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(55 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NTJS4151PT1G NTJS4151P: Power MOSFET 20V 4.2A 60 mOhm Single P-Channel SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 onsemi 4,735 Add to BOM
NTJD4401NT1G Dual N-Channel Small Signal MOSFET with ESD Protection 20V 630mA 375mΩ onsemi 4,557 Add to BOM
NTJD1155LT1G N-Channel MOSFET featuring Level Shifting, designed for 8V and +/-1.3A operations Onsemi 5,255 Add to BOM
MBT3904DW1T1G Transistor for small electronic circuits, featuring a maximum current of 0.2A and a voltage rating of 40V Onsemi 5,970 Add to BOM
NC7WZ16P6X A versatile and cost-effective solution for enhancing digital signal integrity Onsemi 7,157 Add to BOM
NC7WZ07P6X High-speed dual buffer Onsemi 6,015 Add to BOM
NC7WZ04P6X UHS Dual Inverters Onsemi 7,567 Add to BOM
NC7SZ18P6X Non-inverting demultiplexer with one channel Onsemi 4,065 Add to BOM
NUF2221W1T2G 3 42pF 2 SC-88 EMI Filters (LC, RC Networks) ROHS Onsemi 4,073 Add to BOM
NUP4114UCLW1T2G Unidirectional silicon TVS diode for surge protection Onsemi 4,854 Add to BOM
SMF05CT1G Circuit Protection Array - This expression highlights the product's role in safeguarding electronic circuits from damage due to ESD events Onsemi 6,509 Add to BOM
NL27WZ17DFT2G Dual Schmitt Trigger Buffer NL27WZ17DFT2G offers reliable noise suppression and consistent output Onsemi 6,294 Add to BOM
NC7SZ57P6X High-performance 2-input logic gate Onsemi 5,961 Add to BOM
NTJD5121NT1G High-performance Mosfet Array designed for surface mounting applications Onsemi 4,596 Add to BOM
NUP4202W1T2G 202W1 surge protector shields high-speed data lines from ESD, EFT, and lightning Onsemi 6,167 Add to BOM
NUP2202W1T2G Electrostatic Discharge Protector for SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 6 LEAD Configuration, 3000-REEL Onsemi 7,184 Add to BOM
NL7SZ57DFT2G Versatile logic gates for customizable applications onsemi 6,673 Add to BOM
NC7WZ17P6X NC7WZ17P6X TinyLogic UHS Dual Buffer with Schmitt Trigger Inputs 3000 REEL Onsemi 5,888 Add to BOM
MUN5330DW1T1G 6-pin SC-88 Trans Digital BJT NPN/PNP with 50V VCE and 100mA IC Onsemi 4,229 Add to BOM
MUN5212DW1T1G NPN Digital Transistor with a Maximum Voltage of 50V and Current Rating of 100mA, housed in a 6-Pin SOT-363 Package, provided on Tape and Reel Onsemi 6,538 Add to BOM
MUN5112DW1T1G Digital transistors designed for use in electronics, 100mA 50V Onsemi 5,672 Add to BOM
NSL12AWT1G SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 6-lead package onsemi 6,530 Add to BOM
MUN5111DW1T1G Robust device for industrial and commercial applications Onsemi 8,054 Add to BOM
NL27WZU04DFT2G With a voltage input range of 1.65-5.5V, this CMOS inverter provides reliable signal inversion for your electronic circuits Onsemi 8,674 Add to BOM
NC7SV157P6X 6-Pin SC-70 Fairchild Semiconductor NC7SV157P6X Multiplexer Onsemi 9,748 Add to BOM
NSS12200WT1G Low VCE(sat) Transistor, PNP, 12 V, 2.0 A onsemi 7,498 Add to BOM
NSL12AWT1 Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 12 V 2 A 100MHz 450 mW Surface Mount SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 onsemi 9,128 Add to BOM
FAN5640S7X LED Driver, Dual High-side Constant Current Source onsemi 8,896 Add to BOM
NCV2561SQT1G AEC-Qcompliant single video amplifier with SC- package suitable for automotive systems requiring low power consumption and high speed processin onsemi 6,156 Add to BOM
MUN5213DW1T3G Dual NPN Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) onsemi 7,118 Add to BOM
NSB4904DW1T1G Complementary Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) onsemi 8,859 Add to BOM
MUN5234DW1T1G Dual NPN Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) onsemi 7,190 Add to BOM
NTJD4001NT1 <p>Small Signal MOSFET 30 V, 250 mA, Dual N - Channel, SC - 88</p> onsemi 5,786 Add to BOM
NCS211RSQT2G Current Sense Amplifier 1 Circuit Rail-to-Rail SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 onsemi 9,630 Add to BOM
MUN5336DW1T1G Digital Bipolar Complementary NPN+PNP BRT Transistor Onsemi 4,655 Add to BOM
MUN5315DW1T1G MUN5315DW1T1G: Bipolar Junction Transistor, Digital, NPN/PNP, 50V, 100mA, 6-Pin SOT-363, Tape and Reel Onsemi 4,957 Add to BOM
NL7SZ19DFT2G Decoder Demultiplexer Single 1-to-2 6-Pin SC-88 T/R Onsemi 4,390 Add to BOM
NTJS3157NT1 Compact and reliable power control devi onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5116DW1T1 High-performance dual bipolar transistor for demanding applications onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5134DW1T1 High-performance bipolar transistors for reliable and efficient power management onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5137DW1T1 Reliable components ideal for precision electronics projects onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5131DW1T1 Powerful performance and low-voltage operation ensured onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5114DW1T1 Compact Power Device for Microelectronic Applicatio onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
NTJS4151PT1 Rugged and reliable component for automotive or industrial us onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
NTJS3151PT1 Power transistor with P-channel MOSFET configuration, suitable for 12V applications with a current rating of 3.3A onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5135DW1T1 PNP pre-biased bipolar transistors suitable for low-voltage circuits onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5315DW1T1 High-performance pre-biased bipolar transistors for precise applications onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5130DW1T1 Precise and stable bipolar transistor with V rating and A curren onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5332DW1T1 High-speed switching and amplification solution for a wide range of applications onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MUN5331DW1T1 Versatile application in a variety of industri onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM