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(197 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DMP2165UW-7 Expert French Electronic Distributor Diodes Incorporated 6,413 Add to BOM
RU1C001UNTCL N-channel small signal field-effect transistor with 0.1A I(D) and 20V capability, suitable for use in electronic devices Rohm Semiconductor 5,740 Add to BOM
BSS123W-7-F X7R 0805 Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, 0.22 uF, 50 V, ±10 % Tolerance Diodes Incorporated 7,940 Add to BOM
BAV99W,115 100V Dual Switching Diode with 4ns response time and 150mA current rating Nexperia 4,943 Add to BOM
BC847BW,115 NPN general-purpose transistors in a very small SOT323 (SC-70) Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package. NXP 6,055 Add to BOM
2N7002W-7-F channel 60V MOSFET with 0.115A current rating in SOT-323 package Diodes Incorporated 4,450 Add to BOM
2SC4081T106R NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor for General Purpose Transistor with 50 Volts and 0.15 Amps in a 3-Pin UMT Package on Tape and Reel Onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
BSS84W-7-F Polarity: P-channel Diodes Incorporated 4,686 Add to BOM
2N7002W <p>Power MOSFET ideal for low power applications. 60V, 340mA, 1.6 Ohm, Single N-Channel, SC-70.</p> onsemi 7,489 Add to BOM
2SA2088U3T106 SOT-323 3-Pin PNP Transistor from ROHM, with a current rating of 500 mA and a voltage rating of -60 V ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR 5,790 Add to BOM
DTC114TUA Reliable SOT-323-3 package for robust and efficient performance Yangjie Technology 6,929 Add to BOM
UMZU6.2NT106 6.2V Dual Common Anode Zener Diode, 5% Tolerance, Surface Mount, 200mW Power Rating, Tape and Reel Packaging Rohm Semiconductor 5,587 Add to BOM
RZF030P01TL P-channel 12V 3A transistor Rohm Semiconductor 6,656 Add to BOM
RUF025N02TL 20V, 2A N-Channel MOSFET for Medium Power Switching Rohm Semiconductor 5,664 Add to BOM
RU1L002SNTL N-channel MOSFET with 2.5V drive Rohm Semiconductor 6,590 Add to BOM
MMST3904-7-F SOT-323 NPN Transistor, Single Bipolar, 40 V, 200 mA, 200 mW, Surface Mount, Tape and Reel Diodes Incorporated 5,003 Add to BOM
DTC143EUAT106 Low power consumption of 200mW and maximum current of 100mA Rohm Semiconductor 7,485 Add to BOM
DTA114YUAT106 Low Power Consumption Rohm Semiconductor 4,786 Add to BOM
DTC123JUAT106 DTC123JUAT106 is a digital transistor with specifications '80@10mA,5V 1 NPN - Pre Biased 200mW 100mA 50V 500nA SOT-323-3' and is ROHS compliant Rohm Semiconductor 6,192 Add to BOM
DMN601WK-7 The DMN601WK-7 is an N-channel MOSFET in a SOT-323-3 package that is compliant with ROHS regulations Diodes Incorporated 5,113 Add to BOM
DMN3150LW-7 1.6A I(D), 28V Operation Diodes Incorporated 7,785 Add to BOM
DMP2160UW-7 P-Channel MOSFET Diodes Incorporated 6,375 Add to BOM
DTA114EUAT106 3-Pin UMT PNP Trans Digital BJT 100mA T/R Rohm Semiconductor 6,621 Add to BOM
DTC143XUAT106 Tape and Reel packaged 3-Pin NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor designed for use in digital circuits with a maximum current rating of 100mA Rohm Semiconductor 6,036 Add to BOM
BSS138W-7-F BSS138W-7-F is an N-channel MOSFET with a SOT323 package, designed to operate at voltages up to 50V and currents up to 0.2A Diodes Incorporated 6,679 Add to BOM
BC847BW-7-F This SOT323 package transistor Diodes Incorporated 5,375 Add to BOM
BC846BW-7-F Bipolar Transistor NPN SOT-323 Diodes Incorporated 4,307 Add to BOM
2SA1576AT106S Bipolar PNP Transistors in SOT-323 Package, Capable of Handling 50V Voltage and 0.15A Current Rohm Semiconductor 7,389 Add to BOM
2SC4097T106R Ultra Miniature NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor suitable for General Purpose, rated at 32 Volts and 0.5 Amps in Tape and Reel Packaging Rohm Semiconductor 7,253 Add to BOM
1SS302(TE85L,F) SC-70 Switching Diode (ROHS) - Product 1SS302(TE85L,F) Toshiba 6,935 Add to BOM
2N7002PW Tiny signal FET Diotec Semiconductor 4,340 Add to BOM
PESD1CAN-U Your Partner for Innovative Electronic Solutions since 1988 NEXPERIA 7,938 Add to BOM
SI1308EDL-T1-GE3 N-channel MOSFET with a rating of 1.4A and 30V in an SC70 package Vishay 6,732 Add to BOM
DMN3067LW-7 Trans MOSFET N-CH 30V 2.6A Automotive 3-Pin SOT-323 T/R Diodes Incorporated 5,663 Add to BOM
RJU003N03T106 Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor, 0.3A I(D), 30V, 1-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, UMT3, 3 PIN Rohm Semiconductor 5,043 Add to BOM
DMG1012UW-7 MOSFET Operating temperature: -55...150 °C Housing type: SOT-323 Polarity: N Variants: Enhancement mode Power dissipation: 0.290 W Diodes Incorporated 4,292 Add to BOM
DTC114EUAT106 SOT-323 pre-biased digital NPN bipolar transistors 50V 50mA Rohm Semiconductor 4,138 Add to BOM
BAT54SW-7-F Product Description: Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A SOT323 Package Diodes Incorporated 7,431 Add to BOM
2SC4081T106Q Trans Gp Bjt Npn 50V 0.15A 3-Pin Umt T/r Rohs Compliant: Yes ROHM Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
2SA1576AT106R 2SA1576A Series 50 V 0.15 A PNP SMT General Purpose Transistor - SC-70 ROHM CO LTD 6,280 Add to BOM
DMN63D8LW-13 30V VDS N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET with 20±V VGS Diodes Incorporated 6,153 Add to BOM
BAS70W-05-7-F Schottky diodes and rectifiers with 70V and 200mW Diodes Incorporated 4,735 Add to BOM
NX7002AKW Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor, 0.17A I(D), 60V, 1-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET NXP 7,469 Add to BOM
MMST2222A Bipolar Transistors - BJT Yangjie Technology 4,926 Add to BOM
BAS70WS Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Element, 0.2A, 70V V(RRM), Silicon, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 FORMOSA 6,861 Add to BOM
NX3008PBKW Trans MOSFET P-CH 30V 0.2A Automotive 3-Pin SC-70 NXP 4,844 Add to BOM
RN739FT106 General Purpose ROHS Rohm Semiconductor 7,400 Add to BOM
BC850BW,115 45V 200mW 200@2mA,5V 100mA NPN SOT-323-3 Bipolar Transistors - BJT ROHS Nexperia 4,702 Add to BOM
NX7002AKW,115 NX7002AKW/SOT323/SC-70 transistor Nexperia 7,075 Add to BOM