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(32 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
IR3103 Ideal for use in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics where robust motor control is critical Infineon 6,878 Add to BOM
FSFR1800US Robust SIP-9 package for space-constrained designs Onsemi 5,715 Add to BOM
FSFR2100 SIP-9 Power Distribution Switches ROHS Onsemi 4,928 Add to BOM
FSFR1700XSL FPS™ for Resonant Converter with 200W Half-Bridge Capability Onsemi 7,457 Add to BOM
FSFR2100XSL 0.41Ohm Resistance Onsemi 6,869 Add to BOM
FSFR1800XSL The FSFR1800XSL is designed to facilitate easy integration into different systems Onsemi 3,943 Add to BOM
FSFR1800HSL Half-Bridge Resonant Converter Onsemi 5,773 Add to BOM
FSFR1700L Power Switch for High and Low Side with 6A Output onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
FSFR1800 Robust and reliable power management component solutio Onsemi 7,891 Add to BOM
FSFR1700US 300kHz 500V 10V~25V SIP-9 AC-DC Controllers & Regulators ROHS Onsemi 4,372 Add to BOM
FSFR1700 AC/DC Converters Power Switch for Half-Bridge Resonant ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,047 Add to BOM
IR3101 Tube IR3101 Half-Bridge 2004 gate driver -40C~150C TJ 1.6A 5.8W 0.8V 2.9V International Rectifier 7,220 Add to BOM
STV8130A Suitable for various applications such as consumer electronics and industrial equipment stmicroelectronics 7,052 Add to BOM
IR51H420 Half Bridge Driver infineon 9,862 Add to BOM
BP5220A Compact DC-DC converter delivering 5V output at 1A current rating, ideal for powering small devices Rohm Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
FLS2100XS LED Driver IC 1 Output DC DC Regulator Dimming 10.5A 9-SIP ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,919 Add to BOM
FSFR2100XS Converter Offline Half-Bridge Topology Up to 300kHz 9-SIP ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,907 Add to BOM
HFBR-53A5VEMZ High-speed optical transceiver for fiber optic applications, ROHS compliant and through-hole mountabl BROADCOM INC 6,689 Add to BOM
FSFR2000 This product is a versatile and reliable choice for half-bridge resonant converter applications up to 350W Fairchild Semiconductor 7,027 Add to BOM
BA6956AN Simple to use motor driver IC design ROHM Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
AFBR-5103ATZ Robust and scalable networking module for diverse environments BROADCOM LTD 8,672 Add to BOM
AFBR-5805Z Reliable fiber connectivity solution for industrial and commercial application BROADCOM INC 7,511 Add to BOM
AFBR-5103TZ Advanced Optical Communication Component for Broadband Application Broadcom Limited 8,845 Add to BOM
AFBR-5302Z Fast and precise fiber optic transceiver for industrial use Broadcom Limited 7,954 Add to BOM
TDA7233S Audio signal amplification devices stmicroelectronics 5,978 Add to BOM
TDA2611A Audio Amplifier, Single Function, Bipolar PHILIPS 2,477 Add to BOM
BP5326 Switching Voltage Regulators DCDC PWR SUP SNGLOUT 29.5V 0.025A SIP Rohm Semiconductor 8,746 Add to BOM
L091S222LF Ultra-thin film resistor for precise signal processing Tt Electronics 6,756 Add to BOM
TDE1898CSP Switch ICs designed for efficient power management Stmicroelectronics 5,848 Add to BOM
FSFR2100USL Power Supply Support Circuit, Fixed, 1 Channel ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,508 Add to BOM
FSFR1900 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution Power Switch for Half-Bridge Resonant ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,409 Add to BOM