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(80 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SMP1321-079LF Featuring an inductance of 0.7 nanohenries, the SMP1321-079LF is a PIN diode enclosed in an SC-79 package Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,871 Add to BOM
1SS400SMT2R Product 1SS400SMT2R, 0.1A, 80V, SOD323 Rohm Semiconductor 5,652 Add to BOM
MAVR-044769-12790T Product MAVR-044769-12790T Macom 7,667 Add to BOM
RSB6.8S Compact TVS diode with bidirectional protection ProTek Devices 4,868 Add to BOM
SMP1322-079LF SMP1322-079LF is a PIN diode featuring a nominal inductance of 0.7nH, designed in a SC-79 single package Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,292 Add to BOM
SMP1302-079LF Single SC-79 PIN Diodes featuring 0.7nH inductance Skyworks Solutions, Inc 3,112 Add to BOM
SMP1345-079LF SC-79 PIN Diodes featuring Ls of 0.7nH in a single package Skyworks 7,072 Add to BOM
DZ2S120M0L Miniature SC-79 Diode Panasonic 5,909 Add to BOM
SMP1340-079LF PIN Diodes with Inductance of 0.7nH, SC-79 Single Package Skyworks 8,354 Add to BOM
BAT6302VH6327XTSA1 Low Forward Voltage Drop (190mV@1mA) Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,875 Add to BOM
BAT6202VH6327XTSA1 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers RF DIODES Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,132 Add to BOM
DZ2S030M0L Zener Diode Single 3.005V 2% 120Ohm 150mW 2-Pin SSMini2-F5-B T/R PANASONIC CORP 6,025 Add to BOM
DZ2S05600L Zener Diode rated at 5.6V, with 5% tolerance, and a power dissipation of 0.15W. Made of silicon, it's unidirectional Panasonic 7,072 Add to BOM
SMV1247-079LF Single varactor diode with a capacitance of 6.5pF and a voltage rating of 15V, packaged in SC-79 with tape and reel Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,544 Add to BOM
SMV1255-079LF SMV1255-079LF is a single diode with a variable capacitance of 5 Skyworks 7,072 Add to BOM
SMV1232-079LF Tuning Diode for RF Varactor SMV1232-079LF Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,157 Add to BOM
SMP1320-079LF Tape and Reel Packaging for 50V PIN Diode Switch with 2 Pins in SC-79 Package Skyworks Solutions, Inc 3,414 Add to BOM
SMV2019-079LF Diodes with variable capacitance, 2.3 volts at C4/C20 and 22 volts at 20 volts, in a SOD-523 package Skyworks Solutions, Inc 3,977 Add to BOM
SMV1705-079LF SC-79 Single Package Varactor Diodes with Ls=.7nH Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,935 Add to BOM
DZ2S180C0L DZ2S180C0L Zener Diode, 18V 0.15 W SMT 2-Pin SSMini2 F5 B | Panasonic Electronic Components DZ2S180C0L Panasonic 7,072 Add to BOM
SMS7630-079LF Mixer Diode, Zero Barrier, X Band, Silicon Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,671 Add to BOM
SMV1249-079LF Variable Capacitance Diode, 31pF C(T), 15V, Silicon, Hyperabrupt Skyworks 7,072 Add to BOM
MADS-002200-12790T M/A-COM Technology Solutions MACOM Technology Solutions 5,703 Add to BOM
SMP1331-079LF Compact SC- package makes it easy to integrate into designs Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,278 Add to BOM
MADP-007455-12790T PIN Diodes Ls = .6nH SC-79 Single Cp = .1pF MACOM Technology Solutions 3,713 Add to BOM
1SS387L3F(T Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 7,875 Add to BOM
BB 664-02V H7902 Elegant solution for reliable tuner performance and stability Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
BB 565-02V H7902 Varactor Diodes TV & SAT TUNER DIODE INFINEON 9,786 Add to BOM
MM5Z3V3T5GF Zener Diode 3.3 V 300 mW ±2% Surface Mount SOD-523 Nexperia 5,563 Add to BOM
SMV1231-079LF Single Diode with Variable Capacitance, 15V, 1.43pF, SC-79 Package, Tape and Reel Skyworks 6,221 Add to BOM
BAR 88-02V E6327 80V 100 mA 250 mW Infineon Technologies 8,025 Add to BOM
SMV1248-079LF Varactor diode for voltage regulation and tuning applications Skyworks Solutions, Inc 7,589 Add to BOM
MADP-007436-12790T Diode PIN Attenuator/Switch with 75V and 150mA in SC-79 Package, Tape and Reel MACOM Technology Solutions 3,373 Add to BOM
SMV1405-079LF Compact S-Band variable capacitance diode for RF applications Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,345 Add to BOM
SMV1212-079LF SC-79 varactor diodes featuring an inductance of 0.7nH Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,814 Add to BOM
SMV2020-079LF Hyper-abrupt variable capacitance diode for precise applications Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,739 Add to BOM
MAVR-001350-12790T 12V Single 3.6pF at 4V, 1MHz MACOM Technology Solutions 3,124 Add to BOM
MADP-007433-12790T Low-power diode for signal processing and filtering applications MACOM Technology Solutions 7,177 Add to BOM
PMEG3002AEBF 30 V, 200 mA low VF Schottky barrier diode Nexperia 7,072 Add to BOM
RN142STE61 Single RF Diode PIN 60V 100 mA 150 mW EMD2 Rohm Semiconductor 2,994 Add to BOM
SMP1352-079LF SC-79 Single Package PIN Diodes with 0.7nH Inductance Skyworks 9,531 Add to BOM
HSMS-285Y-BLKG RF Detector RF/ID below 1.5GHz Broadcom Corporation 7,429 Add to BOM
BB55502VH7912XTSA1 DIODE FM VARICAP TWIN VR 8V CP Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,025 Add to BOM
BBY5102VH6327XTSA1 Varactors Single 7 V Surface Mount PG-SC79-2-1 Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,105 Add to BOM
BZX58550-C20X Zener Diode Single 20V 5% 55Ohm 300mW 2-Pin SC-79 T/R Nexperia 5,292 Add to BOM
BZX58550-C68X Zener Diode Single 68V 5% 240Ohm 300mW 2-Pin SC-79 T/R Nexperia 6,483 Add to BOM
BZX58550-C51X Zener Diode Single 51V 5% 180Ohm 300mW 2-Pin SC-79 T/R Nexperia 6,419 Add to BOM
BZX58550-C51-QX Diode Zener Single 51V 5% 300mW Automotive AEC-Q101 2-Pin SC-79 T/R Nexperia 9,222 Add to BOM
BZX58550-C47X Zener Diode Single 47V 5% 170Ohm 300mW 2-Pin SC-79 T/R Nexperia 9,671 Add to BOM
BZX58550-C39X Zener Diode Single 39V 5% 130Ohm 300mW 2-Pin SC-79 T/R Nexperia 7,072 Add to BOM