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(25 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AFBR-57R5APZ ROHS compliant package suitable for board or panel mount application Broadcom Limited 4,226 Add to BOM
AFBR-57D9AMZ Compact and hot-swappable pluggable transceive Broadcom Limited 6,255 Add to BOM
AFCT-5765ATPZ Fast and Flexible Optical Link for Demanding Environmen BROADCOM LTD 5,094 Add to BOM
HBCU-5710R Upgrade your network capabilities with high-speed fiber optic transmissio Broadcom Limited 8,499 Add to BOM
HFBR-5720ALP High-Speed Data Transfer Solution for Your Applications Broadcom Limited 7,449 Add to BOM
AFCT-5705APZ Long-distance transmission capabilities for global connectivit HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTD 8,026 Add to BOM
AFBR-5710LZ Next-generation fiber optic transceiver for improved performance HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTD 7,829 Add to BOM
AFCT-5701ALZ Advanced ROHS Compliant Package for Secure Data Transf HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTD 6,373 Add to BOM
AFCT-57R5APZ High-Quality, Cost-Effective Fiber Optic Transmitters, Receivers, and Transceivers for Reliable Data Transf BROADCOM LTD 9,674 Add to BOM
AFCT-57D5ATPZ Industry-leading transceivers for high-speed data transfer and reception AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INC 8,286 Add to BOM
AFCT-5701APZ High-Speed Data Transfer Compone BROADCOM LTD 5,024 Add to BOM
AFCT-5760ANPZ Advanced fiber optic transmitter, receiver, and transceiver components for efficient data transmission AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INC 9,806 Add to BOM
AFBR-5705APZ High-Speed Optical Transceiver for Reliable Data Transfe BROADCOM LTD 7,825 Add to BOM
AFBR-5715LZ High-Speed Fiber Optic Solution for Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructu AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INC 8,180 Add to BOM
AFBR-57M5APZ Compact transceiver module with low power consumption feature AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC 5,899 Add to BOM
AFBR-5701LZ High-speed data transmission enabled by advanced optical technology and high-frequency signal processin HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTD 7,913 Add to BOM
AFCT-5710LZ Compact and reliable Ethernet transceiver module for high-speed data transmissio HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTD 5,924 Add to BOM
AFBR-700SDZ Compact, high-speed data transmission solution for reliable connection BROADCOM LTD 9,960 Add to BOM
AFCT-5760ATPZ High-speed data transmission module for industrial application Foxconn OE Technologies Singapore Pte. LTD 8,494 Add to BOM
AFCT-5765ANPZ High-Speed Data Transmission for Fiber Optic Network HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTD 9,062 Add to BOM
AFBR-57J7APZ Industrial temperature range ensures reliable operation in harsh environment AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INC 9,057 Add to BOM
AFBR-703SDDZ High-speed data transmission at bit/s rate AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INC 6,450 Add to BOM
ABCU-5710RZ Compact and reliable fiber optic transceiver for panel mount use Broadcom Limited 6,096 Add to BOM
HFBR-57E0LZ Optical transceiver,HFBR-57E0LZ, EA Broadcom Limited 8,708 Add to BOM
AFBR-709SMZ Fiber Optic Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers 10GE SFP+ SR, Gen4 Broadcom 9,827 Add to BOM