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(184 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PMEG6030ETPX High-temperature 60 V, 3 A Schottky barrier rectifier Nexperia Semiconductor (NXP) 4,237 Add to BOM
STPS360AFY Automotive 60 V, 3 A Power Schottky Rectifier STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,606 Add to BOM
STPS3H100AFY Automotive 100 V, 3 A SOD128Flat Power Schottky Rectifier STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,683 Add to BOM
PMEG3050BEP Silicon rectifier diode in plastic package Nexperia 7,780 Add to BOM
ME03EA06 Rectifiers DIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 3A SOD-128 KYOCERA AVX 6,560 Add to BOM
ME01FA20 Diode designed for switching tasks, featuring a 200V voltage capacity and 1A current handling, housed in a 2-pin SMAFL package KYOCERA AVX 9,645 Add to BOM
ME03EA06-TE12L SOD-128 60V 3A SCHOTTKY Diode Rectifiers KYOCERA AVX 7,961 Add to BOM
RF201LAM2STFTR RF201LAM2STFTR, a RoHS-compliant product available for immediate shipment, with a discontinued status effective from 2023 ROHM Semiconductor 7,822 Add to BOM
RB068LAM150TFTR The RB068LAM150TFTR is a Schottky diode and rectifier with a voltage rating of 150V and a current rating of 2A ROHM Semiconductor 6,508 Add to BOM
RSX501LAM20TR The product code RSX501LAM20TR refers to a SOD-128 component with a voltage rating of 20V Rohm Semiconductor 9,503 Add to BOM
RRU1LAM4STR High-speed rectifying diode for general rectification, suitable for RRU1LAM4STR product - packaged in Tape and Reel Rohm Semiconductor 8,925 Add to BOM
RR2LAM6STR A general-purpose SOD-128 diode labeled as RR2LAM6STR, rated at 2A and 600V with a forward voltage of 1.1V@2A Rohm Semiconductor 9,500 Add to BOM
RR2LAM6STFTR Silicon Rectifier Diode 600V 2A for Automotive Applications ROHM Semiconductor 4,155 Add to BOM
RR2LAM4STFTR RR2LAM4STFTR - AEC-Q101 Qualified Rectifying Diode ROHM Semiconductor 5,440 Add to BOM
RR1LAM6STR Tape and Reel Rectifier 1A 2-Pin SOD-128 T/R Rohm Semiconductor 8,621 Add to BOM
RR1LAM6STFTR 00V 1A Automotive 2-Pin PMDT-M T/R": ROHM Semiconductor 7,091 Add to BOM
RR1LAM4STFTR Rectifier diode for automotive applications with a voltage rating of 400V and a current rating of 1A ROHM Semiconductor 4,659 Add to BOM
RFN1LAM7STR Packaging: 2-Pin PMDT-M T/R Rohm Semiconductor 9,419 Add to BOM
RF201LAM2STR RF201LAM2STR is a Fast Recovery Diode with low V F and low switching loss, making it ideal for general rectification applications Rohm Semiconductor 5,467 Add to BOM
RF101LAM4STR RF101LAM4S is a diode renowned for its lightning-fast recovery Rohm Semiconductor 6,142 Add to BOM
RF101LAM2STR Fast Recovery Diode ideal for a wide range of rectification applications Rohm Semiconductor 8,630 Add to BOM
RF081LAM2STR RF081LAM2STR, 200V, 1A, SOD-128 Rohm Semiconductor 8,516 Add to BOM
RBS3LAM40BTR Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers RBS3LAM40BTR is a general rectification Super low V<sub>F</sub> Schottkey Barrier Diode Rohm Semiconductor 5,906 Add to BOM
RBS2LAM40CTR Four different expressions Rohm Semiconductor 6,512 Add to BOM
RBS1LAM40ATR Lead-free ROHS compliant diode Rohm Semiconductor 6,471 Add to BOM
RBR5LAM60ATR General rectification diode RBR5LAM60A boasts a low VF Schottky Barrier design, as described in its product specification Rohm Semiconductor 8,908 Add to BOM
