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(392 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XC6204B252MR XC6204B252MR is a SOT-23-5 packaged linear voltage regulator (LDO) that is ROHS certified TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD 9,215 Add to BOM
XC6201P302MR Compact SOT-25 package XILINX 6,081 Add to BOM
XC6204B302MR CMOS regulator with a single output in PDSO5 package XILINX 5,335 Add to BOM
TC7S66F Precise control and flexible usage make this switch perfect for modern electronics applications Toshiba 6,816 Add to BOM
XC6201P502MR SOT-25 LDO Voltage Regulators Volt Reg 5.0V 3K Reel TOREX 6,940 Add to BOM
TC4S584F,LF A reliable IC solution for Schmitt trigger and logic functions Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 4,137 Add to BOM
XC6221A282MR ROHS Compliant Fixed Positive LDO Regulator with 0.17V Dropout Voltage, CMOS Technology TOREX 4,390 Add to BOM
XC6209F302MR CMOS-based voltage regulator IC with a 3V output, housed in a compact TSOP plastic package for ease of installation TOREX 4,069 Add to BOM
XC6209F332MR Fixed Positive LDO Regulator TOREX 7,573 Add to BOM
XC6209B332MR LDO with 150mA output and 10V input voltage support TOREX 4,386 Add to BOM
XC6204B282MR Small voltage regulator TOREX 6,399 Add to BOM
XC6204B502MR Output, CMOS, PDSO5 TOREX 7,092 Add to BOM
XC6209F332MR-G The XC6209F332MR-G is a 3 Torex Semiconductor 7,956 Add to BOM
AP7366-W5-7 CMOS high current regulators Diodes Incorporated 7,129 Add to BOM
XC6221A332MR-G LDO Voltage Regulators 200mA High Speed Vltg Reg Torex Semiconductor 5,621 Add to BOM
XC6210B332MR-G Linear Voltage Regulator Torex Semiconductor 7,829 Add to BOM
XC6204B332MR Fixed Positive LDO Regulator, 3.3V, 0.33V Dropout, CMOS, PDSO5, ROHS COMPLIANT, SOT-25, 5 PIN TOREX 5,098 Add to BOM
XC6204B332MRN Attributes: Regulator, 3.3V, Low Dropout, Positive Output, 0.15A, SOT-25 Package, Tape and Reel Torex Semiconductor 9,167 Add to BOM
AP3418KTR-G1 Power Management IC for DC/DC conversion, operating within a voltage input range of 2 Diodes Incorporated 7,404 Add to BOM
AP331AWG-7 Ideal for Precision Comparisons in a Variety of Circuits Diodes Incorporated 3,411 Add to BOM
AP7370-33W5-7 Ultra Low Dropout Technology for High Efficiency Diodes Incorporated 6,987 Add to BOM
AP2205-W5-7 Adjustable Voltage Range Diodes Incorporated 7,578 Add to BOM
XC6220B331MR-G High-efficiency power management for modern electronic device Torex Semiconductor Ltd 4,770 Add to BOM
XC6221B332MR-G LDO voltage regulators Torex Semiconductor Ltd 6,366 Add to BOM
XC6219B332MR Ideal for compact designs, this RoHS-compliant LDO offers high precision regulation and low dropout voltage performance UMW 4,873 Add to BOM
XC6233H331MR-G Fixed Positive LDO Regulator Torex Semiconductor Ltd 5,564 Add to BOM
XC6201P332MR-G LDO Voltage Regulators 10V - XC6201P332MR-G Three Terminals Voltage Regulator Torex Semiconductor Ltd 6,160 Add to BOM
XC9104D093MR Step-up voltage regulator TOREX 7,115 Add to BOM
XC6504A331MR-G XC6504A331MR-G is a compact and efficient solution for voltage regulation needs Torex Semiconductor Ltd 7,200 Add to BOM
XC9119D10AMR-G 0.75A Switching Regulator Torex Semiconductor Ltd 7,537 Add to BOM
AP7380-33W5-7 Packaged in SOT-25 for easy mounting DIODES 6,072 Add to BOM
XC6504A301MR-G Fixed Positive Standard Regulator, 3VCMOS, PDSO5, ANTIMONY AND HALOGEN FREE, ROHS COMPLIANT, SOT-25, 5 PIN Torex Semiconductor Ltd 5,080 Add to BOM
XC6221B122MR LDO Voltage Regulators with Low ESR Caps Compatibility torex semiconductor 6,076 Add to BOM
XC6221A252MR CMOS Technology torex semiconductor 5,471 Add to BOM
74LVC1G14W5-7 Schmitt Trigger 1 200uA 6.5ns@5V,50pF 1.65V~5.5V SOT-23-5 Inverters ROHS Diodes Incorporated 5,460 Add to BOM
XC6204B272MR Compact and versatile one-output CMOS regulator ideal for small form factor designs TOREX 7,329 Add to BOM
TCR2EF33,LM Short product description: SMV POINT-REG Toshiba 6,946 Add to BOM
AP7380-33WR-7 AP7380-33WR-7 - 150mA 3.3V Linear Voltage Regulator Diodes Incorporated 7,144 Add to BOM
XC6209B122MR RoHS Compliant Fixed Positive Linear Voltage Regulator XC6209B122MR - 5 Pin SOT-25 Package torex semiconductor 5,069 Add to BOM
AP7380-50WR-7 Voltage Stabilization solution with Low Dropout Feature Diodes Incorporated 8,107 Add to BOM
XC6221A182MR-G It is environmentally friendly, being both antimony and halogen-free, as well as RoHS compliant Torex Semiconductor 5,448 Add to BOM
XC6201P332MR Components that ensure consistent power supply Torex Semiconductor 8,441 Add to BOM
XC6204B182MR 23-5 LDO ROHS Linear Voltage Regulators XC6204B182MR torex semiconductor 8,004 Add to BOM
FMY1AT148 A SC-74A NPN/PNP dual transistor emitter common SMT 50 V 300 mA Rohm Semiconductor 7,472 Add to BOM
AP2171DWG-7 Compliant with RoHS regulations Diodes Incorporated 8,441 Add to BOM
AP7365-WG-7 Linear Regulator Positive 0.8V to 5V 0.6A 5-Pin SOT-25 Tape and Reel Diodes Incorporated 5,482 Add to BOM
XC6222D331MR-G Low dropout regulator Torex Semiconductor 8,781 Add to BOM
XC6216B332MR TOREX XC6216B332MR LDO Voltage Regulator Torex Semiconductor 7,440 Add to BOM
XC6209F182MR This regulator provides a stable output voltage with low noise and excellent line and load regulation torex semiconductor 9,852 Add to BOM
AP22814AW5-7 Low-power supervision IC Diodes Incorporated 6,901 Add to BOM