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(95 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PDIUSBD12D This device serves as a bridge between a parallel bus and USB, enabling seamless integration of USB functionality into existing systems." Nxp 6,278 Add to BOM
IS62C256-70UI Parallel interface SRAM memory chip with 256Kbit storage Issi 4,697 Add to BOM
ENC28J60-I/SO With its compact SOIC-28 packaging microchip 3,263 Add to BOM
SJA1000T/N1 Plastic packaged IC with 1Mbps data rate NXP 6,498 Add to BOM
LTC3707EGN LTC3707EGN is a current-mode switching controller with a maximum switching frequency of 360kHz and a 3A output capability ADI 4,314 Add to BOM
KM62256DLG-7L High-performance SRAM for demanding applications" SAMSUNG 5,455 Add to BOM
STK12C68-SF25 Parallel 64Kbit 5V NVRAM NVSRAM 28-Pin SOIC W Tube Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,655 Add to BOM
UPD43256BGU-70LL-A 32K X 8 STANDARD SRAM 70 ns PDSO28 RENESAS 6,974 Add to BOM
X20C16SI-35 Compact and efficient 35ns access time SRAM chip for embedded systems Renesas Technology Corp 7,001 Add to BOM
A6812ELW-T Compact 28-pin SOIC package for space-constrained designs Allegro MicroSystems 7,850 Add to BOM
uPD71059GU-10 Interrupt Controller 28-Pin SOP Renesas Technology Corp 5,373 Add to BOM
uPD71059GU Interrupt Controller 28-Pin SOP Renesas Technology Corp 4,012 Add to BOM
IR2131SPbF High-Reliability MOSFET Driver for Real-Time Applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,298 Add to BOM
IXLD02SI Laser Diode Driver capable of 2A output at 5.5V IXYS 7,072 Add to BOM
IR2136STRPBF Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC Inverting 28-SOIC Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,525 Add to BOM
TLE72422GXUMA2 Cutting-edge technology for precision control in automotive systems Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,236 Add to BOM
PIC24FJ64GA102-I/SO PIC PIC® XLP™ 24F Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 32MHz 64KB (22K x 24) FLASH 28-SOIC Microchip Technology, Inc 5,346 Add to BOM
LTC1334CSW#PBF Single 5V RS232/RS485 Multiprotocol Transceiver Analog Devices, Inc 4,335 Add to BOM
PCM1732U PCM1732U D/A Converter with Serial Input Loading in PDSO28 Package texas instruments 6,575 Add to BOM
AS6C62256-55SIN High-speed 256K-bit SRAM Alliance Memory 4,877 Add to BOM
LY62256SL-70LL Reliable operation ensures consistent performance across system Lyontek Inc 4,038 Add to BOM
DG406DW-E3 This multiplexer is equipped with 16 channels and supports an input voltage range of 5 to 20 V Vishay Intertechnology, Inc 7,041 Add to BOM
TLE62086GXUMA2 Small form factor Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,725 Add to BOM
L8150 Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers STMicroelectronics 7,301 Add to BOM
KA22426D Audio Single Chip Receiver, AM/FM, PDSO28, SOP-28 SAMSUNG 5,956 Add to BOM
BA5984FP Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers ROHM CO LTD 8,212 Add to BOM
BA5983FM Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers ROHM CO LTD 8,490 Add to BOM
LY62256SL-55LLI SRAM Chip Async Single 3.3V 256K-bit 32K x 8 55ns 28-Pin SOP Tube Lyontek Inc 5,456 Add to BOM
S1A0426C02-S0 AM/FM 1 CHIP RADIO SAMSUNG 7,517 Add to BOM
AK4520AVF 100dB 20Bit Stereo ADC & DAC AKM 3,024 Add to BOM
AD73360LARZ-REEL7 A high-precision analog-to-digital converter for precise signal acquisition and processin Analog Devices, Inc 3,705 Add to BOM
ZL38010DCF1 Compact and low-power device for enhanced voice services Microchip Technology, Inc 5,379 Add to BOM
IS62C256AL-25ULI Single 5V 25ns 28-Pin SOP SRAM Chip Async 256K-bit 32K x 8 Issi 5,210 Add to BOM
DS8023-RRX+T&R A compact, high-speed interface solution for smart card application Maxim Integrated 6,873 Add to BOM
DS8024-RRX+ Smart Card Interface Maxim Integrated 5,303 Add to BOM
DS8023-RRX+ Dual-voltage operation at or for flexibility in your project Analog Devices, Inc 6,344 Add to BOM
THS5671AIDW High-precision, low-power, and cost-effective solution for analog-to-digital conversion applications Texas Instruments, Inc 6,035 Add to BOM
ADS8517IBDW Low-Power 16-Bit 200kSPS ±10V Bipolar Input SAR ADC With S/P Interface Texas Instruments, Inc 3,222 Add to BOM
6EDL04I06PTXUMA1 Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC Non-Inverting PG-DSO-28 Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,650 Add to BOM
ATA6836C-TIQW Meet AEC-Qstandards with this powerful driver featuring low voltage and high current capabilities for demanding in-car function Microchip Technology, Inc 5,388 Add to BOM
PIC16LC73B-04I/SO 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 7KB 192 RAM 22 I/O Microchip Technology, Inc 3,273 Add to BOM
PIC16C73B-20/SO 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 7KB 192 RAM 22 I/O Microchip Technology, Inc 6,135 Add to BOM
PIC16C73B-04/SO This powerful MCU features I/O pins, making it ideal for projects requiring a range of input/output interfaces Microchip Technology, Inc 6,568 Add to BOM
PIC16F73T-I/SO Eight-bit RISC PIC MCU with B of EPROM memory, suitable for high-reliability system Microchip Technology, Inc 7,543 Add to BOM
PIC18F26J11-I/SO Compact and efficient bit PIC microcontroller with -pin SOIC package and RISC architectur Microchip Technology, Inc 4,266 Add to BOM
TC90A69FG With its 32-bit architecture, TC90A69FG offers unparalleled processing power and precision TOSHIBA 7,561 Add to BOM
DG506ACY DGCY is a reliable, high-performance CMOS analog multiplexer for complex signal routing DG 8,873 Add to BOM
VNQ83013TR Quad channel high side current limit stmicroelectronics 9,928 Add to BOM
LTC1345CSW LTC1345CSW: Triple Transmitter/Receiver Solution for RS-422/RS-485 Communication analog devices inc. 7,110 Add to BOM
HSP43124SI-40 Advanced noise reduction and filtering capabilities in a compact PDSO packag INTERSIL 7,202 Add to BOM