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(223 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LNK363GN High efficiency Power Integrations 6,113 Add to BOM
TNY266GN ROHS-compliant SMD-7P AC-DC Controllers & Regulators Power Integrations 6,908 Add to BOM
TNY278GN The TNY278GN is an AC/DC converter capable of providing 21 Power Integrations 6,399 Add to BOM
TNY274GN-TL Bulk Packaging of TNY274GN-TL Off Line Switcher Power Integrations 5,964 Add to BOM
TNY268GN-TL 140kHz high-frequency switching Power Integrations 7,981 Add to BOM
TOP412GN Integrated solution for off-line power supply applications Power Integrations 6,881 Add to BOM
TOP243GN High efficiency power delivery solution Power Integrations 7,335 Add to BOM
TOP245GN Efficient power supply solution capable of converting alternating current to direct current Power Integrations 7,210 Add to BOM
TOP414GN Converters for 48 VDC with 12 Watt AC/DC Power Integrations 7,523 Add to BOM
TOP233GN TOP233GN SMD-8P AC-DC Controllers & Regulators Power Integrations 7,593 Add to BOM
TOP209GN AC/DC Converters 2W 85-265 VAC 4W100/115/230 VAC Power Integrations 7,536 Add to BOM
TOP232GN High-frequency, low-loss converter for industrial application Power Integrations 7,068 Add to BOM
TOP224GN TOP224GN is a versatile Offline Converter capable of Boost, Buck, Flyback, and Forward Topologies with a frequency of 100kHz Power Integrations 4,041 Add to BOM
TNY264GN-TL Compact design for space-constrained projects and device Power Integrations 6,308 Add to BOM
TNY280GN-TL 132kHz switching frequency Power Integrations 4,516 Add to BOM
TNY254GN Wide range of AC/DC conversion capabilities Power Integrations 5,827 Add to BOM
TNY280GN Efficient AC to DC converter with Off-Line switching capability" Power Integrations 6,518 Add to BOM
TNY268GN Switching regulator with a current-mode design and a maximum switching frequency of 140kHz Power Integrations 6,443 Add to BOM
LNK364GN LNK364GN product description Power Integrations 6,024 Add to BOM
LNK304GN Compact AC/DC Converters Power Integrations 6,561 Add to BOM
HCPL3700SD 8-pin DIP AC/DC To Logic Interface Optocoupler onsemi 4,160 Add to BOM
DPA423GN Galvanically Isolated Converters Power Integrations 6,811 Add to BOM
DPA424GN SMD-8P DC-DC Converters ROHS Power Integrations 7,283 Add to BOM
LNK304GN-TL Converters with 120mA MDCM and 170mA CCM Power Integrations 6,819 Add to BOM
LNK306GN-TL SMD-B 7-pin switching converter buck Power Integrations 7,783 Add to BOM
LNK305GN-TL With its high voltage tolerance and efficient operation, this switcher IC is ideal for applications where energy savings are a priority Power Integrations 4,294 Add to BOM
AMMP-6640-BLKG DC-30GHz Attenuator Broadcom Limited 4,878 Add to BOM
6N137-X007T 10Mbd High-Speed Optocouplers Vishay 4,406 Add to BOM
6N136SDM High Speed Transistor Optocouplers onsemi 5,867 Add to BOM
TNY255GN AC/DC Converters 6.5W with input range of 85-265 VAC and 10W with input options of 100/115/230 VAC Power Integrations 6,944 Add to BOM
TOP221GN TOP221GN SMD-8P AC-DC Controllers & Regulators Power Integrations 4,340 Add to BOM
TOP414GN-TL Compact switching regulator with fast response tim Power Integrations 7,650 Add to BOM
TOP222G CMOS technology used for better performance Power Integrations 5,467 Add to BOM
TNY279GN Seven-pin surface mount device Power Integrations 4,957 Add to BOM
TNY274GN TNY274GN product description: Converters for both AC and DC with power output of 8.5W at 85-265 VAC and 11W at 230 VAC Power Integrations 7,625 Add to BOM
TNY275GN This product is designed for converting AC to DC power POWER 6,120 Add to BOM
LNK306GN Step-Down Switching Regulator 1-Channel 360mA Power Integrations 7,020 Add to BOM
LNK564GN Product LNK564GN Power Integrations 5,386 Add to BOM
DPA422GN Compact 8-pin PDIP package Power Integrations 7,809 Add to BOM
DPA425GN DC/DC Converters designed for isolation purposes, with surface mount device construction and input voltage range of 36-75V Power Integrations 5,223 Add to BOM
TNY277GN-TL The TNY277GN-TL converter is capable of producing up to 23.5W of power when connected to a 230VAC input source Power Integrations 4,490 Add to BOM
TFDU4101-TT3 Infrared Transceiver TFDU4101-TT3: Achieving high-speed data transmission at 115 VISHAY 5,518 Add to BOM
TNY277GN AC to DC Switching Converter Off-Line Switcher 140kHz 7-Pin SMD-C Power Integrations 6,105 Add to BOM
6N136M High Speed Transistor Optocouplers onsemi 5,505 Add to BOM
TNY266GN-TL Switching Regulator, 0.56A, 140kHz Switching Freq-Max, PDSO7 Power Integrations 6,722 Add to BOM
6N136S 1Mbit/s 800ns 1kV/us DC SOP-8-2.54mm Optocouplers - Logic Output ROHS Lite-On 6,966 Add to BOM
VO1263AAC Optoelectronic Device, ROHS COMPLIANT, SMD-8, 8 PIN VISHAY 7,890 Add to BOM
MPXV5100GC6U Piezoresistive Sensor, Gage, 0Psi Min, 14.5Psi Max, 2.5%, 0.20-4.70V, Square, Surface Mount NXP Semiconductor 3,545 Add to BOM
6N137S(TA) Logic Output Optoisolator 10Mbps Open Collector 5000Vrms 1 Channel 5kV/µs CMTI 8-SMD Everlight Electronics Co Ltd 5,214 Add to BOM
TNY264GN IC OFFLINE SWITCH FLYBACK 8SMD Power Integrations 7,177 Add to BOM