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(309 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DMP6023LE-13 SOT-223 packaged 60V enhancement mode MOSFET Diodes Incorporated 7,650 Add to BOM
NZT44H8 NPN Bipolar Transistor Onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
NCP1014ST100T3G Low standby power switching controller Onsemi 4,993 Add to BOM
NIF5002NT1G 4-Pin SOT-223 Package Onsemi 5,157 Add to BOM
LM1117MPX-ADJ Linear Regulator with Adjustable Output Voltage, 1.25V to 13.8V Range, Tape and Reel Packaging Texas Instruments 5,980 Add to BOM
IPS2041LPBF Channel with 68V and 1.4A IR 7,721 Add to BOM
IRLL2705PBF IRLL2705PBF - N-channel Silicon MOSFET with 55V voltage rating Infineon 8,090 Add to BOM
FZT853TA Product FZT853TA is a NPN bipolar transistor with a power rating of 3W at 100V and a current rating of 2A at 100V and 6A at 2V Diodes Incorporated 6,832 Add to BOM
FDT434P Si-based Power MOSFET with P-Channel Configuration, 6A Current, 20V Voltage, and 0.05ohm Resistance, Packaged in SOT-223 with 4 Pins Onsemi 6,885 Add to BOM
DS1233AZ-15 DS1233AZ-15+: Econoreset device Analog Devices 5,731 Add to BOM
DS1233Z-10+ A compact microcontroller monitor for low-power applications featuring a reliable watchdog timer ADI 4,344 Add to BOM
BFG135A BFG135A Transistor: Specifically engineered for RF small signal amplification within the L Band Onsemi 6,393 Add to BOM
BFG235 BFG235: Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) - A semiconductor device for amplifying or switching electronic signals Infineon 6,985 Add to BOM
AUIPS2051L Versatile driver suitable for diverse applications Infineon 4,586 Add to BOM
ITS4142N Efficient Power Distribution Solution Infineon 5,458 Add to BOM
ITS4141N Industry-grade smart power switch IC Infineon 8,324 Add to BOM
DS2401Z+ Identification chip with unique serial number in a tube packaging ADI 4,647 Add to BOM
MCR08BT1G MCR08BT1G is an SCR designed for applications requiring 200V voltage handling and 0 Littelfuse 4,158 Add to BOM
FZT651TA NPN bipolar transistor, 60V, 3A, 3W, SOT223 package Diodes Incorporated 6,106 Add to BOM
FZT658TA Product FZT658TA is a ROHS compliant NPN bipolar transistor with a voltage rating of 400V Diodes Incorporated 6,057 Add to BOM
DS2401Z+T&R 4-Pin(3+Tab) Serial Number Package ADI 7,905 Add to BOM
PZT3904 Semiconductor component Onsemi 7,043 Add to BOM
PZT2222A SOT-223 Bipolar Transistors - BJT ROHS Onsemi 7,326 Add to BOM
IRFL9014TRPBF Power Field-Effect Transistor, 1.8A I(D), 60V, 0.5ohm, 1-Element, P-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, TO-261AA VISHAY 4,531 Add to BOM
LM1117IMPX-ADJ/NOPB 4-SOT-223 linear voltage regulator with a 15-V output and 800-mA capacity TI 5,286 Add to BOM
LM1117MP-ADJ/NOPB Compact 800-mA linear regulator with internal current protection for optimal space utilization TI 4,522 Add to BOM
UA78M05IDCYR SOT-223 Packaged 5V Voltage Regulator with 0.5A Output Current TI 7,071 Add to BOM
TPS7B8450QDCYRQ1 Automotive 150-mA, 40-V, low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator with enable and fast transient response Texas Instruments, Inc 7,571 Add to BOM
TLV1117LV33DCYT Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 1A SOT-223-4 TI 6,857 Add to BOM
TLV1117LV12DCYT Robust and versatile 1.2V fixed-output LDO with minimal noise TI 6,705 Add to BOM
TLV1117-50IDCYR 800-mA, 15-V, linear voltage regulator TI 6,927 Add to BOM
LM337IMPX Maximum current output of 1.5A TI 6,954 Add to BOM
LM337IMP Linear Voltage Regulator IC Negative Adjustable 1 Output 1.5A SOT-223-4 TI 5,190 Add to BOM
LM317AEMPX/NOPB High-accuracy LM317AEMPX/NOPB product description TI 5,124 Add to BOM
TLV117118DCYR Voltage regulator featuring a grounding tab, capable of delivering 1A of current with low dropout TI 7,566 Add to BOM
TLV1117-33CDCYR Small-sized voltage regulator TI 5,446 Add to BOM
TLV1117-33IDCY Low-dropout voltage regulators TI 7,652 Add to BOM
LM7805MP/NOPB Powerful V linear voltage regulator for high-reliability applications TI 6,769 Add to BOM
LM1117IMP-ADJ/NOPB 800-mA 15-V linear voltage regulator TI 7,469 Add to BOM
STN93003 Fast-switching PNP power transistor for high voltage applications ST 4,707 Add to BOM
LDL1117S33R Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 1.2A SOT-223 ST 7,357 Add to BOM
NCP1117STAT3G This versatile LDO Regulator can provide a stable output voltage between 1 Onsemi 5,224 Add to BOM
NCP1117LPST33T3G NCP1117LPST33T3G is a high-quality LDO Regulator with an output current of 1 A, offering a positive Vout of 3 Onsemi 6,908 Add to BOM
SPZTA42T1G Single Package NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor with 300V Voltage Rating and 0.5A Current Rating for Automotive Applications Onsemi 6,513 Add to BOM
FQT7N10LTF SOT-223 Surface Mount Mosfet with N-Channel Configuration, 100V VDS, and 0.35 Ohm RDS(on) Onsemi 7,176 Add to BOM
FQT3P20TF Power MOSFET, P-Channel, QFET®, -200 V, -0.67 A, 2.7 Ω, SOT-223 onsemi 5,697 Add to BOM
FQT1N60CTF-WS N-Channel 600 V 200mA (Tc) 2.1W (Tc) Surface Mount SOT-223-4 onsemi 7,424 Add to BOM
BCP53-16T1G Product BCP53-16T1G is a PNP Silicon Epitaxial Transistor from the BCP Series Onsemi 6,148 Add to BOM
BCP56-16T1G BCP56-16T1G is an NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor designed for applications requiring up to 1.0 A and 80 V Onsemi 5,938 Add to BOM