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(29 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PC3Q67Q Surface Mount 16-Pin Mini-Flat Optocoupler: Sharp PC3Q67Q Sharp Microelectronics 5,303 Add to BOM
PC3Q65J0000F Photocouplers with Transistor Darlington Output Sharp Microelectronics 5,596 Add to BOM
TG110-S050N2RLTR 0.9 Ohm Primary DCR Telecom Transformer with 2:1 Turn Ratio and Gull Wing Terminals halo electronics 7,651 Add to BOM
TG110-RP55N5RL Discover TG110-RP55N5RL halo electronics 5,597 Add to BOM
TG110-S055N2RL 2:1 Telecom Transformer with 0.9Ohm Primary DCR halo electronics 9,899 Add to BOM
PC3Q67QJ000F Optocouplers with transistor outputs, tested for high temperatures Sharp Microelectronics 8,656 Add to BOM
MAAP-011193 Advanced microwave component for demanding system MACOM 7,072 Add to BOM
TG43-1406NRL Telecom Transformer with 1CT to 1CT and 1CT to 1.41CT ratios, 0.3Ohm Primary DCR, and 16 Terminal Gull Wing SMD halo electronics 6,665 Add to BOM
TG41-2006NRL Primary DCR of 0.5 Ohm and 16 Terminal Gull Wing SMD in Telecom Transformer with 1CT:1CT/1CT:2.5CT Ratios halo electronics 8,055 Add to BOM
TG110-S050N2LF Surface mount transformer for efficient signal transmission halo electronics 9,091 Add to BOM
TG110-RPE5N5RL Telecom transformer TG110-RPE5N5RL with a 1:1 turns ratio halo electronics 9,287 Add to BOM
TG110-E050N5RL Ohm primary winding resistance halo electronics 8,083 Add to BOM
TG110-E055N5RL High-performance crystal oscillator with improved stability and accuracy for mission-critical systems halo electronics 6,523 Add to BOM
TG110-S050N2RL Telecom Transformer designed for Surface Mounting, 1:1 Turns Ratio, 1500Vrms Isolation Voltage, 1 Halo Electronics 6,959 Add to BOM
MAAP-011161 RF Amplifier 7.1-7.9GHz 4 watt SSG22dB MACOM 6,208 Add to BOM
SKY66289-11 RF Amplifier 791-821MHz High Efficiency Small CellPA Skyworks 6,052 Add to BOM
ILQ620-X009T Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, AC Input (Dual, Quad Channel) Vishay 6,904 Add to BOM
ILQ621GB-X017T Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output (Dual, Quad Channel) Vishay 8,521 Add to BOM
ILQ32-X007 Optocoupler, Photodarlington Output, High Gain (Quad Channel) Vishay 8,371 Add to BOM
THL6-2415WISM Low-profile design for space-constrained systems, ideal for IoT device Traco Power 7,234 Add to BOM
SM51108PEL Compact and efficient primary-secondary transformer design Bourns 2,550 Add to BOM
HX2019FNLT Boost power over Ethernet with this high-quality transforme pulse 3,702 Add to BOM
TG91-1505N1RL Perfect for industrial control systems, this compact dual line interface module delivers precise signal processing with its mH coil and Ohm impedanc Halo Electronics 6,176 Add to BOM
TG74-1205N1RL Dual-Channnel SMD GullWing Transducer for ISO Modulatio Halo Electronics 7,924 Add to BOM
IR2159S Compact V SOIC N package for reliable operatio Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,899 Add to BOM
ILQ1-X009T SMD-16 CPL QUAD 20-300% CTR -E3 - Tape and Reel Vishay 6,608 Add to BOM
HCF4038BM1 Binary Full Adder Single-Element 3-Bit 16-Pin SOP Tube STMicroelectronics, Inc 5,133 Add to BOM
HCF4008BM1 Logic Adder & Subtractor STMicroelectronics, Inc 3,090 Add to BOM
HCF4032BM1 Binary Full Adder Single-Element 3-Bit 16-Pin SOP Tube STMicroelectronics, Inc 5,505 Add to BOM