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(172 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
US1B-13-F A member of the US1B Series, the US1B-13-F is an ultra-fast rectifier optimized for surface mount installations Diodes Incorporated 4,026 Add to BOM
US1M-13-F US1M-13-F Diode Fast 1A 1000V 75ns SMA Diodes Inc Diodes Incorporated 6,663 Add to BOM
S2AA-13-F A diode switch built to manage 1 Diodes Incorporated 7,712 Add to BOM
S1A-13-F Diode Switching 50V 1A 2-Pin SMA T/R Diodes Incorporated 4,522 Add to BOM
RS1M-13-F Rectifier diode for switching applications with a voltage rating of 1KV and current rating of 1A Diodes Incorporated 6,952 Add to BOM
RS1A-13-F Rectifiers capable of handling 1.0A and up to 50V Diodes Incorporated 4,343 Add to BOM
ES1D-13-F Product code ES1D-13-F with 1A and 200V rating, equipped with SMA connector Diodes Incorporated 5,007 Add to BOM
B130L-13-F Schottky rectifier diode, 30V 1A, surface-mount SMA package, delivered on reel packaging Diodes Incorporated 4,282 Add to BOM
B1100-13-F 1A, 100V V(RRM) Diodes Incorporated 4,631 Add to BOM
S1J-13-F J-13-F Rectifier Diode rated at 600V and 1A Diodes Incorporated 7,266 Add to BOM
B340A-13-F DO-214AC package with 2 pins Diodes Incorporated 4,159 Add to BOM
B240-13-F Diode 40 V 2A Surface Mount SMB Diodes Incorporated 4,837 Add to BOM
B120-13-F Schottky Rectifier Diode with 1A Current Rating and 20V Reverse Voltage, Silicon Material, SMA Package, 2 Pins Diodes Incorporated 6,916 Add to BOM
B260A-13-F Rectifying diode with Schottky junction, SMD form factor, capable of handling 60 volts and 2 amps, housed in SMA package, presented on reel and tape Diodes Incorporated 4,827 Add to BOM
B140-13-F Schottky rectifying diode in surface-mount device (SMD) packaging with 40V voltage rating and 1A current rating, in SMA packaging on a reel or tape Diodes Incorporated 5,631 Add to BOM
B360A-13-F Green Plastic Schottky Rectifier Diode, 1-Phase, 1 Element, 3A, 60V Reverse Voltage Rating, Silicon Material, SMA Package, 2-Pin Configuration Diodes Incorporated 7,294 Add to BOM
B240A-13-F Schottky diode, 40 volts, 2 amperes, SMA package, tape and reel Diodes Incorporated 4,974 Add to BOM
S1G-13-F The product S1G-13-F features a single GPP diode configuration Diodes Incorporated 6,078 Add to BOM
SMAJ16A-13-F DO-214AC Package Diodes Incorporated 5,554 Add to BOM
SURA8160T3G Power Rectifier, Ultra-Fast Recovery, 1 A, 600 V onsemi 5,303 Add to BOM
1SMA5931BT3G 18V 1.5W Single 17.1V~18.9V SMA (DO-214AC) Zener Diodes ROHS Onsemi 6,170 Add to BOM
SZ1SMA5918BT3G <p>This 1.5 W Zener diode is designed for general purpose voltage regulation applications.</p> onsemi 5,846 Add to BOM
1SMA5939BT3G SMA-packaged Zener Diode, Single, 39V, 5% Tolerance, 45Ohm, 1500mW Power, Tape and Reel Onsemi 3,416 Add to BOM
1SMA5927BT3G Product in tape packaging onsemi 4,591 Add to BOM
1SMA5913BT3G 3.3V Zener Diodes 1.5W onsemi 7,563 Add to BOM
1SMA5917BT3G SMA-packaged Zener Diode: Single, 4.7V, 5% Tolerance, 500mW Power Rating, Tape and Reel Packaging Onsemi 4,351 Add to BOM
MRA4004T3G Full reel of standard diodes with a maximum repetitive reverse voltage of 400V and a forward current rating of 1A Onsemi 7,793 Add to BOM
NRVTSA4100ET3G Low-leakage Trench Schottky Rectifier, 100V, 4A, SMA, Automotive-Grade, 5000-REEL Onsemi 4,383 Add to BOM
1SMA5924BT3G 9.1V Zener Diodes with 1.5W Power Onsemi 5,598 Add to BOM
MURA160T3G Ultra-fast recovery power rectifier designed for 1 amp and 600 volts Onsemi 4,566 Add to BOM
1SMA5918BT3G SMA T/R 2-Pin 5% 500mW 5.1V Zener Single Diode Onsemi 6,706 Add to BOM
MBRA210LT3G Schottky diode for automotive applications Onsemi 6,299 Add to BOM
MBRA160T3G Schottky diode MBRA160T3G, rated at 60V and 2.1A, with SMA packaging for surface mount applications Onsemi 4,976 Add to BOM
MBRA140T3G 2-Pin SMA Schottky Rectifier Onsemi 3,974 Add to BOM
SMAJ60A-13-F SMAJ60A-13-F TVS Diodes 400W 60V ESD Suppressors Diodes Incorporated 4,654 Add to BOM
SMAJ6.0CA-13-F With a power rating of 400W, the SMAJ6 Diodes Incorporated 4,485 Add to BOM
SMAJ15CA-13-F SMAJ15CA-13-F TVS Diode Single BiDirectional 15V 400W 2-Pin Diodes Incorporated 5,475 Add to BOM
SMAJ24CA-13-F 400W power rating Diodes Incorporated 7,749 Add to BOM
SMAZ18-13-F 1W 18V Zener Diodes Diodes Incorporated 4,406 Add to BOM
SMAZ5V1-13-F High-reliability Zener diodes for precise voltage regulation Diodes Incorporated 7,974 Add to BOM
SMAZ7V5-13-F 7.5-volt Zener Diodes with a power rating of 1 watt Diodes Incorporated 6,706 Add to BOM
SMAZ10-13-F Zener diodes with a power rating of 1W and a voltage rating of 10V Diodes Incorporated 7,504 Add to BOM
1SMA5918BT3 1.5W Zener Diodes onsemi 4,333 Add to BOM
1SMA5921BT3 Zener Diode Single 6.8V 5% 1500mW 2-Pin SMA T/R onsemi 5,715 Add to BOM
B220A-13-F High-reliability SMD Schottky rectifier suitable for various electronic design Diodes Incorporated 4,805 Add to BOM
B350A-13-F Schottky Diode presented in Tape and Reel packaging, featuring 50V Voltage and 3A Current ratings in SMA Package Diodes Incorporated 5,492 Add to BOM
B230A-13-F 2A Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes Incorporated 4,214 Add to BOM
SMAJ40A-13-F SMAJ Series 40 V 400 W SMT Uni-Directional Transient Voltage Suppressor - SMA Diodes Incorporated 6,902 Add to BOM
SMAT70A-13-F TVS Diode Temperature range: -55 ... 150 °C Housing type: SMA Polarity: Uni-directional Breakdown voltage: 77.8...89.5 V Stand-off voltage: 70 V Diodes Incorporated 5,823 Add to BOM
SMAZ5V6-13-F SMAZ5V6-13 Series 1 W 5.6 V 200 mA Surface Mount Zener Diode - DO-214AC Diodes Incorporated 5,272 Add to BOM