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(147 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ICM7170IBG Time synchronization Rochester Electronics, LLC 4,513 Add to BOM
SI9978DW Robust solution for reliable and consistent motor operati Vishay 6,913 Add to BOM
SAA1064T/N2,118 0. Suitable for various display applications Nxp 6,255 Add to BOM
MIC5801YWM Experience precise data transfer with MIC5801YWM's robust 8-bit parallel-in design Microchip 4,422 Add to BOM
MAX208CWG+ 4/4 Transceiver Full RS232 24-SOIC ADI 5,961 Add to BOM
MAX132CWG+ Durable construction ensures long-term stability and performanc Analog Devices 4,340 Add to BOM
CY7C63743C-SXC MICRCONTROLLER MCU, 8 BIT, 12MHZ, SOIC-24 Infineon 6,657 Add to BOM
MAX529CWG Eight-function digital-to-analog converter with serial input loading Analog Devices 7,783 Add to BOM
LT1134ACSW Small capacitors included LT1130 thru LT1141 Analog Devices Inc. 5,349 Add to BOM
AD775JR Fast sampling rate Analog Devices Inc. 6,455 Add to BOM
PCA9555D I/O Expander 16 I²C, SMBus 400 kHz 24-SO NXP 4,201 Add to BOM
MAX7221EWG+ This product is designed to drive LED displays with common-cathode connections using a 7-segment display ADI 6,283 Add to BOM
MAX7221CWG+ suitable for a wide range of applications ADI 6,836 Add to BOM
MAX7219EWG+ LED display driver for MAX7219EWG ADI 4,298 Add to BOM
MAX7219CWG+ High-quality LED Driver designed for efficient display control ADI 7,294 Add to BOM
MAX7219CWG This product is perfect for applications requiring 'LED Display Control' Analog Devices 4,841 Add to BOM
MAX238EWG+ 20-Pin V.24/V.28 transceiver for data rates up to 120kbit/s ADI 4,625 Add to BOM
MAX238CWG+ The MAX238CWG+ is designed to handle multiple channels of RS-232 communication ADI 7,910 Add to BOM
PCA9548ADWR Translating Switch Interface 24-SOIC TI 7,163 Add to BOM
PCA9548ADW 8-channel 2.3- to 5.5-V I2C/SMBus switch with reset & voltage translation Texas Instruments, Inc 7,080 Add to BOM
ADS7800JU 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter 1 Input 1 SAR 24-SOIC TI 4,834 Add to BOM
DAC7802LU Dual Monolithic CMOS 12-Bit Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter TI 5,728 Add to BOM
CD4067BM96 20-V, 16:1 single-ended, 1-channel analog multiplexer TI 6,560 Add to BOM
CD4067BM 20-V, 16:1 single-ended, 1-channel analog multiplexer TI 4,475 Add to BOM
E-L6219DS013TR Driver ICs ROHS Motor SO-24-300mil ST 7,888 Add to BOM
HIP4086ABZ Suitable for heavy-duty applications Renesas 4,064 Add to BOM
AD7228ACRZ LC<sup>2</sup>MOS Octal 8-Bit DAC ADI 4,419 Add to BOM
AD7247AARZ Dual 12-Bit DACPORT with Parallel Load ADI 5,538 Add to BOM
AD8403ARZ100 4-Channel Digital Potentiometer ADI 4,750 Add to BOM
AD7892BRZ-1 True Bipolar Input, Single Supply, Parallel, 12-Bit 600 kSPS ADC ADI 4,016 Add to BOM
AD7892ARZ-1 True Bipolar Input, Single Supply, Parallel, 12-Bit 600 kSPS ADC ADI 6,959 Add to BOM
AD660ARZ Monolithic 16-Bit Serial/Byte DACPORT ADI 7,992 Add to BOM
AD7714ARZ-5 CMOS, 3V/5V, 500 µA, 24-Bit Sigma-Delta, Signal Conditioning ADC ADI 7,491 Add to BOM
AD7711ARZ CMOS, 24-Bit Sigma-Delta, Signal Conditioning ADC with Matched RTD Excitation Currents ADI 4,228 Add to BOM
AD604ARZ This product, AD604ARZ, features two voltage controlled amplifiers with a CMRR of 20dB and comes in a 24-pin SOIC W package ADI 5,054 Add to BOM
MIC5801BWM Discontinued latches; Substitute with MIC5801YWM (RoHS) MICROCHIP 5,944 Add to BOM
CS5520-BS Compact yet powerful 20-bit ADC with Delta-Sigma architecture CIRRUS LOGIC 6,581 Add to BOM
CS5361-KSZ CS5361-KSZ is a specialized ROHS compliant ADC/DAC with a 24 serial SOIC-24-300mil configuration." Cirrus Logic Inc. 5,376 Add to BOM
CMX868AD2 Reliable communication solution featuring the latest advancements in modulation technique CML Microcircuits 7,036 Add to BOM
AS1107WL Revolutionize your LED display setup with the AS1107WL LED driver, optimized for seamless control and performance ams-OSRAM USA INC. 6,527 Add to BOM
ADS1211U With a resolution of 24 bits TI 6,521 Add to BOM
TLE4729G Effortless motor control in a compact packag INFINEON 5,307 Add to BOM
AD7225LRZ High precision signal conversion technology ADI 5,933 Add to BOM
MAX238EWG 20-Pin V.24/V.28 transceiver for data rates up to 120kbit/s ADI 5,092 Add to BOM
ADE7758ARWZ Poly Phase Multifunction Energy Metering IC ADI 6,455 Add to BOM
LM629M-8/NOPB Low voltage compact motor driver integrated circuit TI 5,149 Add to BOM
CMX869BD2 CMX869BD2: RF Modulators / Demodulator ROHS in SOIC-24-300mil package CML Microcircuits 6,394 Add to BOM
L6208D DMOS driver for bipolar stepper motor ST 5,815 Add to BOM
L6219DS013TR BIPOLAR Cut Tape 2003 Surface Mount motor driver 46V 750mA 7.5mm 85C STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,878 Add to BOM
MAX7221EWG LED Driver, 7-Segment, PDSO24, 0.300 INCH, MS-013, SOIC-24 ADI 5,137 Add to BOM