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(17 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LMR23615DRRT SIMPLE SWITCHER®, 36-V, 1.5-A Synchronous Step-Down Converter TI 4,619 Add to BOM
LMR23615DRRR SIMPLE SWITCHER®, 36-V, 1.5-A Synchronous Step-Down Converter TI 6,406 Add to BOM
DRV8836DSSR DRV8836DSSR with 7V operating voltage TI 5,659 Add to BOM
TPS63710DRRT Low Noise, 1A Synchronous Inverting Buck Converter in 3x3 WSON Package TI 6,132 Add to BOM
BQ28Z610DRZR-R1 12-SON battery fuel gauge with integrated protector texas instruments 7,308 Add to BOM
BQ27510DRZT-G3 Battery management integrated circuit Texas Instruments 9,012 Add to BOM
BQ27750DRZR High-quality energy management solution Texas Instruments 6,899 Add to BOM
BQ27510DRZR-G3 The BQ27510DRZR-G3 is an advanced battery management system that provides dual capabilities and comes in convenient tape and reel packaging TI 8,404 Add to BOM
HPA01011DRZR Battery Management System-Side Impedance-Track Fuel Gauge With Direct Battery Connection 12-SON -40 to 85 Texas Instruments 8,879 Add to BOM
HPA02148DRZR Enhance reliability and efficiency in battery pack TI 8,098 Add to BOM
BQ27501DRZR Precisely monitor your power levels with our advanced Li-Ion battery fuel gauge Texas Instruments 6,050 Add to BOM
BQ27500DRZR-V130 Optimized energy efficiency for your BQRZR-Vsystem Texas Instruments 7,834 Add to BOM
BQ27542DRZT-G1 Li-Ion/Li-Pol battery fuel gauge with 12-pin VSON EP packaging Texas Instruments 7,132 Add to BOM
BQ27500DRZT-V100 Advanced battery management for a safer, more efficient ride Texas Instruments 7,168 Add to BOM
BQ27500DRZR-V100 Monitor and track fuel efficiency with precision Texas Instruments 8,334 Add to BOM
BQ27500DRZT-V120 Battery Battery Monitor IC Lithium Ion 12-SON (2.5x4) Texas Instruments 9,756 Add to BOM
BQ27500DRZT-V130 Reliable and accurate fuel level indicator with high-speed T/R (Transceive) technology for smooth system performanc Texas Instruments, Inc 5,229 Add to BOM