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(344 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SPX1117M3-L-5-0/TR With a current rating of 800mA Maxlinear 6,767 Add to BOM
PZTA42,115 NPN high-voltage transistor in a SOT223 Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package.PNP complement: PZTA92 Nexperia USA Inc. 7,171 Add to BOM
AP1117E33G-13 AP1117E33G-13 by Diodes Inc, SOT-223 package, 3+Tab-Pin Diodes Incorporated 5,974 Add to BOM
TLE4274GSV33 The TLE4274GSV33 comes in a PDSO4 package, making it suitable for compact and space-constrained designs Infineon 4,540 Add to BOM
AZ1117CH-ADJTRG1 Low dropout regulator, adjustable output, 0.8A, surface mount SOT-223 package, Tape and Reel packaging Diodes Incorporated 5,134 Add to BOM
MCP1826ST-3302E/DB MCP1826ST-3302E/DB is a 3.3V fixed positive LDO regulator with a 0.4V dropout voltage, packaged in a PDSO3 plastic SOT-223, 3-pin configuration MICROCHIP 5,724 Add to BOM
MCP1826S-3302E/DB This LDO regulator comes in a 4-pin SOT-223 package with a tab for easy mounting and heat dissipation Microchip 5,522 Add to BOM
MCP1703T-3302E/DB Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 250mA SOT-223-3 MICROCHIP 7,309 Add to BOM
MCP1703AT-3302E/DB Low Iq, high voltage 250mA LDO. MICROCHIP 7,609 Add to BOM
MCP1825S-1802E/DB CMOS Low Dropout Voltage Regulators Microchip 7,088 Add to BOM
MCP1825ST-3302E/DB Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 500mA SOT-223-3 MICROCHIP 6,581 Add to BOM
MCP1825S-3302E/DB Low dropout, high PSRR linear regulator Microchip 4,365 Add to BOM
MIC2954-02WS Low dropout regulator with a 0.25A current output at 5V voltage Microchip 7,455 Add to BOM
LT3088EST#PBF 800mA Single Resistor Rugged Linear Regulator ADI 6,730 Add to BOM
LT1121IST-5#PBF Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) ROHS Analog Devices 4,894 Add to BOM
LT1117IST#PBF LDO voltage regulator IC with adjustable output, current rating of 0.8A, and package size SOT223 Analog Devices 7,903 Add to BOM
LT1117CST-5#PBF 117CST-5#PBF, '75dB@(120Hz) 800mA null 5V Positive electrode 15V SOT-223-3 Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) ROHS' Analog Devices 6,910 Add to BOM
LT1117CST#PBF 800mA Low Dropout Positive Regulators Adjustable and Fixed 2.85V,3.3V, 5V ADI 4,210 Add to BOM
LT3092IST#PBF 200mA 2-Terminal Programmable Current Source ADI 5,814 Add to BOM
LT3092EST#PBF 200mA two-terminal adjustable current source Analog Devices 5,578 Add to BOM
LT3082EST#PBF The LT3082EST#PBF is a low dropout linear regulator capable of providing a maximum output current of 0 ADI 4,145 Add to BOM
ZVN4310GTA Ultra-low-voltage N-channel MOSFET for low-power consumptio Diodes Incorporated 4,814 Add to BOM
ZVN0545GTA Part number ZVN0545GTA Diodes Incorporated 4,697 Add to BOM
ZVP2106GTA This MOSFET has a power rating of 2W and a resistance of 5 ohms at 10V Diodes Incorporated 6,461 Add to BOM
AZ2117H-ADJTRG1 Precise voltage regulation for a wide range of applications Diodes Incorporated 7,193 Add to BOM
DMP10H400SE-13 DMP10H400SE-13 MOSFET P -100V -6A SOT223 product description Diodes Incorporated 6,618 Add to BOM
ZLDO1117G50TA Features: 80dB Noise Attenuation at 120Hz Diodes Incorporated 6,837 Add to BOM
AZ1117IH-ADJTRG1 Low dropout voltage regulator Diodes Incorporated 7,053 Add to BOM
ZSR500GTA Tape and Reel packaging Diodes Incorporated 4,053 Add to BOM
TLE4266-2G Linear regulator INFINEON 4,675 Add to BOM
SPX1117M3-L-3-3 Voltage regulator with low dropout characteristics, delivering a stable output voltage within the range of 2.6V to 15V at 800 mA MaxLinear, Inc. 5,332 Add to BOM
SPX1117M3-L-5-0 Positive Voltage Regulator MaxLinear, Inc. 6,124 Add to BOM
SPX1117M3-L/TR This LDO regulator offers a cost-effective solution for applications requiring a stable output voltage with minimal dropout voltage MaxLinear, Inc. 4,911 Add to BOM
NCV8450STT3G Self Protected High Side Driver onsemi 7,990 Add to BOM
FZT458TA NPN high voltage bipolar transistors Diodes Incorporated 7,257 Add to BOM
CPC5602C MOSFET with N-channel and 350V rating CLARE 4,342 Add to BOM
BSP250,115 Reel-packaged transistor suitable for high-current applications Nexperia USA Inc. 4,726 Add to BOM
AZ1117EH-ADJTRG1 Low dropout voltage regulator Diodes Incorporated 7,296 Add to BOM
AZ1117H-ADJTRE1 Positive Linear Regulator with Low Dropout function, capable of providing 1A of current, housed in a 3-Pin SOT-223 package for ease of assembly Diodes Incorporated 5,311 Add to BOM
AP1117E18G-13 1.8V Output Voltage Diodes Incorporated 4,509 Add to BOM
PHT4NQ10T Product Description: Transistor MOSFET N-Channel, rated for 100 volts and 3.5 amps, featuring a 4-pin configuration with 3 tabs in SC-73 package NXP 4,626 Add to BOM
LT3092EST This device allows for precise current regulation with flexibility in adjustment ADI 6,829 Add to BOM
LD1117S33C SOT-223 Package with 4 Pins and Tab ST 6,796 Add to BOM
FZT603TA Bipolar NPN Transistor FZT603TA, featuring specifications of 80V voltage, 2A current, and 3W power dissipation, packaged in SOT223 Diodes Incorporated 7,592 Add to BOM
ZVP0545GTA 450 volt P-Channel MOSFET Diodes Incorporated 7,346 Add to BOM
IPN70R360P7S High voltage MOSFET for consumer use INFINEON 7,463 Add to BOM
DMP6185SE-13 Transistor with VDS ranging from 41V to 60V DIODES 5,736 Add to BOM
ZXMS6006SGTA Trans MOSFET N-CH 60V Automotive 4-Pin(3+Tab) SOT-223 T/R Diodes Incorporated 6,957 Add to BOM
ZLDO1117GTA LDO Voltage Regulators LDO Regulator IC VOUT ADJUST Diodes Incorporated 7,276 Add to BOM