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(58 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MFRC53101T/0FE MFRC53101T/0FE product NXP Semiconductor 5,956 Add to BOM
RMLV0408EGSP-4S2#CA1 11.3mm SRAM ROHS SOP-32 Renesas Technology Corp 4,999 Add to BOM
CY14B256LA-SZ25XI The CY14B256LA-SZ25XI product is an environmentally-friendly SRAM chip housed in a compact SOIC-32-300mil package." Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,749 Add to BOM
CY14B101LA-SZ45XI Featuring a capacity of 128KX8 Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,935 Add to BOM
CY14E256LA-SZ25XI Advanced parallel NVRAM with bits of storage capacity and operating voltage Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,885 Add to BOM
CY62128EV30LL-45SXI SOIC-32 SRAM ROHS CY62128EV30LL-45SXI Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,586 Add to BOM
CY62128ELL-45SXI High-speed SRAM Chip with 45ns Access Time Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,332 Add to BOM
MFRC50001T/0FE,112 ISO/IEC 14443 A Reader IC 32-Pin SO Tube NXP Semiconductor 7,630 Add to BOM
IS62WV5128BLL-55QLI SRAM LLPow as 3,3V 512kx8 55ns SOP32 ISSI 3,756 Add to BOM
CY14B101L-SZ45XC Fast and reliable storage for IoT devices and gateway Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,139 Add to BOM
STK14CA8-NF45 Fast and reliable data access with x bit architecture for smooth system operatio Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,109 Add to BOM
CY14B256LA-SZ25XIT NVSRAM (Non-Volatile SRAM) Memory IC 256Kbit Parallel 25 ns 32-SOIC Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,522 Add to BOM
R1LP0408DSP-5SI#B1 This SRAM product, coded as R1LP0408DSP-5SI#B1, has a capacity of 4MB and can function within temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius Renesas Technology Corp 6,009 Add to BOM
R1LP0108ESN-5SI#S1 Reliable memory component designed for a wide temperature range RENESAS 6,054 Add to BOM
KM681000BLG-7L 128Kx8 Static RAM, SOP, Plastic, 32 Pin SAMSUNG 4,423 Add to BOM
IS62C1024L-35QI Compact and reliable, this RAM offers fast access times in a versatile package ISSI 4,966 Add to BOM
CY62128ELL-45SXIT V power supply operation Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,139 Add to BOM
CY62148ELL-55SXI 55ns Speed with Asynchronous Interface Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,746 Add to BOM
CY14B256LA-SZ45XI Nonvolatile SRAM with 256 Kb Density, SOP-32 package, RoHS compliant Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,296 Add to BOM
ML7020 1200 bps MODEM for Remote Control Systems LAPIS Semiconductor 6,952 Add to BOM
MCZ33903C3EK System Basis Chip, 2x 3.3 V/400mA LDOs, 1 wakeup, SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 6,574 Add to BOM
T3048 Boost your transmission capabilities with our advanced Telecom Transformer, T Pulse 3,135 Add to BOM
R1LP0108ESP-7SI 70ns Speed - Fast Data Access RENESAS 3,068 Add to BOM
IS62C1024AL-35QI 5v asynchronous SRAM module with 128K x 8 configuration, ideal for low-power applications ISSI 7,589 Add to BOM
CY8C20142-SX1IT Sleek and compact, this capacitive touch screen IC is designed to fit snugly into tight space Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,737 Add to BOM
CY8C20180-SX2IT -pin SOIC package for easy integratio Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,345 Add to BOM
CY8C20140-SX2IT Redefine user interfaces with this advanced capacitive touch screen solution Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,359 Add to BOM
BD37067FV-ME2 BD37067FV-ME2: Sound Processor with integrated 2nd order post filter for car audio ROHM Semiconductor 3,586 Add to BOM
MR0A08BCSO35 Boost system reliability and speed with this bit MRAM component, boasting a parallel interface and compact -pin SOIC package Everspin Technologies 3,710 Add to BOM
MR256A08BSO35R A compact, -pin SOIC T/R package ensures ease of integration into your desig Everspin Technologies 3,762 Add to BOM
CY14E256L-SZ25XC Robust, reliable, and compact NVRAM solution for IoT and industrial control systems Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,573 Add to BOM
MR256A08BSO35 Ultra-fast data access and retention in a compact package Everspin Technologies 4,143 Add to BOM
CY14B256L-SZ35XC High-density memory solution for complex syste Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,235 Add to BOM
CY14B256L-SZ45XC Robust bit NVSRAM featuring excellent data retention and write endurance Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,031 Add to BOM
CY14B256L-SZ35XCT Parallel interface-based non-volatile storage with bit capacity Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,956 Add to BOM
MFRC50001T/0FE MFRC50001T/0FE by NXP Semiconductors NXP Semiconductor 5,065 Add to BOM
CY14B101L-SZ35XC This Cypress CYB- SZXC ROHS-compliant module features a compact SOIC- package and supports read/write operations at speeds of up to MH Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,415 Add to BOM
HM658128ALFP-8 Pseudo Static RAM, 128KX8, 80ns, CMOS, PDSO32, PLASTIC, SOP-32 Renesas Technology Corp 6,164 Add to BOM
HM658128ALFP-10L 131072-WORD X 8-BIT HIGH SPEED CMOS PSEUDO STATIC RAM Renesas Technology Corp 4,241 Add to BOM
HM658128ALFP-10 131072-WORD X 8-BIT HIGH SPEED CMOS PSEUDO STATIC RAM Renesas Technology Corp 6,419 Add to BOM
MC40XS6500EKR2 Power Switch/Driver 1:1 N-Channel 3.2A 32-HSOP NXP Semiconductor 7,901 Add to BOM
MC33882PEK Driver, Low side, Six Output Switch (0.3 Ohm RDSon), SPI and Parallel Input Control, SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 7,197 Add to BOM
TEF6621T/V1,518 Tuners Car Radio Automotive AEC-Q100 32-Pin SO T/R NXP Semiconductor 5,640 Add to BOM
TEF6616T/V1,518 Low IF alignment free analog car radio tuner ICs NXP Semiconductor 6,343 Add to BOM
TEF6614T/V1,518 Tuners Radio Automotive AEC-Q100 32-Pin SO T/R NXP Semiconductor 7,806 Add to BOM
FM14C88-SGTR F-RAM Parallel 256K 2V -40C to +85C SOIC32 T&R CYPRESS 5,379 Add to BOM
MFRC53001T/0FE NXP Semiconductors MFRC53001T/SO32//0FE/REEL 13 Q1/T1 *STANDARD MARK NXP Semiconductor 6,606 Add to BOM
CY62128EV30LL-45SXIT SRAM - Asynchronous Memory IC 1Mbit Parallel 45 ns 32-SOIC Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,835 Add to BOM
CY62138FLL-45SXI SRAM - Asynchronous Memory IC 2Mbit Parallel 45 ns 32-SOIC Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,745 Add to BOM
CY621282BNLL-70SXE SRAM - Asynchronous Memory IC 1Mbit Parallel 70 ns 32-SOIC Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,541 Add to BOM