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(182 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
RB531SM-30T2R Diode Schottky SOD-523 with 30V and 200mA Rohm Semiconductor 7,525 Add to BOM
RSB6.8SMT2N Voltage surge protection diode Rohm Semiconductor 7,058 Add to BOM
RB520S-40TE61 RB520S-40TE61 Schottky diode from ROHM Rohm Semiconductor 6,672 Add to BOM
BAT54WX-TP Low-dropout voltage regulator diode for precise contro Micro Commercial Components (Mcc) 6,392 Add to BOM
1SS400G 0.1 A, Silicon, Signal Diode ROHM/WINNERJOIN 6,975 Add to BOM
RB521SM-60FHT2R RL Schottky Barrier Diode for Automotive Use Rohm Semiconductor 6,097 Add to BOM
SDM20U30-7 Schottky Element Diodes Incorporated 6,567 Add to BOM
RB511SM-30T2R RB511SM-30T2R Single Diodes Rectifiers Rohm Semiconductor 6,170 Add to BOM
1N4148WTQ-7 Diode Small Signal Switching 75V 250mA 2-Pin SOD-523 T/R DIODES 7,013 Add to BOM
RB751S40,115 Schottky barrier diode Nexperia USA Inc. 4,475 Add to BOM
RB520S30 200 mA, 30 V, Schottky Barrier Diode Fairchild Semiconductor 4,758 Add to BOM
PMEG6002EB,115 60 V, 0.2 A very low VF Schottky barrier rectifier Nexperia USA Inc. 4,199 Add to BOM
PMEG3010EB,115 30 V, 1 A very low VF Schottky barrier rectifier Nexperia USA Inc. 5,956 Add to BOM
1PS79SB70,115 General-purpose Schottky diode in an ultra small SOD523 (SC-79) Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) flat lead plastic package. Nexperia USA Inc. 6,633 Add to BOM
1PS79SB10,115 Schottky barrier single diode Nexperia USA Inc. 4,915 Add to BOM
PESD3V3S1UB,115 PESD3V3S1UB 115 SOD523 SC-79 Nexperia 5,552 Add to BOM
PESD3V3L1UB,115 SOD-523 packaged ESD suppressor with 30KV TVS diode, available in tape and reel packaging Nexperia 6,671 Add to BOM
RB521SM-30T2R 21SM-30T2R Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A 2-Pin Emd T/R Rohs Compliant Yes Rohm Rohm Semiconductor 5,297 Add to BOM
RB521SM-30FHT2R Product RB521SM-30FHT2R overview: Schottky diodes and rectifiers offering 30V reverse voltage and 0 Rohm Semiconductor 3,821 Add to BOM
RB521S30T1G In a SOD-523-2 package, the RB521S30T1G product can handle up to 200mA of current and 30V of voltage Onsemi 3,011 Add to BOM
1SS400T1G ON Semiconductor 1SS400T1G Small Signal Diode with 2-Pin Configuration Onsemi 3,806 Add to BOM
BAT54XV2T1G 30V 800mV@100mA 200mA SOD-523 Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS Onsemi 7,145 Add to BOM
NSR05T40XV2T5G 500 mA, 40 V, Schottky Barrier Diode onsemi 5,468 Add to BOM
ESD5B5.0ST1G 5V voltage rating Onsemi 7,579 Add to BOM
MM5Z15VT1G 15V Zener Diode with 5% Tolerance, 200mW, SOD-523 Package Onsemi 7,048 Add to BOM
NSR0520V2T1G Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 20V SCHOTTKY DIO Onsemi 7,901 Add to BOM
NSR0340V2T1G 250 mA, 40 V, Low VF SOD-523 Schottky Diode onsemi 4,665 Add to BOM
ESD5Z5.0T1G ESD5Z5.0T1G: Small Outline Diode for ESD Protection Onsemi 3,224 Add to BOM
MM5Z33VT1G MM5Z33VT1G Zener Diode 33V Single 6% 200mW SOD-523 2-Pin Packaging onsemi 6,990 Add to BOM
MM5Z5V6T1G 7.14% Tolerance Onsemi 4,079 Add to BOM
MM5Z4V7T1G Diode Zener 4.7V Single, SOD-523 Package, 200mW Power Rating, 6% Accuracy, Tape and Reel Onsemi 4,435 Add to BOM
SZMM5Z3V3T1G 3.3V Zener Diode Voltage Regulator with 500mW Power Rating (Automotive) Onsemi 7,901 Add to BOM
ZLLS350TA -element schottky rectifier diode, 0.38A forward current, 40V reverse voltage rating, silicon Diodes Incorporated 4,157 Add to BOM
SDM03U40-7 Rectifier Diode Schottky 40V 0.03A in SOD-523 Package, Tape and Reel Diodes Incorporated 4,757 Add to BOM
RB521S-30TE61 30V 200MA Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Rohm Semiconductor 6,449 Add to BOM
RB521S-40TE61 Schottky Diode & Rectifier Set featuring Schottky Barrier, 45V, 200mA Rohm Semiconductor 4,647 Add to BOM
EDZVT2R6.8B Single 6.79V Zener Diode with 2% Tolerance, 150mW Power Rating, EMD Package, Tape and Reel Packaging Rohm Semiconductor 4,246 Add to BOM
EDZVT2R6.2B 150mW SOD-523 Zener Diodes Rohm Semiconductor 5,525 Add to BOM
EDZVT2R18B ROHM Zener Diode, 18V, 150 milliwatts, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), 2-Pin SOD-523 package Rohm Semiconductor 7,663 Add to BOM
CPDU5V0USP-HF 5V Uni-Dir ESD Suppressor Diode TVS 25Vc 2-Pin SOD-523F T/R Comchip Technology 7,373 Add to BOM
PESD5Z3.3 Check out the ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes item labeled as PESD5Z3.3 NXP 6,117 Add to BOM
PESD5V0U1BB Surge-proof your circuits with this 5V SOD523 diode's exceptional voltage regulation capabilities NXP 7,972 Add to BOM
1SS390TE61 1SS390TE61: PIN Diodes Optimized for Switching Tasks, Rated at 35V and 100mA Rohm Semiconductor 7,805 Add to BOM
PESD5Z5.0 Unclassified YES 150 °C 2 DUAL FLAT NXP 5,959 Add to BOM
1N914BWT Rectifier Diode Small Signal Switching 75V 0.3A 4ns 2-Pin SOD-523 T/R onsemi 6,251 Add to BOM
RB520SM-30T2R RB520SM Series 30 V 0.2 A Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Diode - SOD-523 Rohm Semiconductor 5,243 Add to BOM
RB521S30 200 mA, 30 V Schottky Diode Onsemi 4,685 Add to BOM
EDZVT2R5.6B EDZVT2R5.6B Series 5.6 V ±2% 150 mW Surface Mount Zener Diode - EMD2 Rohm Semiconductor 6,208 Add to BOM
BAT54XV2 30V Single 1V@100mA 200mA SOD-523(SC-79) Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS Onsemi 6,997 Add to BOM
1SS400GT2R Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching SWITCH 100MA 90V Rohm Semiconductor 5,617 Add to BOM