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(140 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PMEG6010ETR Rectifier Diode PMEG6010ETR NXP 7,069 Add to BOM
BAT42W Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation 5,238 Add to BOM
BZT52C3V0 SURFACE MOUNT ZENER DIODE Diotec Semiconductor 4,014 Add to BOM
MBR1H100SFT3G 2-Pin Schottky Diode, 100V, 1A ON 5,684 Add to BOM
MBR140SFT1 Compact and reliable rectifier for space-constrained designs ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,847 Add to BOM
MBR0530T1G 500 mA, 30 V, Schottky Power Rectifier, Surface Mount ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,273 Add to BOM
SZMMSZ5248BT1G Zener Diodes ROHS: Single 17.1V~18.9V, 500mW, 18V SOD-123 ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,359 Add to BOM
MMSZ22T1G 500 mW; 5% Zener Diode Voltage Regulator ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,282 Add to BOM
MMSZ5254BT1G Single SMD Zener diode, 0.5W, 27V, on reel tape ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,509 Add to BOM
MMSZ5250BT1G 20V Zener Diode Suitable for Circuit Protection and Voltage Regulation ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,754 Add to BOM
MMSZ5226BT1G 3.3V Zener Diodes Rated for 500mW Power ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,916 Add to BOM
NSI45030AT1G LED Driver, Constant Current Regulator, 30 mA, 45 V ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,431 Add to BOM
MMSZ5248BT1 Zener Diode in SOD-123 Package with 2 Pins, 18V Voltage and 21Ohm Resistance ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,433 Add to BOM
MMSZ5268BT1G 77.9V to 86.1V Zener Diode in SOD-123 package ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,932 Add to BOM
DDZ9678 Silicon material with unidirectional conduction DIODES 5,667 Add to BOM
DFLS130-7 30-7 Diode Schottky 30V 1A 2-Pin PowerDI 123 T/R": Diodes Inc 3,305 Add to BOM
BZT52C15-7-F SOD123 Zener Diode 15V Diodes Inc 6,449 Add to BOM
MMSZ5251B 500mW SURFACE MOUNT ZENER DIODE Fairchild Semiconductor 5,658 Add to BOM
BZT52C3V3-7-F Zener Diode Housing type: SOD-123 Package: SMD Power dissipation: 500 mW Zener resistance: 600 Ohm Zener voltage: 3.3 V Diodes Inc 7,232 Add to BOM
AL5809-60P1-7 Two Terminal Constant Current LED Driver PowerDI, 2.5V to 60V, -40 °C to 125 °C Diodes Inc 3,190 Add to BOM
BAV19W Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching SMALL SIGNAL SWCH 410mW 250V DIODE SMC Diode Solutions 6,571 Add to BOM
BZT52C11 SURFACE MOUNT ZENER DIODE Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation 5,744 Add to BOM
MMSZ5236B 500mW SURFACE MOUNT ZENER DIODE Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation 6,907 Add to BOM
MMSZ5235B 500mW SURFACE MOUNT ZENER DIODE Good-Ark Semiconductor 7,032 Add to BOM
MMSZ5234 Zener Diode, 6.2V V(Z), 5%, 0.5W, Silicon, Unidirectional, PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 ON 5,544 Add to BOM
MMSZ5240B 500mW SURFACE MOUNT ZENER DIODE Good-Ark Semiconductor 6,538 Add to BOM
M3FL20U-5063 Rectifiers Fast Recovery Diode SHINDENGEN 6,287 Add to BOM
S-153T Current Regulator Diodes 50V 15mA SEMITEC Corporation 5,268 Add to BOM
S-352T Current Regulator Diodes 100V 3.5mA SEMITEC Corporation 4,258 Add to BOM
RF081MM2STFTR Ultrafast Diode with 950mV forward voltage drop and 14ns reverse recovery time ROHM Semiconductor 6,657 Add to BOM
RR268MM-600TFTR Compact and reliable power management solution ROHM Semiconductor 3,120 Add to BOM
RB168MM-40TFTR Super low IR, 40V, 1A, SOD-123FL Schottky Barrier Diode for Automotive ROHM Semiconductor 5,010 Add to BOM
1N4448W SOD-123 1N4448W New Arrivals ROHS Diotec Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
MBR120ESFT1 Low forward voltage drop and high surge current capability make this device suitable for power supply design ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,020 Add to BOM
MMSZ5221BT1G Zener Diodes SOD-123 2.4V ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,250 Add to BOM
MMSZ4683T1G Zener diodes are available in three comprehensive series in the convenient SOD-123 package ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,507 Add to BOM
MMSZ5234BT1G Silicon Zener Diode with 6.2V Voltage, 5% Tolerance, 0.5W Power, Unidirectional ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,486 Add to BOM
MMSZ5233BT1G High power Zener diode for surge protection and voltage regulatio ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,873 Add to BOM
NRVB0540T1G 500 mA, 40 V, Schottky Power Rectifier, Surface Mount ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,186 Add to BOM
MMSZ4V3T1G 500 mW; 5% Zener Diode Voltage Regulator ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,176 Add to BOM
MMSZ4714T1G MMSZ4714T1G is a SOD-123 packaged Zener voltage regulator with a rating of 500 mW and a maximum current of 10 mA at 33 V ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,694 Add to BOM
MMSZ43T1G 500 mW; 5% Zener Diode Voltage Regulator ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,341 Add to BOM
MMSZ5241BT1G 241BT1G Zener Diode 500 mW SOD-123": ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,268 Add to BOM
MMSZ4704T1G Single Zener Diode with 17V Rating, 5% Tolerance, 500mW Power Dissipation, SOD-123 Package, Tape and Reel Packaging ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,118 Add to BOM
MMSZ4703T1G There are three comprehensive ranges of Zener diodes in the surface mount plastic package ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,285 Add to BOM
SZMMSZ5231BT1G SZMMSZ5231BT1G is a Zener Diode variant engineered for ZEN REG applications, offering 0.5W power handling and a 5.1V voltage rating ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,985 Add to BOM
MMSZ16T1G Zener Diode 16 V 500 mW ±5% Surface Mount SOD-123 ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,475 Add to BOM
MBRM120LT1 Diode 20 V 1A Surface Mount Powermite ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,899 Add to BOM
SZMMSZ16T1G 500 mW; 5% Zener Diode Voltage Regulator ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,236 Add to BOM
SZMMSZ4690T1G Zener Diode Single 5.6V 5% 500mW Automotive 2-Pin SOD-123 T/R ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,712 Add to BOM