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(384 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TEA1102T NiCd/NiMH/Li-ion/SLA Battery TEA1102T NXP 5,688 Add to BOM
HIP9011AB SPI SOIC-20-300mil Interface Renesas Technology Corp 4,448 Add to BOM
LM2202M With a 48mA single output at 230MHz, LM2202M Video Amplifiers are compliant with ROHS regulations Texas Instruments, Inc 7,145 Add to BOM
HI-1567PSI Suitable for high-speed communication applications Holt Integrated Circuits 3,481 Add to BOM
A6810SLW IC Source Driver 10-bit Serial 20SOIC Allegro MicroSystems 6,644 Add to BOM
MAX192BCWP+ Type: Data Acquisition System MAXIM 8,225 Add to BOM
ADS8509IDWR 16-Bit, 250-kSPS, 1-Ch SAR ADC with programmable (±10/±5/±3.3V) input ranges and SPI interface TI 6,302 Add to BOM
UCC2895DW Phase-shifted full-bridge controller with enhanced control logic,, -40°C to 85°C Texas Instruments, Inc 4,538 Add to BOM
SN75174DW Quadruple Differential Line Driver Texas Instruments, Inc 6,855 Add to BOM
SN74LVC244ADWR 8-ch, 1.65-V to 3.6-V buffers with 3-state outputs TI 7,379 Add to BOM
XC18V01SOG20C XC18V01SOG20C product description AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,235 Add to BOM
XC18V512SO20C XC18V512SO20C is a 20-pin plastic SOP Serial EEPROM AMD Xilinx, Inc 5,945 Add to BOM
FAN7888MX 225V, 3.3/5V input logic compatible, 0.65/0.35A sink/source current, 3-Phase Half-Bridge Gate-Drive IC ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,028 Add to BOM
MC33033DWG Brushless DC Motor Controller, 3-Phase ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,252 Add to BOM
HD9P6409-9Z Encoder/Decoder 20-Pin SOIC Renesas Technology Corp 6,653 Add to BOM
BTS711L1XUMA1 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution SMART 4-CH HI-SIDE PWR SWITCH Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,100 Add to BOM
AD73311ARZ Single-Channel, 3 V and 5 V Front-End Processor for General Purpose<br> Applications Including Speech and Telephony Analog Devices, Inc 6,485 Add to BOM
74HC273D Buffers and line drivers NXP 4,981 Add to BOM
MT88L89AS1 ICs for Telecom Interface with Pb Free and 3V DTMF Transceiver Microchip Technology, Inc 5,218 Add to BOM
MT8888CS1 DTMF Transceiver Microchip Technology, Inc 3,281 Add to BOM
AD977AARZ 16-bit A/D converter with 200 KSPS speed, using BICMOS technology and successive approximation method Analog Devices, Inc 7,665 Add to BOM
UC3637DW Advanced driver solution for industrial automation applications with reduced energy consumptio Texas Instruments, Inc 4,354 Add to BOM
MC14489BDWE Multicharacter LED Display/Lamp Driver NXP Semiconductor 6,150 Add to BOM
L293DD Push-Pull Four Channel Drivers with Diodes STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,503 Add to BOM
L6506D Current Controller For Stepping Motors STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,984 Add to BOM
HT12E IC, REMOTE CONTROL ENCODER, DIP-18 Holtek Semiconductor Inc 7,938 Add to BOM
OPA569AIDWP Power Op Amp, Output Signal Swings Within 200mV of Rails at 2A Output Current Texas Instruments, Inc 7,020 Add to BOM
SA568AD PLL Single-Element Up to 150MHz 20-Pin SO NXP Semiconductor 5,421 Add to BOM
SSL2102T IC SWITCHING REGULATOR, 200 kHz SWITCHING FREQ-MAX, PDSO20, 7.5 MM, PLASTIC, MS-013, SOT163-1, SOP-20, Switching Regulator or Controller NXP 4,346 Add to BOM
MT88L89AS DTMF TXRX 3.58MHz CMOS 3V 20-Pin SOIC Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 3,020 Add to BOM
L4981AD013TR Power Factor Correction and PWM Controller 0.3mA 115kHz 20-Pin SO T/R STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,507 Add to BOM
MT8888CS DTMF TXRX 3.58MHz CMOS 5V 20-Pin SOIC Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 7,426 Add to BOM
TLV2548CDW SAR-based converter offers high accuracy and speed Texas Instruments, Inc 6,470 Add to BOM
MAX3222ECDW 3- to 5.5-V dual channel 500kbps RS-232 line driver/receiver with +/-15-kV IEC-ESD protection Texas Instruments, Inc 4,954 Add to BOM
MAX3223IDW Low-power serial communication chip for reliable data transmission Texas Instruments, Inc 5,920 Add to BOM
TLV320AC36IDWR Compact Powerhouse for Audio Processin Rochester Electronics Incorporated 6,934 Add to BOM
HD9P6409-9 This high-performance encoder/decoder is designed for reliability and precision, with a compact 20-pin SOIC W footprint that saves space Renesas Technology Corp 6,143 Add to BOM
TCM320AC37CDW TCM320AC37CDW: Voice-Band Audio Processing Interface, 20-SOIC, operating temperature 0 to 70°C Rochester Electronics Incorporated 3,509 Add to BOM
FAN7314MX Optimize your display's brightness and contrast with our high-performance LCD drivers ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,536 Add to BOM
DS2187S Telecom Interface ICs Receive Line Interface Analog Devices, Inc 3,025 Add to BOM
MC145442DW OEMs, CMs ONLY (NO BROKERS) NXP Semiconductor 6,330 Add to BOM
R8A66174SP PARALLEL-IN SERIAL-OUT DATA BUFFER WITH FIFO Renesas Technology Corp 5,233 Add to BOM
MT88E46AS Caller ID CMOS 3.58MHz 3.3V/5V 20-Pin SOIC Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 3,557 Add to BOM
MT91L60AS Codec General Purpose 1-CH 3.3V 20-Pin SOIC W Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 5,172 Add to BOM
X9241WS X9241WS is a cutting-edge digital potentiometer IC XICOR INC 7,170 Add to BOM
NJW1186 Audio DSPs 5.1 Ch Surround Processor JRC 7,807 Add to BOM
1ED020I12-FA Single IGBT Driver IC Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,902 Add to BOM
STABP01D IC Processor Digital Bash 20SOIC STMicroelectronics, Inc 3,843 Add to BOM
HV6810WG High-Voltage CMOS Technology Microchip Technology, Inc 3,809 Add to BOM
XC18V01SO20I FPGA - Configuration Memory AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,887 Add to BOM