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(61 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TNY176DG SO-8 Ethernet ICs Power Integrations 7,504 Add to BOM
TNY285DG AC/DC Converter component changed to REEL P/N 869-TNY285DG-TL Power Integrations 7,727 Add to BOM
LNK603DG Power Integrations CV/CC switcher Power Integrations 7,049 Add to BOM
LNK306DN Compact SO-7 Package LNK306DN AC-DC Regulator Power Integrations 5,416 Add to BOM
LNK364DN-TL Product description of LNK364DN-TL - AC to DC switching converter Power Integrations 3,829 Add to BOM
TNY286DG-TL Get the TNY286DG-TL for a cost-effective and space-saving solution to off-line power switching needs Power Integrations 7,164 Add to BOM
LNK306DN-TL 700V 66kHz SOIC-7 AC-DC Controllers & Regulators ROHS Power Integrations 3,010 Add to BOM
LNK302DN-TL Eco-friendly regulation for AC-DC conversion Power Integrations 7,914 Add to BOM
LNK632DG This product is a SOP-7/8 packaged analog circuit with a green plastic casing Power Integrations 7,612 Add to BOM
LNK304DN Transitioned to new packaging format for increased convenience and storage efficiency Power Integrations 4,729 Add to BOM
TNY287DG-TL The TNY287DG-TL offers superior control and regulation capabilities in a small form factor Power Integrations 7,107 Add to BOM
LNK302DN Type: Switching Regulator Power Integrations 7,351 Add to BOM
LNK614DG LNK614DG is a versatile component that ensures stable output voltages and currents in a variety of conditions Power Integrations 6,988 Add to BOM
LNK606DG Robust SOIC-package for reliable operation and compact design Power Integrations 6,337 Add to BOM
LNK624DG SOIC-7 AC-DC Controllers & Regulators ROHS LNK624DG Power Integrations 7,389 Add to BOM
LNK625DG Small form factor Power Integrations 5,891 Add to BOM
LNK605DG LNK605DG AC/DC Converters with New Reel Part Number 869-LNK605DG-TL Power Integrations 7,406 Add to BOM
LNK305DG 7 AC-DC Controllers and Regulators Power Integrations 7,921 Add to BOM
LNK304DG-TL Integrated offline switcher for power applications POWER 3,004 Add to BOM
LNK623DG-TL Efficient switching regulator with accurate primary-side CV control for optimal energy usage POWER 3,429 Add to BOM
LNK362DG Voltage Controller Power Integrations 4,972 Add to BOM
TNY284DG High efficiency Power Integrations 7,652 Add to BOM
LNK615DG IC OFFLINE SWIT CV/CC HV 8SOIC Power Integrations 7,207 Add to BOM
TNY175DG Converters with 11.5W power when used with a voltage range of 85-265VAC; can handle up to 15W at 230VAC power integrations 6,118 Add to BOM
TNY286DG The TNY286DG is designed to handle up to 15 W of power and comes in a compact SOIC-7 package Power Integrations 7,881 Add to BOM
LNK364DG Voltage Regulating Component Power Integrations 6,096 Add to BOM
LNK362DN LNK362DN product description, featuring a switching regulator and 140kHz maximum frequency Power Integrations 7,500 Add to BOM
LNK305DN 70kHz Switching Frequency Power Integrations 7,060 Add to BOM
TNY174DG The AC/DC converter product TNY174DG now comes with a new part reel number, 869-TNY174DG-TL power integrations 7,395 Add to BOM
LNK584DG Regulators ROHS Power Integrations 5,821 Add to BOM
LNK564DG The part number for AC/DC converters has been updated to REEL P/N 869-LNK564DG-TL Power Integrations 7,152 Add to BOM
LNK306DG SOP-8/7 packaged Switching Regulator capable of delivering 1.4A of current at a maximum switching frequency of 70kHz Power Integrations 6,819 Add to BOM
LNK302DG High-frequency converter for efficient power conversi Power Integrations 7,650 Add to BOM
LNK3207D-TL SOIC-7 packaging suitable for various applications Power Integrations, Inc 7,721 Add to BOM
LNK613DG AC/DC Converters 2.5 W (85-265 VAC) - that's the specification of the versatile product LNK613DG Power Integrations 9,588 Add to BOM
LNK604DG IC MOTOR DRVR 10.8V-13.2V 28SOIC Power Integrations 8,866 Add to BOM
LNK457DG IC LED DRVR OFFL TRIAC 1A SO-8C Power Integrations 7,072 Add to BOM
LNK626DG Upgraded part packaging for LNK626DG Power Integrations 2,379 Add to BOM
LNK3307D-TL Advanced SOIC package design for reliable thermal performance Power Integrations 7,072 Add to BOM
LNK3316D-TL 725V AC-DC converter module for efficient power conversion Power Integrations 9,337 Add to BOM
LNK3314D-TL The LNK-D-RL is a versatile off-line converter suitable for a wide range of load types and demanding industrial scenarios Power Integrations 8,471 Add to BOM
TNY178DG-TL Robust 650V SOIC-7 package for compact and space-saving design Power Integrations 9,010 Add to BOM
LNK3304D-TL High-efficiency power conversion for various applications Power Integrations 9,570 Add to BOM
LNK3312D-TL Efficient DC-DC power conversion in a small footprin Power Integrations 7,643 Add to BOM
LNK6406D-TL Compact pin SOIC T/R package makes it perfect for PCB space optimization and ease of us Power Integrations 5,682 Add to BOM
LNK6446D-TL Reliable ROHS-compliant solution for demanding applications Power Integrations 7,061 Add to BOM
LNK3317D-TL High-frequency power controller for precision voltage regulation Power Integrations 7,072 Add to BOM
LYT2003D-TL Compact LED driver for single-channel application Power Integrations 5,644 Add to BOM
LNK3302D-TL Reliable and efficient logic solution for diverse industri Power Integrations 6,754 Add to BOM
LYT2002D-TL Advanced Switching Technology for Reliable Operation Power Integrations 9,436 Add to BOM