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(52 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
74HC138 SOIC-16 Signal Switches / Encoders & Decoders / Multiplexers ROHS Diodes Incorporated 7,023 Add to BOM
ACPL-247-500E With a fast switching speed of 8mA and a low output voltage of 6V at 1.2V DC, the ACPL-247-500E is ideal for use in various electronic circuits Broadcom Limited 5,933 Add to BOM
ULN2003D1013TR 50V 0.5A Switching NPN ST 4,508 Add to BOM
L6599DTR NSOIC-16 packaged PWM controller capable of handling up to 16V supply voltage Stmicroelectronics 4,403 Add to BOM
L6699DTR Improved high-voltage resonant controller Stmicroelectronics 7,453 Add to BOM
L6598D High-performance voltage controller ideal for a range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications Stmicroelectronics 5,122 Add to BOM
VIPER16LDTR Direct feedback Stmicroelectronics 7,957 Add to BOM
M74HC595YRM13TR 8 2V~6V 1 Serial to serial or parallel SOIC-16 Shifting Register ROHS Stmicroelectronics 3,559 Add to BOM
SG3525AP Ideal for a wide range of applications including power supplies and inverters Stmicroelectronics 4,629 Add to BOM
L5991AD Robust and reliable performance in demanding industrial control applications Stmicroelectronics 3,707 Add to BOM
ULQ2003D1013TR Seven NPN Darlington transistors in one array Stmicroelectronics 6,592 Add to BOM
HCF4051YM013TR 16-Pin SO N T/R Analog Multiplexer Single 8:1 Automotive AEC-Q100 Stmicroelectronics 6,776 Add to BOM
ST3232EBDR Enhance your system's ESD protection and data transmission capabilities with this robust IC Stmicroelectronics 4,879 Add to BOM
ST3232BDR Ideal for energy-efficient systems Stmicroelectronics 6,819 Add to BOM
ST3232CDR 3 to 5.5V, low-power, up to 400kbs RS-232 drivers and receivers ST 6,327 Add to BOM
ST232CDR ROHS compliant RS232 IC for data transmission at 220Kbps Stmicroelectronics 4,757 Add to BOM
L6599AD State-of-the-art controller for high-voltage resonant circuits Stmicroelectronics 7,296 Add to BOM
74HC595 High-speed data transfer at your fingertip Nexperia 6,806 Add to BOM
L6574D CFL/TLController SOIC-16 Other Lighting Drivers ROHS Stmicroelectronics 3,220 Add to BOM
PAM8003 Audio Amplifiers DIODES 5,779 Add to BOM
SSL4101T Compact 16-pin SO package for easy integration NXP Semiconductors 7,720 Add to BOM
AP494 Switching Controllers 30V 200mA PUI Audio 6,015 Add to BOM
ULN2003AINSR The ULN2003A is suitable for use in driving relays TI 4,110 Add to BOM
ALTAIR04-900 16-Pin SOIC N Tube Module with One DC-DC Output Stmicroelectronics 7,822 Add to BOM
L6599ATD ROHS-compliant AC-DC Controllers & Regulators in SOIC-16 rated for 8.85V to 16V Stmicroelectronics 9,724 Add to BOM
VIPER16LD VIPER16LD: High voltage converter designed for energy savings and direct feedback Stmicroelectronics 5,539 Add to BOM
STGAP2DM Half-bridge gate driver with galvanic isolation for reliable operation STMicroelectronics 8,641 Add to BOM
L6563H High voltage start-up transition-mode PFC STMicroelectronics 7,072 Add to BOM
ST26C31BDR Quad CMOS line driver with 3-state function Stmicroelectronics 4,178 Add to BOM
VIPER17HD Unlock the power of AC-DC conversion with this reliable -pin SO N flyback converter operating at Hz Stmicroelectronics 7,084 Add to BOM
ST202ECDR This compact 16SOIC IC from STMicroelectronics is the perfect choice for implementing RS232 communication in your designs Stmicroelectronics 7,793 Add to BOM
ST232BDR This product is part of the ST232BD series and comes in a convenient SOIC-16 package Stmicroelectronics 8,687 Add to BOM
TDA5051AT/C1,518 TDA5051A Series 5 V Digital to Analog Home Automation Modem - SOIC-16 NXP Semiconductor 7,717 Add to BOM
L272D Dual power operational amplifier STMicroelectronics 7,191 Add to BOM
NPIC6C596ADJ Shift Shift Register 1 Element 8 Bit 16-SO Nexperia Semiconductor (NXP) 5,585 Add to BOM
ACPL-355JC-500E Logic Output Optocouplers 10A Gate Drive Optocoupler Integrated FAULT Protection & Feedback in 600V CTI broadcom limited 6,758 Add to BOM
TLP5212(TP,E Logic Output Optocouplers GATE DRIVER COUPLER Toshiba 9,977 Add to BOM
AL3069S16-13 LED Lighting Drivers LED Backlight Laptop/TV SO-16 T&R 2.5K Diodes Incorporated 5,035 Add to BOM
CD4512BNSR Three-state, eight-channel digital signal controlle Texas Instruments, Inc 4,725 Add to BOM
L6598D013TR Compact and robust design for versatile industrial application Stmicroelectronics 7,312 Add to BOM
SG2525AP013TR Voltage Mode Switching Controllers with Sync Feature Stmicroelectronics 3,649 Add to BOM
L6566A Robust power factor correction controller for efficient energy transfer Stmicroelectronics 2,954 Add to BOM
VIPER0PHDTR VIPerPlus family: Zero-power off-line high voltage converter STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,452 Add to BOM
VIPER27LD Transform high voltage levels into stable and efficient power outpu Stmicroelectronics 6,615 Add to BOM
TD310IDT High-Power Inverter for Reliable Driving Applications (43) STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,531 Add to BOM
ACPL-38JT-000E Precision-crafted -pin SOIC tube for precise signal transfe AVAGO 5,386 Add to BOM
74HC4053D,652 Low-power consumption and high-speed switching for reliable performanc Nexperia 2,712 Add to BOM
L6591 Current mode PWM controller for Asymmetrical Half Bridge converter topology Stmicroelectronics 3,870 Add to BOM
FOD8333R2V MOSFET Output Optocouplers SO16 LED 2.5A GD T&R VDE ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,839 Add to BOM
E-ULQ2003D1013TR Darlington Transistors Seven NPN Array ST 9,958 Add to BOM