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(367 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CDSOD323-T05LC SMD schottky barrier chip diode, Bidirectional, SOD-323, CDSOD323-T05LC Bourns Inc. 5,575 Add to BOM
CUS10S30,H3F Schottky Diode Encased in SOD-323 Package on Tape and Reel Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 5,048 Add to BOM
SD103BWS-7-F 30V Schottky diodes and rectifiers capable of handling up to 200mW of power Diodes Incorporated 6,873 Add to BOM
BAT42WS BAT42WS Schottky Barrier Diode Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation 6,456 Add to BOM
BAT760-7 Diode 30 V 1A Surface Mount SOD-323 Diodes Incorporated 5,858 Add to BOM
B0530WS-7-F 30V 0.5A SOD323 Schottky diode Diodes Incorporated 7,787 Add to BOM
PESD24VL1BA ESD Suppressor TVS Bi-Dir 24V Automotive 2-Pin SOD-323 NXP 6,224 Add to BOM
B5819WS-TP Schottky Diode SOD-323 40V 1A Rectifier Micro Commercial Co 7,103 Add to BOM
RF01VM2STE-17 element 0.1A 250V Rohm Semiconductor 5,439 Add to BOM
1SS387,L3F This diode has a fast switching time of 1.6ns and a maximum forward current of 100mA Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 4,075 Add to BOM
1N4148WS-HG3-08 Introducing product 1N4148WS-HG3-08: These diodes serve general purposes, offering power and switching capabilities VISHAY 7,478 Add to BOM
SD12C-01FTG 23V Clamp 17A (8/20µs) Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount SOD-323 Littelfuse Inc. 4,133 Add to BOM
SD36-01FTG ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes 36V 450W AUTO UNI-DIR SOD323 Littelfuse Inc. 7,472 Add to BOM
SP4024-01FTG-C ESD Suppressors and TVS Diodes offering bidirectional protection with 1.3pF capacitance and 7A rating Littelfuse Inc. 5,013 Add to BOM
1SS352,H3F Planar Type Silicon Diode Toshiba 7,303 Add to BOM
RB751V40,115 Schottky barrier diode Nexperia USA Inc. 5,270 Add to BOM
PMEG1030EJ,115 10 V, 3 A ultra low VF Schottky barrier rectifier Nexperia USA Inc. 5,931 Add to BOM
PMEG2005AEA,115 20 V, 0.5 A very low VF Schottky barrier rectifier Nexperia USA Inc. 4,437 Add to BOM
PMEG6010CEJ,115 PMEG6010CEJ - 60 V, 1 A ultra-low forward voltage Schottky barrier rectifier Nexperia 7,960 Add to BOM
BZX384-C12,115 Voltage regulator diodes Nexperia USA Inc. 5,126 Add to BOM
BAT46WJ,115 100V 850mV@250mA 250mA SOD-323F Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS Nexperia 4,333 Add to BOM
BAT760,115 Medium power Schottky barrier single diode Nexperia USA Inc. 6,629 Add to BOM
1PS76SB40,115 Schottky diode with 0.12A current rating in SOD-323 package on tape and reel Nexperia USA Inc. 4,818 Add to BOM
CDSOD323-T08C TVS Diode for ESD Protection at 8V - CDSOD323-T08C Bourns 5,298 Add to BOM
SD107WS-7-F Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers rated for 30V with a power rating of 200mW Diodes Incorporated 6,284 Add to BOM
SD15C-01FTG ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes 15V 450W AUTO BI-DIR SOD323 Littelfuse Inc. 6,816 Add to BOM
1N4148WS-E3-08 SOD-323 Product 1N4148WS-E3-08, 100V Vishay 6,391 Add to BOM
MM3Z39VT1G Zener Diode 39 V 300 mW ±5% Surface Mount SOD-323 onsemi 4,089 Add to BOM
SZMM3Z5V6T1G <p>A complete series of Zener diodes is offered in the convenient SOD-323 package.</p> onsemi 5,489 Add to BOM
SZMM3Z2V7T1G Zener Diode 2.7 V 300 mW ±5% Surface Mount SOD-323 onsemi 4,528 Add to BOM
NSR0320MW2T1 Rectifier Diode Schottky with a voltage rating of 23V and a current rating of 1A, packaged in a 2-Pin SOD-323 and supplied in Tape and Reel format onsemi 7,495 Add to BOM
BAS140WE6327HTSA1 Diode 40 V 120mA Surface Mount PG-SOD323-3D INFINEON 7,110 Add to BOM
CMDSH-3 TR PBFREE SOD-323 Schottky Silicon Rectifier Diode, 30V, 0.1A, Tape and Reel Packaging CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 6,013 Add to BOM
ZMV934ATA Very High Frequency Variable Capacitance Diode - Silicon - Hyperabrupt - 95pF C(T) - 12V - SOD-323 - 2 PIN DIODES INC 8,437 Add to BOM
ZHCS400TA phase, Single-element, 0.4A, 40V V(RRM) Diodes Incorporated 4,266 Add to BOM
UDZVTE-1716B Various zener diodes are offered by ROHM, with options including 2-pin mold surface mount and complex variations Rohm Semiconductor 7,307 Add to BOM
UDZVTE-1730B Single 29.19V~30.69V Zener Diodes, 200mW, SOD-323FL Package, 30V Rating, ROHS Compliant Rohm Semiconductor 6,105 Add to BOM
UDZVTE-1715B 15V Zener diode capable of handling 0.2W Rohm Semiconductor 4,762 Add to BOM
UDZVTE-1710B 10V 2% Z-Diode 0.2W SOD323 Rohm Semiconductor 6,360 Add to BOM
UDZVTE-1733B ROHM presents an array of zener diodes, with options including 2-pin mold surface mount and complex types Rohm Semiconductor 7,101 Add to BOM
RSB6.8CST2R Max 10W Voltage TVS Diodes for ESD Suppression Rohm Semiconductor 4,637 Add to BOM
CDSOD323-T12C CDSOD323-T12C: This TVS/ESD protection device Bourns Inc. 4,320 Add to BOM
CDSOD323-T36SC Bourns CDSOD323-T36SC TVS Diode Bourns 6,166 Add to BOM
CDSOD323-T12LC TVS Bi-Dir ESD Suppressor 12V 2-Pin SOD-323 T/R Bourns Inc. 4,583 Add to BOM
CDSOD323-T24C Directional ESD Suppressor Diode 24V 2-Pin SOD-323 T/R Bourns Inc. 4,216 Add to BOM
BZT52C15S-7-F Zener Diode BZT52C15S-7-F by Diodes Inc, 15V 6% 0.2 W Surface Mount Technology 2-Pin Package Diodes Incorporated 7,411 Add to BOM
BAT43WS-7-F Ultra-compact Schottky rectifier diode, capable of handling 0 Diodes Incorporated 5,017 Add to BOM
BAR63-03W Automotive PIN diode switch with a 50V voltage rating and 100mA current capacity, packaged in SOD-323 format INFINEON 7,576 Add to BOM
B140WS-7 A 40V VRRM Silicon Schottky Rectifier Diode 1 Phase 1 Element Diodes Incorporated 6,258 Add to BOM
1N4148WSQ-7-F Diode for rectifying purposes with Silicon material Diodes Incorporated 4,013 Add to BOM