,258 Add to BOM
SBC847BDW1T1G Dual NPN Bipolar Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,616 Add to BOM
NUP4114UCW1T2G Sub-1.0 pF ESD Array ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,217 Add to BOM
BC847BPDW1T1G 100 mA 45 V, Co-packaged NPN and PNP Bipolar Junction Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,091 Add to BOM
BC847BDW1T1G Bipolar (BJT) Transistor Array 2 NPN (Dual) 45V 100mA 100MHz 380mW Surface Mount SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,653 Add to BOM
NVJD5121NT1G Dual N−Channel Power MOSFET with ESD Protection 60V, 295mA, 1.6Ω ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,870 Add to BOM
UPC2709TB-E3-A Compact Power: Cellular-Grade Amplification in a Small Packag RENESAS 4,290 Add to BOM
TLV431BH6TA 1.24V Output, Adjustable Diodes Incorporated 4,329 Add to BOM
QSBT40-7-F SOT-363 package provides compact design while ensuring robust performance Diodes Incorporated 6,021 Add to BOM
BAV199DW-7-F The BAV199DW-7-F is a switching diode suitable for applications requiring a maximum voltage of 85V and a current of 0 Diodes Incorporated 6,111 Add to BOM
MMDT5451-7-F Bipolar Transistor MMDT5451-7-F by Diodes Inc Diodes Inc 4,857 Add to BOM
MMBT7002 Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor, 0.115A I(D), 60V, 1-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, TO-236, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC PACKAGE-3 MOTOROLA 7,238 Add to BOM
MMBD4448HSDW-7-F Rectifier Diode, 4 Element, 0.25A, 80V V(RRM), Silicon Diodes Incorporated 5,703 Add to BOM
BAS40DW-04-7-F BAS40DW Series 40 V 600 mA Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Diode Arrays -SOT-363 Diodes Incorporated 6,561 Add to BOM
D1213A-04S-7 TVS Diodes / ESD Suppressors 4 Ch TVS Diode Array 3.3V 6.0A 200mW Diodes Inc 7,588 Add to BOM
BAV99DW-7-F Rectifier Diode Small Signal Switching 75V 0.215A 4ns 6-Pin SOT-363 T/R Diodes Incorporated 4,653 Add to BOM
UPG2179TB-E4-A TSSOP-6 RF Switches ROHS Cel 5,965 Add to BOM
UMH11N Digital Bipolar NPN Transistor: Surface Mount Device (SMD) Package, Rated for 50V and 100mA, Operating Temperature -55 to +150°C (SOT363) Yangjie Technology 4,185 Add to BOM
PMGD400UN Power Field-Effect Transistor, N-Channel, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET NXP 4,825 Add to BOM
BC847PN Bipolar Transistors - BJT BJT, SOT-363, 45V, 100mA, NPN+PNP Yangjie Technology 4,499 Add to BOM
BC856BS NXP Semiconductors Yangjie Technology 5,315 Add to BOM
UPC8231TK-E2-A RF Amplifier LOW NOISE GPS AMP RENESAS 7,728 Add to BOM
MGA-87563-TR1G RF Amplifier with 3dB of gain and 12.5dB of output power enhancement Broadcom Limited 5,951 Add to BOM
DMN32D4SDW-7 Mosfet Array 30V 650mA 290mW Surface Mount SOT-363 Diodes Incorporated 5,094 Add to BOM
SSM6P54TU Trans MOSFET P-CH Si 20V 1.2A Automotive 6-Pin UF Toshiba Semiconductor 7,422 Add to BOM
SSM6P40TU Transistor MOSFET Array Dual P-Channel 30V 1.4A 6-Pin UF Toshiba Semiconductor 3,644 Add to BOM
SSM6N7002KFU Trans MOSFET N-CH Si 60V 0.3A Automotive 6-Pin US Toshiba Semiconductor 3,029 Add to BOM
SSM6N39TU N Channel MOSFET 1.5 V Drive Toshiba Semiconductor 6,805 Add to BOM
SSM6N15AFU SSM6N15AFU Dual N-Channel MOSFET, 100 mA, 30 V, 6-Pin SOT-363 Toshiba Toshiba Semiconductor 3,749 Add to BOM
SSM6N15AFE SSM6N15AFE TOSHIBA Toshiba Semiconductor 4,442 Add to BOM
SSM6L35FU Trans MOSFET N/P-CH Si 20V 0.18A/0.1A 6-Pin US T/R Toshiba Semiconductor 4,117 Add to BOM
SSM6J402TU Trans MOSFET P-CH Si 30V 2A 6-Pin UF Toshiba Semiconductor 6,889 Add to BOM
SSM6J401TU Trans MOSFET P-CH Si 30V 2.5A 6-Pin UF Toshiba Semiconductor 5,943 Add to BOM
SSM6N43FU Trans MOSFET N-CH Si 20V 0.5A 6-Pin US Toshiba Semiconductor 7,376 Add to BOM
SSM6L40TU Trans MOSFET N/P-CH Si 30V 1.6A/1.4A 6-Pin UF Toshiba Semiconductor 3,866 Add to BOM
SSM6L12TU Trans MOSFET N/P-CH Si 30V/20V 0.5A 6-Pin UF Toshiba Semiconductor 4,273 Add to BOM
SSM6L09FU SSM6L09FU TOSHIBA Toshiba Semiconductor 6,734 Add to BOM
UPG2214TB-E4 6dB, 2 X 1.25 MM Size, 0.90 MM Height, SPDT, 50MHz Minimum, 3000MHz Maximum, Super MiniMold Package-6 Cel 9,741 Add to BOM
UPG2179TB-A High frequency control device Cel 8,419 Add to BOM
UPG2009TB RF Switch ICs L S Band SPDT Switch UPG2009TB description Renesas 7,072 Add to BOM
SI1555DL High-speed digital isolation for robust communication networks: Ensure seamless data transfer with our SIDL quad-channel digital isolator Vishay 5,185 Add to BOM