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(636 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
B260S1F-7 B260S1F-7 is a diode with a surface-mount configuration DIODES 4,059 Add to BOM
BAT46WH,115 Single Schottky barrier diode Nexperia USA Inc. 4,308 Add to BOM
1N5819W Product 1N5819W: Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS - 40V Single, rated at 350mA, with a forward voltage of 600mV@200mA in SOD-123 package Smc Diode Solutions 7,304 Add to BOM
SMF33CA 53.3V Clamp 3.75A Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount Meritek 6,781 Add to BOM
ES1JFL Surface Mount Superfast Rectifier ON 5,739 Add to BOM
BZT52B5V1 5.1V Zener Diode 2% Single 500mW SOD-123F T/R Good-Ark Semiconductor 7,216 Add to BOM
MBR120ESFT3G Diode 20 V 1A Surface Mount SOD-123FL ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,584 Add to BOM
DSS110U Single Phase Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifier, 1.0 Amp SMC Diode Solutions 8,234 Add to BOM
S1MWF-7 1.1V Voltage at 1A Current Diodes Incorporated 8,451 Add to BOM
S1MSWF-7 S1MSWF-7: Automotive Grade Diode Switch - 1KV Voltage, 1A Current, SOD-123F Package, Tape/Reel Packaging Diodes Incorporated 9,358 Add to BOM
SBR2U60S1F-7 1-Phase Rectifier Diode, Single Element, 2 Amp, 60 Volt V(RRM), Silicon Diodes Incorporated 9,282 Add to BOM
RB068MM-40TR Rectification-optimized Schottky diode RB068MM-40 Rohm Semiconductor 9,792 Add to BOM
RB168MM150TR Schottky Barrier Diode 150V 1A 2-Pin SOD-123FL T/R Rohm Semiconductor 5,962 Add to BOM
RF081MM2STR High-speed Recovery Diode Rohm Semiconductor 6,640 Add to BOM
KDZVTR36B 36V-40V 1W 36V SOD-123FL Zener Diodes ROHS Single Rohm Semiconductor 9,365 Add to BOM
S1MSWFQ-7 Rectifiers specifically engineered for automotive use, capable of handling currents up to 1 Diodes Incorporated 6,023 Add to BOM
SM4005PL-TP Tape and Reel Packaged Diode Switch with 2 Pins Micro Commercial Co 8,847 Add to BOM
SMD26PL-TP This rectifier, part of the SMD26PL Series, is designed for surface mount applications and has a 60 V 2 A rating Micro Commercial Co 6,552 Add to BOM
SM4004PL-TP Commonly Used Rectification Components Micro Commercial Co 6,344 Add to BOM
MA2YD2600L MA2YD2600L Panasonic Diode Panasonic Electronic Components 5,979 Add to BOM
MA2YD2100L Miniature Schottky diode designed for 15-volt applications with a 1-ampere current rating Panasonic Electronic Components 5,953 Add to BOM
DB2X20700L Low-power switching diode ideal for compact electronic design Panasonic Electronic Components 8,389 Add to BOM
DB2230400L Schottky Diodes and Rectifiers Panasonic Electronic Components 8,080 Add to BOM
DB2W31900L DB2W31900L - Schottky Diode: This component boasts a maximum current rating of 3A and a speedy response time of 23 nanoseconds Panasonic Electronic Components 7,512 Add to BOM
DB2X41500L Small form-factor Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers with Flat Lead design Panasonic Electronic Components 5,666 Add to BOM
DB2W40200L 2A Schottky Rectifier Diode Panasonic Electronic Components 7,039 Add to BOM
CMMSH1-40L 1.0A Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers with 40V reverse voltage Central Semiconductor 9,338 Add to BOM
CMMR1U-02 TR Advanced Common Mode Noise Rejection Solutio Central Semiconductor Corp 7,060 Add to BOM
CMMR1U-02 TR PBFREE Switching Rectifier Diode 200V 1A 50ns 2-Pin SOD-123F T/R Central Semiconductor Corp 8,562 Add to BOM
DSS16UTR Only for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Contract Manufacturers SMC Diode Solutions 9,472 Add to BOM
RS1006FL RS1006FL: Rectifier Diode, 1A, 600V V(RRM), Silicon, ROHS Compliant, Plastic Package-2 SURGE 9,824 Add to BOM
US1NWF-7 High-speed rectifier component Diodes Incorporated 5,372 Add to BOM
US1GWF-7 Rectifier Diode with 1 Element, 1A, 400V V(RRM), Silicon Diodes Incorporated 5,487 Add to BOM
SSL16PL-TP Diode for Rectification Micro Commercial Co 8,472 Add to BOM
SL14PL-TP Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 1A SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER Micro Commercial Co 7,779 Add to BOM
SDM160S1FQ-7 SDM160S1FQ-7 is a component categorized under the SDM160S1FQ Series Diodes Incorporated 8,858 Add to BOM
RR268MM-600TR SOD-123FL package containing Rectifier Diode with 1A current and 600V voltage rating Rohm Semiconductor 8,431 Add to BOM
RBS1MM40ATR 1A Schottky Barrier Diode with Super Low Forward Voltage, 20V, SOD-123FL Rohm Semiconductor 7,655 Add to BOM
RBR2MM60BTR Schottky Rectifier Diode: This component boasts a one-phase design with a single element Rohm Semiconductor 9,386 Add to BOM
RBR2MM40BTR MM40BTR, "Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Diode, Rectifier FRD 40V-VR 2A-IO Single": Rohm Semiconductor 6,881 Add to BOM
RBR2MM30BTR SOD-123FL package type Rohm Semiconductor 7,248 Add to BOM
RBR2MM30ATR Schottky Barrier Diode capable of handling 30V and 2A, packaged in SOD-123FL format and delivered in Tape and Reel packaging Rohm Semiconductor 7,559 Add to BOM
RB168MM-60TR Schottky Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 1A, 60V Reverse Voltage Rating, Silicon, ROHS Compliant, PMDU, 2 Pins Rohm Semiconductor 5,856 Add to BOM
RB168MM-60TFTR RB168MM-60TFTR: A Schottky Barrier Diode engineered for automotive applications ROHM Semiconductor 3,098 Add to BOM
RB168MM100TFTR Reliable voltage regulation for sensitive circuit ROHM Semiconductor 4,233 Add to BOM
RB162MM-40TR With a 40V voltage rating and a 1A current rating, RB162MM-40TR is a Schottky barrier diode packaged in SOD-123FL Rohm Semiconductor 9,058 Add to BOM
RB162MM-40TFTR 40V 550mV@1A voltage Rohm Semiconductor 6,608 Add to BOM
RB160MM-90TR Schottky Diode, 90V 1A PMDU, RB160MM-90TR Rohm Semiconductor 8,778 Add to BOM
RB160MM-50TR Rectifier Diode RB160MM-50TR: Designed to facilitate one-way current flow Rohm Semiconductor 6,171 Add to BOM
RB068MM100TR Standard Schottky Barrier Diodes: RB068MM100TR Rohm Semiconductor 9,793 Add to BOM