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(194 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
FAN8200D Stepper motor controller FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 5,307 Add to BOM
74HC132D 1uA 2V~6V 4 19ns@5V,50pF NAND Gates SOIC-14 Gates ROHS Nexperia 7,438 Add to BOM
TC74HC02AF Experience superior functionality with this -pin SOP T/R CMOS NOR Gate IC, ideal for various industries Toshiba 7,713 Add to BOM
HEF4073BT AND Gate, CMOS, PDSO14 NXP 7,285 Add to BOM
CLC014AJE The CLC014AJE cable equalizer is an essential component for optimizing signal quality and maintaining data integrity in communication applications TI 4,683 Add to BOM
BA3308F This product is compliant with ROHS regulations and is suitable for various audio applications ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR 7,934 Add to BOM
74HC32D 1uA 2V~6V 4 13ns@6V,50pF ORGate SOIC-14 Gates ROHS Nexperia 4,176 Add to BOM
HCF40106M013TR CMOS Hex Schmitt Trigger Stmicroelectronics 5,153 Add to BOM
TC4011BF Package size of PDSO14, with a pitch of 0.300 inch (1.27 mm), lead-free and made of plastic Toshiba 5,286 Add to BOM
TA75074F Easy-to-use digital temperature sensor ideal for various industries Toshiba 6,827 Add to BOM
LM324DR Quad 30-V 1.2-MHz operational amplifier TI 5,895 Add to BOM
MC14584BDG Inverter IC 6 Channel Schmitt Trigger 14-SOIC ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,749 Add to BOM
LM2901DR2G Comparator, Quad, Single Supply, 36 V ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,296 Add to BOM
SP491EEN The SP491EEN offers reliable communication capabilities for connecting RS-422 and RS-485 devices in a compact, easy-to-use package MaxLinear, Inc 7,835 Add to BOM
HEF4066BT High-performance analog switch for precise voltage contro NXP 7,481 Add to BOM
R2025S-E2-F I2C-compatible real-time clock module for accurate timekeeping Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc 5,796 Add to BOM
BTT60302ERBXUMA1 Featuring a compact 2 SOIC-14-EP package, this power distribution switch is ideal for compact and space-constrained electronic devices." Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,032 Add to BOM
LM3900D French Electronic Distributor since 1988 Texas Instruments, Inc 5,671 Add to BOM
LM324D Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps 3-32V Quad 5mV VIO Texas Instruments, Inc 3,534 Add to BOM
BA3308F-E2 PDSO14 package containing a 2-channel audio preamplifier with 1 function Rohm Semiconductor 4,602 Add to BOM
OPA4703UA High-performance rail-to-rail operational amplifiers for demanding applications Texas Instruments, Inc 6,792 Add to BOM
UC2844BDR2G Boost, Flyback Regulator Positive, Isolation Capable Output Step-Up, Step-Up/Step-Down DC-DC Controller IC 14-SOIC ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,997 Add to BOM
CA3086M Bipolar Transistors - BJT INTERSIL/HARRIS 7,804 Add to BOM
LMF90CCWM Active Filters NS 6,348 Add to BOM
L9101 Supervisory Circuits Var Reluctant Intrfc STMicroelectronics 5,844 Add to BOM
HCF4093BM1 Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger - Product HCF4093BM1 STMICROELECTRONICS 7,110 Add to BOM
BU4066BCF Analog Switch ICs ROHM CO LTD 9,748 Add to BOM
BA2901F Operating voltage range of 3-28 V, housed in a 14-Pin SOP package ROHM CO LTD 5,144 Add to BOM
2EDL23I06PJ Driver 2.8A 2-OUT High and Low Side Half Bridge Non-Inverting 14-Pin DSO T/R Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,523 Add to BOM
RX-4803SA UA Time matters: Reliable and efficient time management at your fingertips Epson America, Inc 7,980 Add to BOM
CD4073BM IC: digital logic gate IC, SMD, SOP, CMOS technolog Texas Instruments, Inc 6,942 Add to BOM
HCF4013BM1 A high-performance, low-power digital component for logic and memory application stmicroelectronics 7,888 Add to BOM
HCF40106BM1 Hex Schmitt Trigger HCF40106BM1 stmicroelectronics 8,884 Add to BOM
TC74HC86AF Logical gate IC for digital systems offering fast switching times and low noise immunity Toshiba 8,233 Add to BOM
TC74HC08AF The quad input AND gate is designed for high-speed digital systems with low current consumptio Toshiba 9,985 Add to BOM
IR2156STRPBF Gate driver featuring ballast control program, preheat timing, and adjustable frequency Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,011 Add to BOM
ICM7556ISD+ Dual Functionality Maxim Integrated 7,820 Add to BOM
CD40106BM96G4 Its compact size and low power consumption make it suitable for use in industrial control system Texas Instruments, Inc 7,998 Add to BOM
TL497ACD Buck, Boost Switching Regulator IC Positive or Negative Adjustable ±1.2V 1 Output 500mA (Switch) 14-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width) Texas Instruments, Inc 3,581 Add to BOM
SN65MLVD203D Multi-Point Connectivity: The SNMLVD offers multi-point connectivity, enabling simultaneous transmission of multiple signals over a single cabl Texas Instruments, Inc 5,990 Add to BOM
TCA9543ADR Empower your embedded systems with precise control over I2C communication lines using this high-performance Texas Instruments, Inc 4,225 Add to BOM
L6386ED Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC Inverting 14-SO STMicroelectronics, Inc 5,822 Add to BOM
LM139DT Low power quad voltage comparators STMicroelectronics, Inc 4,056 Add to BOM
TSV994IDT General Purpose Amplifier 4 Circuit Rail-to-Rail 14-SO STMicroelectronics, Inc 5,270 Add to BOM
MC14013BDG 14-pin SOIC N tube housing two D-type flip flops with positive-edge triggering capabilities ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,909 Add to BOM
FAN7385MX 625V,3.3/5V input logic compatible 0.65/0.35A sink/source current, 2ch High Side Gate-Drive ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,659 Add to BOM
UC3843BDG High Performance Current Mode PWM Controller ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,162 Add to BOM
MC14001BDG Quad 2-Input NOR Gate ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,102 Add to BOM
HTRC11001T/03EE,11 NFC/RFID Tags & Transponders RFID HITAG READER NXP Semiconductor 4,902 Add to BOM