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(32 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
JANTXV1N6844U3 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers MICROCHIP 5,840 Add to BOM
IRL5NJ7404 Effect Transistor, 11A I(D) INFINEON 4,873 Add to BOM
30SCLJQ045 45V 30A 3-Pin SMD-0.5 Schottky Rectifier Diode INFINEON 4,634 Add to BOM
IRHNJ57Z30 N-channel 30V 22A SMD-0.5 Trans MOSFET INFINEON 5,594 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7546U3 QPL HIREL HEXFET RHD Infineon Technologies AG 7,311 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7587U3 JANSRUis a high-quality NPN transistor suitable for use in various radio frequency applications, including amplifiers and modulators Infineon Technologies AG 6,062 Add to BOM
15LJQ100 Single-Phase Element: Consisting of a single element, suitable for applications requiring rectification in one phase Infineon Technologies AG 6,787 Add to BOM
IRL5NJ024 0.5 55V hexfet n-channel power mosfet infineon 6,164 Add to BOM
HFB25HJ20 HERMETIC SEALED Silicon Rectifier Diode, 25A, 200V V(RRM), 1 Phase, 1 Element, SMD-0.5, 3 PIN Infineon Technologies AG 6,029 Add to BOM
30SLJQ060 Silicon Hermetic Sealed Diode Infineon Technologies AG 9,014 Add to BOM
HFB20HJ20C 0A rating 20ns response time surface mount package Infineon 5,210 Add to BOM
JANS1N6844U3 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7593U3 MOSFET RH MOSFET 250V U3 Microchip 6,122 Add to BOM
30LJQ100 SMD-0.5 Packaged Schottky Diode with High Reliability, Rated at 30 Amps and 100 Volts Infineon 9,358 Add to BOM
IRHNJ67230 Power Field-Effect Transistor 16A I(D) 200V 0.13ohm 1-Element N-Channel Silicon Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET SMD-0.5 3 PIN infineon 9,367 Add to BOM
IRHLNJ77034 Power transistor with low on-resistance and high drain current capability for efficient power management infineon 6,465 Add to BOM
30CLJQ100 1 Phase, 2 Element Infineon Technologies AG 5,106 Add to BOM
IRHNJ67130 Rad hard, 100V, 22A, single N-channel MOSFET infineon 5,751 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7545U3 Surface Mount Device infineon 6,442 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7485U3 Small surface-mount transistor for high-voltage, high-current applications infineon 9,066 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7481U3 Transistor MOSFET N-Channel 100V 22A Surface Mount Device-0.5 infineon 8,041 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7480U3 Surface Mount Technology (SMT) MOSFET featuring N-Channel with 60V Voltage Rating and 22A Current Capacity infineon 8,385 Add to BOM
JANSR2N7479U3 Surface-mount MOSFET transistor with N-channel configuration, 30V maximum voltage, 22A current rating, and 3-pin design infineon 6,971 Add to BOM
IRHNJ597230 3-pin surface mount device with P-channel MOSFET technology capable of handling up to 200 volts and 8 amps infineon 8,157 Add to BOM
IRHNJ57130 Robust N-channel transistor design withstands high stress levels, ensuring consistent operation infineon 7,544 Add to BOM
IRHNJ57034 SMD-0.5 Packaged Rad Hard N-Channel MOSFET Ideal for High-Radiation Environments, with 22A and 60V Ratings infineon 6,335 Add to BOM
IRF5NJ9540 P-Channel Silicon MOSFET Power FET rated at 18A I(D), 100V, 0.117ohm, Hermetically Sealed in SMD0.5 Package with 3 PIN infineon 8,360 Add to BOM
IRF5NJ540 Single N-Channel 100V 75W 104nC Hexfet Power Mosfet Surface Mount SMD-0.5 infineon 6,177 Add to BOM
IRF5NJ5305 Surface-mount technology for easy installation infineon 8,579 Add to BOM
30CLJQ150 Rectifier Diode with Schottky Technology Infineon Technologies AG 5,702 Add to BOM
IRHLNJ797034 Trans MOSFET P-CH Si 60V 22A 3-Pin SMD-0.5 Infineon Technologies AG 5,574 Add to BOM
JANS2N6193U3 Bipolar (BJT) Transistor Microsemi 5,846 Add to BOM