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(1215 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LT1510CS 16-Pin SOIC Package ADI 5,505 Add to BOM
DS1340C-33 Real Time Clock with built-in Trickle Charger for long-term reliability and accuracy ADI 6,868 Add to BOM
AD7524JR AD7524JR: 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with R-2R Architecture Analog Devices Inc. 5,909 Add to BOM
74HC257D High-quality logic mux for demanding applications Nexperia 5,535 Add to BOM
LTC1386CS This 16-pin SOIC package is ideal for applications requiring reliable data transmission ADI 6,922 Add to BOM
LTC1383CS V low-power transceiver ADI 5,887 Add to BOM
HEF4518BT Streamline your design process with this space-saving and easy-to-use counter module IC NXP 4,857 Add to BOM
S25FL064A0LMFI001 64M-bit NOR Flash Memory SPANSION 5,575 Add to BOM
MC14052BDR2 Dual Channel Multiplexer ON 5,357 Add to BOM
HCPL-0872 Interface - Specialized Digital Interface IC Broadcom Limited 4,476 Add to BOM
EL2090CM Get superior video quality with the EL2090CM SO16 amplifier for RVB signals." ELANTEC 4,324 Add to BOM
DS1312 Single-channel power supply support circuit in an pin package ADI 6,131 Add to BOM
74HC191D This PDSO packaged HC provides reliable bidirectional counting capabilities in various digital applications with clock frequency up to H Nexperia 5,832 Add to BOM
DG211DY Compact design for space-constrained applications ADI 6,366 Add to BOM
EPCQ128ASI16N EPCQ128ASI16N - Non-RoHS Compliant 2017 IC (Programmable Type) Config Intel Corp 5,026 Add to BOM
MAX901BCSE Analog Comparators High-Speed Voltage Comparator ADI 6,677 Add to BOM
MAX3097EESE Triple receiver design ensures reliable data transmission ADI 6,276 Add to BOM
74HC4316D Low-Voltage Dual Supply CMOS Quad Analog Switch with SPST Configuratio Nexperia 4,683 Add to BOM
ADG431BR This device features four independent SPST switches in a single package, making it convenient for applications requiring multiple switch channels ADI 4,871 Add to BOM
MAX232ECWE Enhanced reliability for high-speed data transmission applications ADI 7,134 Add to BOM
74HCT02D Compact SOIC- package perfect for small-footprint applicatio Nexperia 7,928 Add to BOM
74HC4053D 100Ω 3 SPDT(SPDT) SOIC-16 Analog Switches / Multiplexers ROHS Toshiba 4,049 Add to BOM
74HC238D 5.2mA 2V~6V 5.2mA SOIC-16 Signal Switches / Encoders & Decoders / Multiplexers ROHS Nexperia 5,017 Add to BOM
FX604D4 Offers optional back channel for enhanced functionality Cml Micro 5,478 Add to BOM
74HC123D 40ns Schmitt Trigger 2V~6V SOIC-16 Monostable Multivibrators ROHS Nexperia 7,291 Add to BOM
ML4800CS ML4800CS is a high-performance AC-DC controller designed for applications requiring a frequency of 76kHz and an input voltage range of 11V to 16 Onsemi 7,130 Add to BOM
74HC151D Eight-channel Pb-F CMOS logic IC for precise control and selectio Toshiba 4,706 Add to BOM
PCM56U 4.75V~13.2V 16 PCM SOIC-16-300mil ADC/DAC - Specialized ROHS Texas Instruments 7,361 Add to BOM
TLP293-4(GB-TP,E Product type: Four-channel transistor with direct current input, sixteen-pin small outline package, tape and reel packaging Toshiba 5,006 Add to BOM
TLP291-4(TP,E) TLP291-4(TP,E) product specifications: 8mA, 4.5V, 1.2V DC input voltage Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 4,962 Add to BOM
TLP290-4(GB-TP,E) 2.5kV 50mA Rating Toshiba 5,819 Add to BOM
TLP290-4(GB,E) This PHOTOCOUP QUAD TRANS 16-SOP optocoupler Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 7,303 Add to BOM
TLP291-4(GB,E) OptoMOS® Photovoltaic Relay Toshiba 6,348 Add to BOM
SM16LC15C 30V Clamp 5A (8/20µs) Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount 16-SO ProTek Devices 5,641 Add to BOM
SG3525ADW Housed in a 16-pin SOIC package, the SG3525ADW is compact and easy to integrate into various electronic systems Microchip 4,915 Add to BOM
ML2036CS RF Receiver with Programmable DC Sinewave Generation at 25kHz Onsemi 5,489 Add to BOM
MX66L51235FMI-10G 128M x 4 bit, 256M x 2 bit, 512M x 1 bit configuration Macronix International 4,896 Add to BOM
MAX791CSE+ Supervisor Push-Pull, Totem Pole 1 Channel 16-SOIC ADI 7,499 Add to BOM
MAX3097EESE+ 0/3 Receiver RS422, RS485 16-SOIC ADI 4,582 Add to BOM
MAX532ACWE+ MAX532ACWE+ D/A Converter featuring serial input loading and 2.5us settling time Analog Devices 5,287 Add to BOM
MAX297CWE+ Elliptic filter ADI 6,491 Add to BOM
LOC211P Dual-channel optocoupler with transistor output in SOIC-16 packaging IXYS Integrated Circuits Division 6,118 Add to BOM
M25P64-VMF6P Memory chip M25P64-VMF6P with 8 million x 8 bits Stmicroelectronics 5,077 Add to BOM
HV9120NG BICMOS SOIC-16 package for HV9120NG switching controller SUPERTEX 6,079 Add to BOM
IX6R11S3 Non-Inverting Half-Bridge Gate Driver Integrated Circuit in 16-SOIC Package Ixys 4,708 Add to BOM
IRS20955SPBF 100V 1.2A Dual Output Driver Infineon 5,379 Add to BOM
IPS512G This device is capable of driving up to 1A current Infineon 8,325 Add to BOM
HIN202ECBN High-quality, environmentally-friendly components Renesas Electronics 7,007 Add to BOM
HCPL-786J Photoelectric coupler 16-Pin SOIC Broadcom Limited 6,738 Add to BOM