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(2155 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MMSZ5254B 500mW SURFACE MOUNT ZENER DIODE Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation 4,173 Add to BOM
MMSZ4702 Zener Diode 15 V 500 mW ±5% Surface Mount SOD-123 Fairchild Semiconductor 4,798 Add to BOM
MMSD4448 MMSD4448 is a diode designed for small signal switching applications, featuring a maximum voltage of 100V and a current capability of 0 onsemi 5,385 Add to BOM
MMSZ4705T1G With a rating of 18 volts and a power rating of 500 milliwatts, MMSZ4705T1G Zener diodes ensure precise voltage regulation ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,759 Add to BOM
MMSZ5231BT1G The MMSZ5231BT1G Zener voltage regulator ensures a stable output voltage of 5.1V in electronic circuits to protect sensitive components Onsemi 3,518 Add to BOM
1N4148W T4 small outline diode MDD 6,007 Add to BOM
MBR0580-TP SOD-123 Schottky Diode 80V 0.5A T/R Micro Commercial Co 6,565 Add to BOM
1N4448W-TP 2A Forward Surge Current Max, 500mW Power Dissipation Micro Commercial Co 5,576 Add to BOM
1N4148W-TP Suitable for use as a diode switch Micro Commercial Components (Mcc) 7,982 Add to BOM
1N4148W-7-F Fast response time Diodes Incorporated 6,393 Add to BOM
1N4148W-E3-08 General purpose diode with a power rating of 100V and a current of 150mA VISHAY 7,160 Add to BOM
BAT46ZFILM Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Phase, 1 Element, 0.15A, 100V V(RRM), Silicon ST 6,858 Add to BOM
STPS0560Z 60V 1A 500mV SOD-123FL Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS Stmicroelectronics 4,625 Add to BOM
STPS0520Z SOD-123 STPS0520Z: Schottky Diode Rectifier, Operating at 20V and 0.5A, Supplied in Tape and Reel Packaging Stmicroelectronics 4,125 Add to BOM
STPS0540Z 0.5 Amp power Schottky rectifier designed for 40 Volt operation Stmicroelectronics 4,042 Add to BOM
STPS140Z STPS140Z is a Schottky Barrier Diode with a forward voltage of 550mV at 1A and a voltage rating of 40V in a SOD-123 package Stmicroelectronics 5,631 Add to BOM
MBR130T1G Silicon-based Schottky rectifier diode Onsemi 7,509 Add to BOM
MMSZ4694T1G High-reliability Zener diode for robust voltage regulatio Onsemi 5,274 Add to BOM
SMMSD4148T1G Rectifier Diode Small Signal Switching 0.2A 4ns Automotive 2-Pin SOD-123 T/R onsemi 7,830 Add to BOM
MMSZ5248BT1G , housed in SOD-123 package. It has a power dissipation of 500 mW, Zener resistance of 21 Ohm, and Zener voltage of 18 V Onsemi 5,735 Add to BOM
MMSZ5V1T1G 500 mW; 5% Zener Diode Voltage Regulator ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,983 Add to BOM
MMSZ5242BT1G 11.4V~12.6V Voltage Range Zener Diode in SOD-123 Package ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,162 Add to BOM
MMSZ5227BT1G High-Performance Zener Diode - MMSZ5227BT1G - Compact SOD-123 format - Explore the capabilities of this high-quality Zener diode ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,904 Add to BOM
MMSZ4686T1G Zener Diode MMSZ4686T1G features a single 3 Onsemi 7,802 Add to BOM
MBR0520LT3G 500 mA, 20 V, Schottky Power Rectifier, Surface Mount ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,787 Add to BOM
MMSZ5263BT1G Zener Diode, 56V Voltage Rating, Single Configuration, 5% Tolerance, 500mW Power Dissipation, SOD-123 Package Onsemi 4,592 Add to BOM
MMSZ5265BT1G This product is a Zener diode rated for 62V with a power dissipation of 500mW, featuring the SOD-123 diode case ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,983 Add to BOM
MMSZ5259BT1G Unidirectional voltage regulator diode in silicon with a power rating of 0.5 W and a voltage rating of 39 V Onsemi 6,820 Add to BOM
MMSZ5258BT1G SOD-123 packaged Zener diode with 36V voltage, 5% tolerance, 500mW power rating, available on tape and reel Onsemi 5,546 Add to BOM
MMSZ4692T1G Product Name: MMSZ4692T1G Zener Diodes Onsemi 4,304 Add to BOM
MMSZ4689T1G Part Number MMSZ4689T1G Onsemi 5,124 Add to BOM
MMSZ5232BT1G Unidirectional Silicon Zener Diode with 5% Tolerance, 5.6V Voltage Rating, and 0.5W Power Handling onsemi 6,364 Add to BOM
MMSZ4690T1G MMSZ4690T1G is a part of the MMSZ4690T1 Series, serving as a 500 mW SMT Zener Voltage Regulator with a 10 mA maximum current rating and a 5 Onsemi 7,418 Add to BOM
MMSZ27T1G 500 mW; 5% Zener Diode Voltage Regulator onsemi 5,396 Add to BOM
MMSZ4685T1G Zener Diodes rated at 3.6 volts and 500 milliwatts - MMSZ4685T1G Onsemi 4,626 Add to BOM
MMSZ5229BT1G This device offers precise voltage referencing and is commonly used in voltage regulator modules (VRMs) and other DC/DC converter ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,106 Add to BOM
MMSZ15T1G Zener Diode 15 V 500 mW ±5% Surface Mount SOD-123 ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,477 Add to BOM
MMSD914T1G Diode 100 V 200mA Surface Mount SOD-123 ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,191 Add to BOM
MMSD4148T1G Diode MMSD4148T1G, 100V, 200mA, Surface Mount SOD-123 Onsemi 6,454 Add to BOM
MMSD103T1G Diode 250 V 200mA Surface Mount SOD-123 onsemi 4,303 Add to BOM
MMSZ5240BT1G Standard Zener diode rated for a reverse voltage of 10V and a forward current up to 10mA Onsemi 3,816 Add to BOM
MMSZ4702T1G Product Overview: Zener Diodes Specifically Designed to Operate at 15V and Handle Power Levels up to 500mW ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,651 Add to BOM
MMSZ3V3T1G Stable output voltage and minimal ripple for reliable operation Onsemi 5,607 Add to BOM
MMSZ7V5T1G 7.5 volt zener diode voltage regulator capable of delivering 500 milliwatts with a tolerance of ±5% Onsemi 3,922 Add to BOM
MMSZ6V2T1G Single 6.2V Zener Diodes with 500mW Power Rating Onsemi 4,247 Add to BOM
NSI50010YT1G LED Driver, Constant Current Regulator, 50 V, 10 mA ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,192 Add to BOM
MMSZ4682T1G Zener Diode operating at 2.7V with 5% Tolerance, has a Power Dissipation of 500mW and comes in SOD-123 Package, supplied in Tape and Reel Onsemi 3,099 Add to BOM
MMSZ12T1G Zener Diode designed to operate at 12V with a 5% tolerance, 25 Ohm impedance, and 500mW power dissipation in SOD-123 package on tape and reel Onsemi 4,627 Add to BOM
MMSZ4689ET1G 225 W Low Current Zener Diode Voltage Regulator onsemi 6,992 Add to BOM