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(33 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NC7SZ125L6X Buffer/Line Driver Onsemi 7,855 Add to BOM
MPX4115AP Piezoresistive Sensor, Absolute, 2.2Psi Min, 16.7Psi Max, 1.5%, 0.20-4.80V, Through Hole Mount NXP Semiconductor 4,721 Add to BOM
NKA0305SC High-performance Isolated DC/DC Converters with Through Hole design and SIP DUAL technology, suitable for 3.3-5V power supply requirements Murata 8,018 Add to BOM
5 INCH-D-MV Pressure Sensor 0.18PSI (1.25kPa) Differential Male - 0.19" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual 0 mV ~ 20 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Amphenol 8,895 Add to BOM
NC7SV126L6X Low energy consumption buffer with three state output Onsemi 9,609 Add to BOM
FXLP34L6X Small form factor signal level shifter Onsemi 7,977 Add to BOM
SCX15AN Compact and accurate, this sensor measures pressures from to psi absolute with precision Honeywell 8,408 Add to BOM
SCX01DN Sensor with Peizoresistive Technology for SCX01DN Honeywell 8,775 Add to BOM
DCXL05DS Compact and accurate pressure measurement for industrial applications HONEYWELL SENSING AND CONTROL 6,522 Add to BOM
MPX4100AP MPX4100AP Unibody compensated product details NXP Semiconductor 7,135 Add to BOM
ASCX15AN Board Mount Pressure Sensors 0 to 15Psi Absolute Honeywell 7,072 Add to BOM
SCX100DN Pressure Sensor 100PSI (689.48kPa) Differential Male - 0.19" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual 0 mV ~ 100 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Honeywell 9,458 Add to BOM
MPX4250D Pressure Sensor, 5.1V, 0/250kPa, Sensor 6 NXP Semiconductor 5,692 Add to BOM
MPX4115A Pressure Sensor, 5.1V, 15/115kPa, Sensor 6 NXP Semiconductor 4,662 Add to BOM
5 PSI-D-HGRADE-MV Pressure Sensor 5PSI (34.47kPa) Differential Male - 0.19" (4.83mm) Tube, Dual 0 mV ~ 60 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Amphenol 6,308 Add to BOM
10 INCH-D-MV Pressure Sensor 0.36PSI (2.49kPa) Differential Male - 0.19" (4.83mm) Tube, Dual 0 mV ~ 20 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Amphenol 6,594 Add to BOM
15 PSI-A-PRIME-MV Pressure Sensor 15PSI (103.42kPa) Absolute Male - 0.19" (4.8mm) Tube 0 mV ~ 90 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Amphenol 8,892 Add to BOM
15 PSI-A-HGRADE-MV Pressure Sensor 15PSI (103.42kPa) Absolute Male - 0.19" (4.83mm) Tube 0 mV ~ 90 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Amphenol 6,649 Add to BOM
1 INCH-D-MV Pressure Sensor 0.04PSI (0.25kPa) Differential Male - 0.19" (4.83mm) Tube, Dual 0 mV ~ 10 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Amphenol 5,257 Add to BOM
TMR 1-2413 DC/DC converter with an input range of 18-36 volts, delivering 1 watt of power with a single 15 volt output and 80 percent efficiency Traco Power 7,989 Add to BOM
TMA1205S Module DC-DC 12VIN 1-OUT 5V 0.2A 1W 4-Pin SIP Module Traco Power 3,127 Add to BOM
SCX100DNC 6-pin pressure sensor designed for measuring pressure differentials or gage pressures within the range of 0psi to 100psi Honeywell 6,970 Add to BOM
SCX15DNC Board Mount Pressure Sensors 0 to 15 psid Honeywell 6,745 Add to BOM
SCXL004DN Board mountable pressure sensors capable of measuring unamplified differential gage pressures from 0 to 4 inches of water, with a power supply of 18V Honeywell 3,141 Add to BOM
TMA0512D Small 1W power module Traco Power 7,666 Add to BOM
NC7S08L6X 6-pin MicroPak CMOS AND Gate with 1 element and 2 inputs, available in Tape and Reel packaging Onsemi 6,282 Add to BOM
TRA3-0513 Reliable V output with high precision and stability guarant Traco Power 5,132 Add to BOM
TMA2415D Compact and Reliable Isolated Module for Low-Noise Applications - mA Current Traco Power 7,071 Add to BOM
TMH2415D Compact DC-DC converter suitable for various application Traco Power 7,228 Add to BOM
TMH2405S Compact Power Conversion Solution for Industrial Applicatio Traco Power 7,850 Add to BOM
MPX4080D Pressure Sensor, 5.1V, 0/80kPa, Sensor 6 NXP Semiconductor 5,949 Add to BOM
U813BSE IC PRESCALER 8PDIP Microchip Technology, Inc 4,836 Add to BOM
4 INCH-D-CGRADE-MV Pressure Sensor 0.15PSI (1kPa) Differential Male - 0.19" (4.83mm) Tube, Dual 0 mV ~ 40 mV (12V) 6-SIP Module Amphenol 7,072 Add to BOM