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(96 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DS1023S-50+ Programmable delay chip with 1 nanosecond resolution Maxim Integrated 5,303 Add to BOM
ISO7741QDWRQ1 Robust EMC performance ensures reliable data transfer across noisy industrial environment Texas Instruments, Inc 6,469 Add to BOM
XTR101AU Precision, Low Drift 4-20mA Two-Wire Transmitter Texas Instruments, Inc 6,130 Add to BOM
ISO7740DWR Robust protection against electrical noise interferenc TI 5,829 Add to BOM
S25FL256LAGMFI003 Cypress Semiconductor 256MBIT SOIC-16 Flash Memory Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,802 Add to BOM
ACS710KLATR-12CB-T Current Sensor 12.5A 1 Channel Hall Effect, Open Loop Bidirectional 16-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width) Allegro MicroSystems 3,415 Add to BOM
ADS1201U Analog to Digital Converters - ADC High Dynamic Range Delta-Sig Modulator Texas Instruments, Inc 4,608 Add to BOM
ISO7742QDWRQ1 Automotive, robust EMC, quad-channel, 2/2, reinforced digital isolator Texas Instruments, Inc 5,111 Add to BOM
ISO7721DWR High-speed digital isolation for automotive applications requiring high reliability and ruggedness Texas Instruments, Inc 6,932 Add to BOM
ISO7762FDWR High-speed, high-isolation digital isolator for fast data transfe Texas Instruments, Inc 6,990 Add to BOM
ISO7761FDW Isolate signals while preserving integrity and speed for high-performance application Texas Instruments, Inc 5,993 Add to BOM
ISO7762QDWQ1 High-speed digital isolator for reliable data transmissio Texas Instruments, Inc 4,165 Add to BOM
ISO7760QDWQ1 Automotive, robust EMC, six-channel, 6/0, reinforced digital isolator Texas Instruments, Inc 7,822 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS31MDREP 4/0 Driver LVDS 16-SOIC Texas Instruments, Inc 6,736 Add to BOM
ISO7740DW Robustly designed for reliable data transmission and protectio Texas Instruments, Inc 4,215 Add to BOM
TLV5614CD This robust digital-to-analog converter (DAC) provides precise and fast conversion capabilities Texas Instruments, Inc 6,743 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS390D Compact and efficient line receiver for data transfer application Texas Instruments, Inc 7,000 Add to BOM
NCD57001DWR2G Robust and efficient IGBT gate driver featuring internal galvanic isolation for enhanced safety and performance ON 4,353 Add to BOM
ACS710KLATR-25CB-T Analog circuit with one function in BICMOS technology, PDSO16 package Allegro MicroSystems 6,004 Add to BOM
ACS732KLATR-40AB-T AEC-Q100 compliant current sensor Allegro MicroSystems 6,539 Add to BOM
DRV777DR This motor driver from Texas Instruments is ideal for applications requiring precise speed and torque control of inductive loads Texas Instruments, Inc 5,114 Add to BOM
S25FL064P0XMFA000 NOR Memory IC 64Mb (8M x 8) SPI - Quad I/O 104MHz 16-SOIC Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,681 Add to BOM
ISOW7841AQDWEQ1 Automotive, quad-channel, 3/1, reinforced digital isolator with integrated power Texas Instruments, Inc 5,361 Add to BOM
ISO7763FQDWRQ1 Automotive, robust EMC, six-channel, 3/3, reinforced digital isolator Texas Instruments, Inc 6,418 Add to BOM
ISO5851DW 5.7kVrms, 2.5A/5A single-channel isolated gate driver with active protection features Texas Instruments, Inc 3,257 Add to BOM
IL715E General Purpose Digital Isolator 2500Vrms 4 Channel 110Mbps 100kV/µs CMTI 16-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width) NVE Corporation 3,043 Add to BOM
ADE7769ARZ-RL Advanced ADC/DAC solution for specialized energy metering application Analog Devices, Inc 6,008 Add to BOM
MAX14946EWE+T With its compact 16-pin SOIC package, this transceiver is easy to integrate into existing circuit designs Maxim Integrated 7,302 Add to BOM
UCC3817DW Compact power factor correction for efficient energy transmission Texas Instruments, Inc 6,127 Add to BOM
UCC28065DR PFC IC Discontinuous (Transition) 800kHz 16-SOIC Texas Instruments, Inc 3,701 Add to BOM
UC2832TDWEP Precise DC/DC converter for efficient power managemen Texas Instruments, Inc 7,180 Add to BOM
CD4536BDWR Programmable Timer IC 5MHz 16-SOIC Texas Instruments, Inc 4,260 Add to BOM
TPS2053BD Compact SOIC- package contains a high-side power switch with three independent output stage Texas Instruments, Inc 4,833 Add to BOM
UCC2806DWTR Highly integrated solution reduces component count and streamlines development Texas Instruments, Inc 4,642 Add to BOM
CD4021BQDRQ1 Low-power, high-speed IC for data processing and transmission Texas Instruments, Inc 6,192 Add to BOM
THS6182D This dual-channel ADSL driver delivers reliable data transmissio Texas Instruments, Inc 6,944 Add to BOM
AMC1305M05DW High-resolution analog-to-digital conversion for precision applications Texas Instruments, Inc 5,397 Add to BOM
CLV4051ATDWRG4Q1 Compact SOIC-16 package for space-constrained designs Texas Instruments, Inc 6,274 Add to BOM
DAC7616UB Compact -SOIC package perfect for space-constrained designs and prototyping Texas Instruments, Inc 6,135 Add to BOM
AMC1305M25QDWQ1 High-speed analog-to-digital converter for automotive applications requiring high accuracy and reliability Texas Instruments, Inc 5,522 Add to BOM
AMC1304L05QDWRQ1 Isolated LVDS interface modulator with low dropout regulator for efficient power management Texas Instruments, Inc 3,144 Add to BOM
TLC075AID Quad Op Amp with wideband amplification capabilities for high-performance applications Texas Instruments, Inc 4,931 Add to BOM
PCF8574T/3,512 Interface - I/O Expanders REMOTE I/O EXPANDER NXP Semiconductor 7,405 Add to BOM
MCP3208T-BI/SL High-resolution analog-to-digital conversion for diverse applications Microchip Technology, Inc 3,040 Add to BOM
MIC2077-1YM Description: Quad USB Power Distribution Switch, MIC2077-1YM, delivers 1.25 A at 5.5 V, packaged in SOIC-16 Microchip Technology, Inc 4,580 Add to BOM
MIC4468YWM Quad 1.2 A MOSFET Gate Driver. Microchip Technology, Inc 6,883 Add to BOM
MIC4467YWM High-speed quad gate driver for advanced motor control and power conversion applications Microchip Technology, Inc 7,668 Add to BOM
ISD1620BSYR Relive memories with crystal clear soun Nuvoton Technology Corporation 3,745 Add to BOM
HIP1011BCBZA Streamlined hot swap control for high-reliability systems integration Renesas Technology Corp 3,862 Add to BOM
UCC5606DPTRG4 High-speed interface solution for SCSI systems, offering enhanced performance and reliability Texas Instruments, Inc 5,023 Add to BOM