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SIP Module

(21 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TMR 9-2411 Through Hole Isolated DC/DC Converter Traco Power 6,599 Add to BOM
MEF1S1203SP3C Low-power module for sensitive electronics use Murata 6,851 Add to BOM
PT5062A 9W dual output adjustable isolated switching regulators Texas Instruments 8,635 Add to BOM
CRV1S0505SC Convertor for DC to DC with 1W Power, Input Voltage Capable of Handling 4.5V to 5.5V, Produces 5VDC Output with Current Rating of 200mA Murata 9,321 Add to BOM
HSCSRRN025MD2A3 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 7,238 Add to BOM
OKI-78SR-5/1.5-W36H-C DC-DC Converter Module with 24V Input, 5V Output, and 1.5A Current Murata 4,922 Add to BOM
HSCSNBN400LDAA5 4-Pin SIP Pressure Sensor with Range of -400Pa to 400Pa Honeywell 7,072 Add to BOM
RI-2409S DC-DC module suitable for low-voltage requirements Recom Power Gmbh 6,191 Add to BOM
PT6361A Advanced DC-DC converter module designed for high-reliability applications such as automotive Texas Instruments 2,141 Add to BOM
RM-0505S/EH Efficient power conversion for small-scale applications Recom Power Gmbh 5,788 Add to BOM
TMR 9-2419WI The TMR 9-2419WI module is designed to convert 24V DC input into a stable 9V output at 1A Traco Power 6,961 Add to BOM
PT6204A Switching regulator with 4.5A maximum voltage-mode Texas Instruments 3,459 Add to BOM
PT3322A PT3322A: Hybrid DC-DC Regulated Power Supply, 30W Output Texas Instruments 3,851 Add to BOM
AM2D-0524DZ Through Hole Isolated DC/DC Converters Aimtec 6,904 Add to BOM
HSCSAND1.6BA2A3 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 5,467 Add to BOM
HSCSAAN001ND2A3 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 8,109 Add to BOM
SSCSMNT100MGAA5 Board Mount Pressure Sensor 0bar to 0.1bar Gage 4-Pin SIP Module Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 5,312 Add to BOM
SSCSMNT001BGAA5 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 6,790 Add to BOM
SSCSLND100PG2A5 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 5,760 Add to BOM
SSCSNBN1.6KD4A3 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 7,970 Add to BOM
SSCSFFT001PDAA5 Board Mount Pressure Sensor -1psi to 1psi Differential 4-Pin SIP Module Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 6,519 Add to BOM