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(52 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
2SJ621-T1B-AT High performance 1.5V threshold voltage MOSFET for low power applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,555 Add to BOM
CPH3140-TL-E <p>CPH3140 is Bipolar Transistor, (-)100V, (-)1A, Low VCE(sat), (PNP)NPN Single CPH3 for High-Voltage Switching Applications.</p> onsemi 5,253 Add to BOM
RQ5A040ZPTL Transistors with MOSFET technology Rohm Semiconductor 9,214 Add to BOM
RQ5H020TNTL Specs: RQ5H020TNTL MOSFET - N-type, capable of handling up to 45 volts and 2 amps, optimized for small signal amplification Rohm Semiconductor 6,977 Add to BOM
RQ5L030SNTL Three-pin TSMT package for easy installation Rohm Semiconductor 7,145 Add to BOM
RQ5A020ZPTL Compliant Surface Mount Production Product RQ5A020ZPTL, last updated 2 years ago, with a resistance of 3.75 mΩ Rohm Semiconductor 8,987 Add to BOM
RQ5H020SPTL ROHS Compliant TSMT3 Rohm Semiconductor 5,849 Add to BOM
RQ5L015SPTL High Power MOSFET with Reverse Voltage of -60V and Current Rating of -1.5A Rohm Semiconductor 6,704 Add to BOM
RQ5E030AJTCL High-performance 3A MOSFET for power applications Rohm Semiconductor 5,408 Add to BOM
RQ5E025ATTCL Embossed Transistor MOSFET with 3 Pins Rohm Semiconductor 7,801 Add to BOM
RQ5A030APTL Unipolar P-MOSFET transistor ideal for voltage operation up to -12V and current flow up to -3A Rohm Semiconductor 5,737 Add to BOM
RQ5E040AJTCL Middle power MOSFET capable of handling up to 30V and 4A Rohm Semiconductor 8,020 Add to BOM
RTR040N03TL Advanced N-channel MOSFET for efficient energy transfe Rohm Semiconductor 8,301 Add to BOM
RTR020P02TL Product Summary: Introducing RTR020P02TL Rohm Semiconductor 9,235 Add to BOM
RSR025P03TL TSMT3 Packaged P-Channel MOSFET with 3 Pins Rohm Semiconductor 6,863 Add to BOM
RZR025P01TL Low-voltage P-channel MOSFET ideal for automotive and industrial use Rohm Semiconductor 8,095 Add to BOM
RZR020P01TL Low voltage power MOSFET drive Rohm Semiconductor 5,782 Add to BOM
RRR015P03TL Described as RRR015P03TL, this component is a silicon-based P-channel small signal field-effect transistor with a maximum drain current of 1 Rohm Semiconductor 5,399 Add to BOM
RUR040N02TL 1-Element FET for Low Power Applications Rohm Semiconductor 6,995 Add to BOM
RTR020N05TL Ideal for applications requiring high current handling and low on-resistance Rohm Semiconductor 6,954 Add to BOM
RSR020P03TL RSR020P03TL is a P-channel silicon MOSFET, featuring a 2A drain current and a 30V voltage rating Rohm Semiconductor 5,698 Add to BOM
RSR020N06TL Overview: RSR020N06TL MOSFETs in SOT-346T-3 package, meeting RoHS requirements Rohm Semiconductor 6,663 Add to BOM
RSR015P03TL This MOSFET has a low on-resistance of 235mΩ at 1.5A and 10V Rohm Semiconductor 8,006 Add to BOM
RDR005N25TL N-channel MOSFET rated at 250V and 500mA Rohm Semiconductor 5,726 Add to BOM
CPH3348-TL-E Compact 3-pin CPH package Sanyo 5,882 Add to BOM
2SCR554RTL Tape and Reel Packaging Rohm Semiconductor 8,185 Add to BOM
2SA2090TLQ Small but powerful: suitable for a wide range of circuits Rohm Semiconductor 5,689 Add to BOM
2SAR543RTL Reliable performance in harsh environments and high-speed switchi Rohm Semiconductor 9,348 Add to BOM
2SD2673 Precise current regulation for accurate circuit operation ROHM Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
2SA2092TLQ 60V PNP Bipolar Transistor Rohm Semiconductor 8,366 Add to BOM
2SB1710TL 3-Pin TSMT Package, Tape and Reel packaging Rohm Semiconductor 6,890 Add to BOM
2SCR513RTL ROHS COMPLIANT Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, NPN Silicon, 1A I(C), 50V V(BR)CEO, TSMT3, SC-96, 3 PIN Rohm Semiconductor 7,511 Add to BOM
RQ5H025TNTL Product code RQ5H025TNTL Rohm Semiconductor 5,685 Add to BOM
RQ5E040TNTL 4.5V 700mW N Channel SC-96 MOSFET Rohm Semiconductor 9,345 Add to BOM
RQ5E025SNTL N-Channel MOSFET with 30V Voltage Rating, 2.5A Current Capacity, and 83mΩ On-Resistance Rohm Semiconductor 5,684 Add to BOM
RQ5E015RPTL Small-Sized Field-Effect Transistor for Signal Amplification Rohm Semiconductor 7,315 Add to BOM
RQ5C060BCTCL P-Channel MOSFET with 20V Voltage Rating, 6A Current, and 3 Pins Rohm Semiconductor 9,212 Add to BOM
RQ5C020TPTL The product labeled RQ5C020TPTL is a P-channel MOSFET transistor, capable of handling voltages up to 20V and currents up to 2A Rohm Semiconductor 7,418 Add to BOM
2SCR514RTL Transistor Driver for Digital Signals Rohm Semiconductor 7,010 Add to BOM
RQ5L035GNTCL Transistor MOSFET N-CH 60V 3.5A 3-Pin SOT-346T Emboss T/R Rohm Semiconductor 6,235 Add to BOM
RQ5E035BNTCL Mosfet Transistor, N Channel, 3.5 A, 30 V, 0.028 Ohm, 10 V, 2.5 V Rohs Compliant: Yes Rohm Semiconductor 5,799 Add to BOM
RZR040P01TL MOSFET Med Pwr, Sw MOSFET P Chan, -12V, -4A Rohm Semiconductor 8,795 Add to BOM
2SC5866TLQ Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 2A I(C), 60V V(BR)CEO, 1-Element, NPN, Silicon, ROHS COMPLIANT, TSMT3, 3 PIN Rohm Semiconductor 8,371 Add to BOM
2SB1708TL Trans GP BJT PNP 30V 3A 1000mW 3-Pin TSMT T/R Rohm Semiconductor 7,741 Add to BOM
CPH3106-TL-E Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 12 V 3 A 280MHz 900 mW Surface Mount 3-CPH onsemi 9,106 Add to BOM
CPH3148-TL-E Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 100 V 2 A 260MHz 900 mW Surface Mount 3-CPH onsemi 6,182 Add to BOM
CPH3144-TL-E Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 30 V 2 A 440MHz 900 mW Surface Mount 3-CPH onsemi 6,236 Add to BOM
CPH3249-TL-E Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN 350 V 1 A 20MHz 900 mW Surface Mount 3-CPH onsemi 8,150 Add to BOM
SVC383T-TL-E Varactors 1 Pair Common Cathode 33 V Surface Mount 3-CPH onsemi 5,045 Add to BOM
SVC381-TL-E Varactors 1 Pair Common Cathode 16 V Surface Mount 3-CPH onsemi 9,464 Add to BOM