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(25 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TPS61041DRVR 28-V, 250-mA Switch Boost Converter in SOT-23 for LCD and White LED Applications TI 4,137 Add to BOM
TPS715A33DRVR TPS715A33DRVR product description TI 3,644 Add to BOM
TPS3422EGDRYR Single-channel push-button controller with configurable delay & reset pulse TI 6,472 Add to BOM
TPS62560DRVR 2.25MHz 600mA Step-Down Converter in 2x2mm SON Package TI 4,926 Add to BOM
TPS79933DRVR 200-mA, low-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator with low-noise & enable TI 6,051 Add to BOM
TPD4S012DRYR ESD Suppressor Diode Array Uni-Dir 5.5V 6-Pin USON T/R Texas Instruments, Inc 5,384 Add to BOM
BGU7007 SiGe:C LNA MMIC for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass NXP Semiconductor 5,868 Add to BOM
XC6190AN158R-G Supervisor Circuits TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD 4,363 Add to BOM
BQ294502DRVR Battery Battery Protection IC Lithium Ion 6-WSON (2x2) Texas Instruments, Inc 3,462 Add to BOM
TPS62231TDRYRQ1 Automotive 2V to 6V, 500mA Buck Converter with 1.8V Fixed Output Voltage in 1x1.5mm SON Package Texas Instruments, Inc 7,618 Add to BOM
LSF0101DRYR Single bi-directional multi-voltage level translator Texas Instruments, Inc 6,926 Add to BOM
BGU7258X 5 GHz ISM SiGe:C low-noise amplifier MMIC with bypass NXP Semiconductor 4,926 Add to BOM
DS38EP100SDX/NOPB Advanced IC package for efficient thermal managemen Texas Instruments, Inc 6,012 Add to BOM
TPS622312DRYT High-frequency switching for precise regulation Texas Instruments, Inc 6,970 Add to BOM
TPS622311DRYT 2 MHz Ultra Small Step Down Converter with DCS-Control in 1x1.5 SON Package Texas Instruments, Inc 5,885 Add to BOM
TPS70918DRVR LDO Regulator Pos 1.8V 0.15A 6-Pin WSON EP T/R TI 6,089 Add to BOM
TPS78228QDRVRQ1 Automotive 150-mA, nano-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator with enable Texas Instruments, Inc 6,658 Add to BOM
TPS62234DRYT Miniaturized precision for step-down conversions in compact spaces Texas Instruments, Inc 7,223 Add to BOM
TPS79901DRVT Ultra-compact and efficient voltage regulator for IoT device Texas Instruments, Inc 5,434 Add to BOM
TPS79928DRVR Ultra-low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator for precision power management in portable devices Texas Instruments, Inc 7,760 Add to BOM
TPS720105DRVR Low dropout voltage regulator for precision applications Texas Instruments, Inc 5,281 Add to BOM
TPD4S009DRYR ESD Suppressor Diode Diode Array Uni-Dir 5.5V 6-Pin USON T/R TI 5,277 Add to BOM
BGU8010,115 GPS Amp Single Low Noise 1.61GHz 3.1V 6-Pin XSON T/R NXP Semiconductor 6,363 Add to BOM
uPC8240T6N-E2-A CEL SiGe LNA IC, RoHS compliant California Eastern Laboratories 7,893 Add to BOM
VSP1000DSFR Buffer Amplifier 1 Circuit 6-SON (1x1) Texas Instruments, Inc 5,451 Add to BOM