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(24 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DCP012405BP-U Miniature, 1W Isolated Unregulated DC/DC Converters Texas Instruments, Inc 5,341 Add to BOM
LNK606DG-TL AC to DC switching converter for off-line applications POWER 5,765 Add to BOM
NCP1271D100R2G Get the NCP1271D100R2G for efficient power management in your electronic devices ON 7,520 Add to BOM
FLS0116MX MOSFET Integrated Smart LED Lamp Driver IC with PFC Function ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,904 Add to BOM
LNK362GN With its compact 7-pin SMD package, this converter is well-suited for a variety of electronic applications POWER 4,504 Add to BOM
LNK304DN-TL V rating supports wide range of DC-DC converter, SMPS, and power supply applications with minimal components neede Power Integrations, Inc 7,532 Add to BOM
TNY276GN-TL Efficient Switching Power Supply IC Power Integrations, Inc 4,929 Add to BOM
PR6214 Bring the movies to life with long-lasting LED technology PR 6,640 Add to BOM
MP020-5GS-Z MP020-5 Series 28 V 75 KHz SMT Offline Primary-Side Regulator - SOIC8-7A MPS 9,332 Add to BOM
LNK306DG-TL Switching Regulator, 1.4A, 70kHz Switching Freq-Max, PDSO8 Power Integrations, Inc 7,557 Add to BOM
LNK363GN-TL IC OFFLINE SWITCH FLYBACK 8SMD Power Integrations, Inc 5,233 Add to BOM
NCP1239JD65R2G Fixed Frequency Current Mode Controller for Flyback Converter with HV startup ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,207 Add to BOM
UCC28720DR Constant-voltage, constant-current controller with primary-side regulation for bipolar power devices Texas Instruments, Inc 3,494 Add to BOM
NCP1219BD65R2G Converter Offline Flyback Topology 65kHz 7-SOIC ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,175 Add to BOM
NCP1246BD065R2G Controller, Fixed Frequency, Current Mode, for Flyback Converters ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,506 Add to BOM
MP4032-1GS-Z Features: Primary side control, offline operation, TRIAC dimming capabilities MPS 8,088 Add to BOM
LNK564DG-TL Robust and compact SOIC design for space-sensitive projects Power Integrations, Inc 4,087 Add to BOM
LNK363DN-TL High-performance AC-DC controllers for reliable power conversio Power Integrations, Inc 3,000 Add to BOM
LNK564DN-TL Streamlined Design for Your Embedded Systems Power Integrations, Inc 3,850 Add to BOM
HFC0500GS-Z AC/DC Converters Controller with Fixed Frequency for Flyback circuits Monolithic Power Systems 5,359 Add to BOM
AL1676-40DS7-13 Compact DC-DC converter with high current and voltage capabilities Diodes Inc 5,262 Add to BOM
LNK362GN-TL AC/DC Converters 2.6W 85-265 VAC 2.8W 230 VAC Power Integrations, Inc 3,328 Add to BOM
LNK501GN-TL AC/DC Converters 3W 85-265 VAC 4W 230 VAC Power Integrations, Inc 5,991 Add to BOM
TOP246GN-TL AC/DC Converters 22 W 85-265 VAC 30 W 230 VAC Power Integrations, Inc 7,002 Add to BOM