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(351 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
U211B Robust ignition systems for high-reliability industrial processe Microchip 6,127 Add to BOM
PCF8574AT A cost-effective solution for integrating I2C protocol into systems NXP 5,289 Add to BOM
HEF4543BT High-speed -bit driver buffer with logic and buffer function NXP 7,951 Add to BOM
MB3759PF Converters for converting electricity from alternating to direct current sources FUJITSU 7,231 Add to BOM
KA3100D Unlock precise and reliable motor control for a wide range of applications FAIRCHILD 5,634 Add to BOM
CDP68HC68P1M Interface IC for I/O Controllers INTERSIL 4,035 Add to BOM
BU2090F Counter Shift Registers ROHM 4,611 Add to BOM
MB3769A Controllers for Switching Fujitsu 4,715 Add to BOM
AQS225S This product is a Solid State Relay in a SOP-16 package Panasonic 5,746 Add to BOM
HEF4040BT Counter/Divider Single 12-Bit Binary UP 16-Pin SO Nexperia 7,080 Add to BOM
TBD62003AFWG Optocoupler Compatible Interface Technology Toshiba 6,024 Add to BOM
A3956SLB A powerful motor driver chip that delivers exceptional performance and reliabilit Allegro MicroSystems 4,517 Add to BOM
MAX3232IDR High Temperature Quad Flat Package Texas Instruments 5,994 Add to BOM
UCC28063DR Natural Interleaving transition-mode PFC controller with improved audible noise immunity TI 7,161 Add to BOM
UCC21520AQDWRQ1 s rise/fall time and s propagation delay ensure fast switching Texas Instruments, Inc 3,352 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS32D 400-Mbps LVDS quad high speed differential receiver Texas Instruments, Inc 7,230 Add to BOM
ISO7241CDWR Quad-channel, 3/1, 25-Mbps digital isolator TI 7,938 Add to BOM
AM26C32ID Quadruple Differential Line Receiver Texas Instruments, Inc 3,063 Add to BOM
ULN2003ANSR 50-V, 7-ch darlington transistor array, -20C to 70C TI 7,767 Add to BOM
FIN1031MX LVDS interface IC for high-speed data transmission ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,410 Add to BOM
TLP281-4 Compact and robust four-channel device for ensuring data integrity Toshiba 7,354 Add to BOM
SA5209D High-frequency Amplifier for RF and Microwave Applications PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS 8,353 Add to BOM
PS2701-4 Isolated transistor output ensures secure and stable system control Cel 6,385 Add to BOM
A3953SLB BIPolar Stepper Motor Controller, 1.3A, PDSO16, SOIC-16 Allegro MicroSystems 3,378 Add to BOM
AD7715 Achieve precise analog-to-digital conversions with this high-performance -bit Sigma-Delta ADC I Analog Devices Inc. 9,460 Add to BOM
HEF4052BT Seamlessly switch digital signals with this precise IC solutio NXP 7,796 Add to BOM
ST62T00CM6 EPROM 1KB 8-bit ST6 CISC MCU 3.3V/5V 16-Pin SOP with Tube ST 5,338 Add to BOM
UPC494GS-E1-A Lead-free SOP- package ensures reliable and eco-friendly performanc Nec Electronics Group 4,108 Add to BOM
PCA9551D Advanced power management for energy-efficient applicatio NXP 5,638 Add to BOM
PAM8403DR-H Audio Amplifier Speaker Diodes Inc 5,304 Add to BOM
MT25QU01GBBB8ESF-0SIT The MT25QU01GBBB8ESF-0SIT is a NOR Flash memory chip with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) that offers fast and reliable data storage capabilities micron technology 7,620 Add to BOM
U2270B-MFPG3Y U2270B-MFPG3Y - RF Wireless Station Microchip Technology, Inc 7,107 Add to BOM
MT25QU256ABA8ESF-0SIT IC FLASH 256MBIT SPI 133MHZ 16SO micron technology 4,516 Add to BOM
BA12003BF-E2 BA12003 Series 7 Channel NPN 60 V 500 mA Darlington Transistor Array - SOIC-16 Rohm Semiconductor 5,198 Add to BOM
HEF4050BT Hex Non-Inverting Buffer / Converter; CD4050BD, CD4050BCM, MC14050BDG, HEF4050BT, HCF4050M013TR Nexperia 6,258 Add to BOM
MC14052BDG Dual 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (Mux/Demux) ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,387 Add to BOM
M51996AFP IC REG LINEAR 2.5V 300MA 4DFN Mitsubishi Electric 4,507 Add to BOM
TCMT4600 AC Input-Transistor Output Optocoupler, 4-Element, 3750V Isolation, VISHAY 7,415 Add to BOM
FAN6920MRMY mWSaver™ Power Factor Controller (PFC) CrCM + QR PWM Controller, Brown Out Protection ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,063 Add to BOM
BQ2014HSN Measure and monitor battery levels with ease Texas Instruments, Inc 3,035 Add to BOM
ISO7230ADW Triple-channel, 3/0, 1-Mbps digital isolator Texas Instruments, Inc 5,012 Add to BOM
CA3081M Bipolar Transistors - BJT HARRIS/INTERSIL 6,602 Add to BOM
TC4538BF Lead free plastic IC toshiba 5,090 Add to BOM
MB3769APF Bipolar plastic SO-16 package fujitsu 6,950 Add to BOM
TD62504F End-of-life: TD62504F Gate Drivers (B-MS-IFD) are now discontinued as of May 2004 TOSHIBA CORP 5,491 Add to BOM
BU4551BF Compact CMOS solution for multi-functional signal processing ROHM CO LTD 7,631 Add to BOM
BU4052BCF Multiplexer Switch ICs serve to streamline and control data flow ROHM 7,444 Add to BOM
BU4094BCF Contains 8 bits of data ROHM CO LTD 8,082 Add to BOM
BU4053BCF SOP-16 packaging for easy installation and integration ROHM CO LTD 8,131 Add to BOM
LM13600M The LM13600M provides precise control over voltage and current NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 9,755 Add to BOM