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(46 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
74LVC1G125GV Ideal for high-speed interfaces, data converters, and other applications requiring low skew and jitter performance Nexperia 6,240 Add to BOM
NC7SZ14M5X Ultra-high speed with Schmitt trigger input Onsemi 5,442 Add to BOM
NC7SZ125M5X SOT-23-5 package buffer/driver/transceiver for wide voltage range Onsemi 5,651 Add to BOM
NC7SZ05M5X TinyLogic UHS Inverter (Open Drain Output) Fairchild Semiconductor 5,180 Add to BOM
NC7S86M5X Single Component for Exclusive OR Logic Operations Onsemi 5,926 Add to BOM
NC7S08M5X 1-element AND gate with 2 inputs in a 5-pin package Onsemi 5,365 Add to BOM
NC7S00M5X This product is a versatile NAND gate with advanced CMOS technology, designed for efficient logic operations with its 2 input capabilities Onsemi 6,051 Add to BOM
NC7SZ04M5X The NC7SZ04M5X is an inverter component crafted with CMOS technology Onsemi 5,519 Add to BOM
NC7S14M5X Features Schmitt Trigger for Noise Immunity Onsemi 4,608 Add to BOM
NC7S04M5X TinyLogic HS Inverter Fairchild Semiconductor 5,750 Add to BOM
NC7SZ86M5X TinyLogic UHS 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate Fairchild Semiconductor 4,429 Add to BOM
NC7SZ38M5X TinyLogic UHS 2-Input NAND Gate (Open Drain Output) onsemi 4,191 Add to BOM
NC7SZ32M5X NC7SZ32M5X is a small outline transistor with 5 leads Onsemi 5,900 Add to BOM
NC7SZ08M5X -Element 2-IN CMOS 5-Pin SOT-23 T/R AND Gate Onsemi 4,259 Add to BOM
NC7SZ02M5X TinyLogic UHS 2-Input NOR Gate Fairchild Semiconductor 6,397 Add to BOM
INA168NA *Key Feature**: High-gain instrumentation amplifier for precise signal conditioning Texas Instruments 6,545 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS2DBV Single LVDS eceiver 5-SOT-23 -40 to 85 TI 4,034 Add to BOM
LMV331IDBV Single General Purpose Low-Voltage Comparator 5-SOT-23 -40 to 125 TI 4,664 Add to BOM
RB471ET148 RB471ET148, 40V, SC-74A, 0.1A ROHM Semiconductor 5,360 Add to BOM
NC7SZ126M5X The NC7SZ126M5X is a non-inverting buffer/line driver with 1 channel Onsemi 4,906 Add to BOM
NC7S32M5X Compact HS OR Gate with 2 Inputs Onsemi 5,569 Add to BOM
NC7ST04M5X TinyLogic HST Inverter onsemi 6,347 Add to BOM
FMG3AT148 FMG3AT148, characterized by its NPN+NPN setup, is a dual digital transistor packaged in SOT-25, featuring transistors with integrated bias resistors ROHM Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
TCR2EF50,LM(CB LDO Voltage Regulators TOSHIBA 8,874 Add to BOM
XC7SH86GV,125 XC7SH86 is a high-speed Si-gate CMOS device. It provides a 2-input EXCLUSIVE-OR function. Nexperia 9,443 Add to BOM
XC7SH02GV,125 High-Speed XCHGV Logic Gates for Modern Syste Nexperia 8,711 Add to BOM
XC7SH125GV,125 Advanced logic buffer driver with 3-state outputs and SC-74A package Nexperia 5,677 Add to BOM
RT9169H-12GB The RT9169H-12GB is a linear voltage regulator integrated circuit designed for positive voltage regulation Richtek Usa Inc. 2,396 Add to BOM
LP2985AIM5X50 A reliable choice for maintaining consistent voltage levels in your syste Texas Instruments 4,546 Add to BOM
S-80834CLMC-B6TT2G Compact and efficient solution for detecting voltages from t Ablic Inc. 9,241 Add to BOM
NX4110CZ1TR High-speed switching controller for demanding applicatio Microsemi Corporation 3,794 Add to BOM
74HCT1G32GV This dual-input CMOS gate performs logical 'OR' functions efficiently Nexperia Usa Inc. 6,833 Add to BOM
BD48E46G-MTR Accurately detects voltages from to for automotive application ROHM Semiconductor 4,320 Add to BOM
TK71750SIL-G Boost performance with a positive fixed output linear regulator for your project Asahi Kasei Microdevices / Akm 3,661 Add to BOM
MAX2632EUK General-purpose amplifier suitable for a wide range of uses Analog Devices Inc. / Maxim Integrated 2,389 Add to BOM
74AHCT1G08GV Digital IC suitable for various electronic systems and projects Nexperia 3,928 Add to BOM
S-1200B33-M5T1G 150mA SOT-23-5 Linear Voltage Regulator IC with Fixed Positive Output Ablic Inc. 6,798 Add to BOM
RT8060AGB RT8060AGB: Control Module for Switching Power Supplies Richtek Usa Inc. 2,115 Add to BOM
RT9715CGBG Compact SOT-23-5G Power Switch/Driver with 1:1 N-Channel design and 1.5A capability Richtek Usa Inc. 5,616 Add to BOM
LM3411AM5-5.0 ROHS Compliant 5V Voltage Reference Texas Instruments 4,235 Add to BOM
IRU1205-30CLTR SOT-23-5 Linear Voltage Regulator IC with Fixed Positive Output of 300mA Infineon Technologies 2,277 Add to BOM
FAN2503S30X The positive electrode can handle input voltages up to 6.5V, making it suitable for various applications Onsemi 7,368 Add to BOM
BA033LBSG2-TR REG 3.3V 150mA Linear Voltage Regulators Rohm Semiconductor 6,982 Add to BOM
RT8024-12GB Fixed positive buck switching regulator IC with 1.2V output and 400mA capacity in SC-74A package Richtek Usa Inc. 4,377 Add to BOM
BD49E55G-TR RoHS compliant - Ready to ship in one day - Discontinued 2014 Rohm Semiconductor 2,200 Add to BOM
XC7SH04GV,125 Inverters XC7SH04GV/SOT753/SO5 Nexperia 6,773 Add to BOM