RBR5LAM60ATFTR SOD-128 Schottky Barrier Diode, Low VF, 60V, 5A Rohm Semiconductor 7,205 Add to BOM
RBR5LAM40ATFTR 40V 5A automotive SOD-128 Schottky barrier diode designed for low forward voltage applications ROHM Semiconductor 4,972 Add to BOM
RBR5LAM30BTR 1 Phase Silicon Schottky Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 5A, 30V V(RRM) Rohm Semiconductor 8,538 Add to BOM
RBR5LAM30ATR Schottky diode with reverse voltage rating of 30V and forward current rating of 5A Rohm Semiconductor 8,775 Add to BOM
RBR5LAM30ATFTR Automotive-grade Schottky diode with a 30V voltage rating ROHM Semiconductor 6,504 Add to BOM
RBR3LAM60ATR Schottky diodes and rectifiers with a 60V reverse voltage and 3A forward current Rohm Semiconductor 5,361 Add to BOM
RBR3LAM60ATFTR SMD Schottky rectifier, offering 60 volts and 3 amperes specifications, encased in SOD128 packaging, supplied on reel with tape Rohm Semiconductor 5,675 Add to BOM
RBR3LAM40BTR RBR3LAM40B is a Low V F Schottky Barrier Diode for general rectification Rohm Semiconductor 8,058 Add to BOM
RBR3LAM40BTFTR Rectifiers and Schottky diodes designed for 40V reverse voltage and 3A current with 0.62V forward voltage drop; packaged in SOD-128 Rohm Semiconductor 6,621 Add to BOM
RBR3LAM30ATR SBD RBR3LAM30ATR: 30V, 3A, Ultra-Low Forward Voltage (580mV@3A), Compact SOD-128 Package, ROHS Conformity Rohm Semiconductor 7,670 Add to BOM
RBR1LAM60ATR 1A, 60V V(RRM) Silicon Rectifier Diode with Schottky Technology Rohm Semiconductor 5,244 Add to BOM
RB088LAM-60TR RB088LAM-60TR: RoHS Conformant, Expedited Shipping Available, Discontinued in 2023 Rohm Semiconductor 5,248 Add to BOM
RB088LAM-60TFTR The RB088LAM-60TFTR is a Schottky diode and rectifier designed to handle a reverse voltage of 60V and a forward current of up to 5A ROHM Semiconductor 6,165 Add to BOM
RB088LAM100TR Si 100V 5A Schottky Rectifier Diode 2-Pin PMDT-M Tape Rohm Semiconductor 6,639 Add to BOM
RB088LAM100TFTR Automotive Schottky Barrier Diode with Super Low Forward Voltage of 100V and 5A ROHM Semiconductor 3,600 Add to BOM
RB081LAM-20TR Tape and Reel Schottky Silicon Rectifier Diode 25 Volts 5 Amps 2-Pin PMDT-M Rohm Semiconductor 5,242 Add to BOM
RB060LAM-40TR Standard Schottky Barrier Diodes RB060LAM-40TR Rohm Semiconductor 8,311 Add to BOM
RB058LAM-60TR RB058LAM-60TR serves as a Schottky Barrier Diode utilized for general rectification tasks Rohm Semiconductor 7,269 Add to BOM
RB058LAM-60TFTR Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 60V 3A ROHM Semiconductor 5,449 Add to BOM
RB058LAM-40TR Single-Phase Schottky Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 3A, 40V VRRM, Silicon Rohm Semiconductor 5,418 Add to BOM
RB058LAM150TR RB058LAM150TR is a Schottky Barrier Diode with super low forward voltage, designed to operate at 150V and handle currents up to 3A Rohm Semiconductor 8,064 Add to BOM
RB055LAM-60TR RB055LAM-60TR: SOD-128-packaged Schottky barrier diode rated at 60 volts and 3 amps Rohm Semiconductor 6,151 Add to BOM
RB050LAM-60TFTR Well-regarded for its low V F and suitability for general rectification Rohm Semiconductor 6,807 Add to BOM
RB050LAM-40TFTR Tailored for general rectification, RB050LAM-40TFTR boasts a Schottky barrier diode design featuring a low V F, ensuring efficient performance Rohm Semiconductor 5,939 Add to BOM