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(22 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BTS4880R Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Technology Infineon 5,039 Add to BOM
ISO1H816GAUMA1 ICs for Gate Driving INFINEON 5,670 Add to BOM
ISO1H811GAUMA1 36 package, 8 outputs, 5.5V, 0.625A INFINEON 7,378 Add to BOM
TLE6240GP Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution MULTI CHANNEL SWITCH Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,593 Add to BOM
TLE6230GP Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,177 Add to BOM
TLE6368G1 TLE6368G1 Multi Voltage Power System IC PDSO-36 Infineon 9,583 Add to BOM
TLE6361G Power supply for multi-voltage processors with switching regulators Infineon 5,281 Add to BOM
ITS4880R The device comes in a 36-pin SOIC package and offers intelligent control features Infineon 5,711 Add to BOM
TLE8718SA Power Distribution Control for System Basis Chip infineon 5,617 Add to BOM
TLE8110EE TLE8110EE Product Description infineon 5,476 Add to BOM
BTS50040-2SFA Overcurrent protection device infineon 5,466 Add to BOM
2ED020I12FAXUMA2 Elevate your gate system with the cutting-edge technology of the 2ED020 Gate Driver." Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,098 Add to BOM
TLE8264EXUMA4 Next-generation power management solution for IoT devices Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
TLE8262EXUMA3 High-quality System Basis Chip for efficient and reliable performance Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
TLE8261EXUMA2 System Basis Chip 1MBd 9V/12V/15V/18V/24V/28V Automotive AEC-Q100 36-Pin DSO EP T/R INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG 9,530 Add to BOM
TLE8264EXUMA2 System Basis Chip Automotive AEC-Q100 36-Pin DSO EP INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG 7,019 Add to BOM
TLE8263EXUMA2 High-reliability digital storage oscilloscope for automotive applications Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
BTS500402SFAXUMA1 Advanced ICs designed for reliable power distribution and control Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
TLE6232GPXT High-efficiency switching for optimal power distributi Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
BTS5672EAUMA2 High-efficiency power supply for LED lighting systems Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,542 Add to BOM
TLE824533SAAUMA1 High-performance motor control solutions for demanding application Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,598 Add to BOM
TLE8718SAAUMA4 Power Switch/Driver 1:18 N-Channel PG-DSO-36-54 Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM