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SOIC (D)-8

(974 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LM393D Low-power, ultra-quick comparator for digital signal processing Texas Instruments 3,161 Add to BOM
BUF634U high-current buffer with fast performance Texas Instruments 4,935 Add to BOM
PGA-103+ Programmable Gain Amplifier Texas Instruments 4,343 Add to BOM
PCA9517D 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V compatibility Texas Instruments 7,301 Add to BOM
UCC28019ADR Achieve precise DC-DC conversion with the UCCDR, a reliable PWM controller for power supplies Texas Instruments 7,085 Add to BOM
UCC28019AD Enhanced Start-up and Transient Response in 65kHz CCM PFC Controller Texas Instruments 5,872 Add to BOM
REF5025AQDRQ1 2.5V Voltage Reference Texas Instruments 6,642 Add to BOM
LM2936HVMA-5.0/NOPB V output and 0.05A current Texas Instruments 6,458 Add to BOM
LM3478MAX/NOPB 2.97~40V Wide Input Range Boost/SEPIC/Flyback DC-DC Controller TI 5,340 Add to BOM
LM317LCDR LM317LCDR specifications TI 7,971 Add to BOM
TLC7705QD 8-Pin SOIC Tube Processor Supervisor Texas Instruments 7,046 Add to BOM
LM78L05ACMX Plastic 8 Pin Regulator Texas Instruments 6,347 Add to BOM
LM2675M-5.0 The LM2675M-5.0 has a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 125 degrees Celsius Texas Instruments 4,434 Add to BOM
UCC28C44D Industrial current-mode PWM controller with low power consumption, 20-V operation, and 14.5-V/9-V undervoltage lockout Texas Instruments 5,698 Add to BOM
UCC28C43DR UCC28C43DR is a BiCMOS low-power current mode AC/DC converter Texas Instruments 6,764 Add to BOM
UCC28C42DR Specifications: Controls PWM at 18V with 200mA current and 1000kHz frequency, packaged in 8-Pin SOIC in Tape and Reel packaging Texas Instruments 4,263 Add to BOM
LP2951ACM Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Texas Instruments 6,702 Add to BOM
LM2672M-ADJ ROHS compliant SOIC-8 package Texas Instruments 7,292 Add to BOM
LM2675M-ADJ LM2675M-ADJ is a step-down voltage regulator designed to efficiently convert a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage Texas Instruments 6,984 Add to BOM
REF5040AQDRQ1 Precision 4.096V Series Voltage Reference for Automotive Applications Texas Instruments 4,388 Add to BOM
UCC27324DR Non-Inverting outputs Texas Instruments 7,803 Add to BOM
UCC27424DR 4-A/4-A dual-channel gate driver with enable and 5-V IN handling TI 7,604 Add to BOM
UCC27423DR 4-A/4-A dual-channel gate driver with 5-V UVLO, enable, and inverting inputs TI 6,756 Add to BOM
INA823DT Amplifier Instrumentation Precision Texas Instruments 7,124 Add to BOM
LM78L15ACM Standard Regulator Positive 15V 0.1A 8-Pin SOIC Tube Texas Instruments 5,436 Add to BOM
LP2951ACMX/NOPB Output voltage range: 1.235V to 29V Texas Instruments 6,202 Add to BOM
LM5109BMAX/NOPB Gate driver for half bridge configuration with 1A peak current and high voltage support Texas Instruments 4,401 Add to BOM
UCC27201ADR 3-A, 120-V half bridge gate driver with 8-V UVLO and negative voltage handling TI 5,325 Add to BOM
UCC28051DR Transition mode PFC controller with 12.5V/9.7V UVLO and IEC61000-3-2 compliance, -40°C to 105 TI 5,015 Add to BOM
UCC28051D With a supply voltage range of 12.5 to 18V, the UCC28051D provides flexibility for powering different components in a system Texas Instruments 4,137 Add to BOM
LM35DMX/NOPB Analog temperature sensor with voltage output Texas Instruments 5,003 Add to BOM
LM79L05ACM 35V SOIC-8 Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) ROHS Texas Instruments 7,160 Add to BOM
LM78L05AIMX/NOPB 100-mA, 30-V, linear voltage regulator TI 4,264 Add to BOM
LM78L05AIM/NOPB 62 decibels at 120 Hertz with a current capacity of 100 milliamperes Texas Instruments 6,369 Add to BOM
LM78L05ACMX/NOPB This voltage regulator is designed to regulate input voltages to a constant 5V output with a current capacity of up to 0.1A Texas Instruments 4,934 Add to BOM
LM3578AM Compact DC-DC converter for low-power applications Texas Instruments 7,803 Add to BOM
LM337LMX/NOPB Eight-SOIC package Texas Instruments 5,337 Add to BOM
LM337LM/NOPB A precision voltage regulator IC, LM337LM/NOPB, capable of providing a linear and adjustable output voltage between -37V and -1 Texas Instruments 6,612 Add to BOM
LM334M ±6% 1V~40V SOIC-8 Current Source/Constant Current Source ROHS Texas Instruments 4,939 Add to BOM
LM317LMX/NOPB Texas Instruments LM317LMX/NOPB - 0.1A linear voltage regulator with adjustable output voltage up to 37V Texas Instruments 6,573 Add to BOM
UCC27531DR 2.5-A/5-A single-channel gate driver with 8-V UVLO, 35-V VDD, and split outputs TI 6,519 Add to BOM
UCC27712DR High voltage capability Texas Instruments 6,323 Add to BOM
UCC27282DR Advanced driver solution for medium-power motor control circuits TI 5,355 Add to BOM
TPS2051BD Power switch, N-Channel, SMD Texas Instruments 7,287 Add to BOM
TL431ID Precision shunt regulator with adjustable output voltage Texas Instruments 6,605 Add to BOM
UC3844D8 Current mode switching controllers for precision power management Texas Instruments 7,794 Add to BOM
TPS2052BDR 2-channel USB power switch with 0.5A loading and 70mΩ resistance Texas Instruments 7,260 Add to BOM
TPS2052BD Current Limited Texas Instruments 6,976 Add to BOM
TL431AID High-reliability Pin SOIC package for rugged environment Texas Instruments 7,628 Add to BOM
TL431CD Adjustable Shunt Voltage References Texas Instruments 7,464 Add to BOM