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(182 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PCC110 SC-70 Wireless Charge-Discharge ICs ROHS Powercast 4,680 Add to BOM
MAX803REXR+T MAX803REXR+T product description ADI 6,925 Add to BOM
FGB40N60SM IGBT Transistors with a 600V Voltage Rating and 40A Current Capacity, featuring FIELD STOP PLANAR technology - GEN2 Onsemi 6,160 Add to BOM
TPD2E2U06QDCKRQ1 Automotive Dual 1.5-pF, 5.5-V, ±25-kV ESD protection diode for USB & High Speed Interfaces TI 7,481 Add to BOM
2N7002WT1G Compact power device for automotive system Onsemi 5,097 Add to BOM
NTS4101PT1G P-Channel Power MOSFET with a voltage rating of -20V, a current rating of -1.37A, and a low on-resistance of 120mΩ Onsemi 7,389 Add to BOM
NTS2101PT1G High efficiency 65 mOhm MOSFET Onsemi 7,577 Add to BOM
MAX803SQ293T1G Processor Supervisor with 2.93V Threshold Voltage and Active Low/Open Drain Output Onsemi 6,829 Add to BOM
MUN5211T1G BRT NPN Bipolar Transistor Onsemi 5,894 Add to BOM
SZNUP2125WTT1G TVS Diode, 200W, 24V Reverse Working Voltage, Bi-directional, 2 Element, Silicon Onsemi 6,813 Add to BOM
MMBT4401WT1G Silicon Controlled Rectifier onsemi 7,500 Add to BOM
BAV70WT1G Dual Switching Diode Common Cathode BAV70WT1G Onsemi 4,929 Add to BOM
ADM803TAKSZ-REEL7 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit in 3-Lead SC70, Active-Low Open-Drain Output ADI 4,058 Add to BOM
ADR5043BKSZ-REEL7 Low-cost shunt voltage reference with 3.0V output ADI 7,734 Add to BOM
SI1302DL-T1-E3 Single N-Channel 30 V 0.48 Ohms Surface Mount Power Mosfet - SC-70-3 VISHAY 4,316 Add to BOM
BAT54SWT1G 30V Dual 800mV@100mA 200mA SOT-323 Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS Onsemi 7,618 Add to BOM
BAV99WT1 SC-70 Dual Series Switching Diodes onsemi 6,072 Add to BOM
FDB3652 N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET, 100V, 61A, 16mΩ onsemi 5,640 Add to BOM
MMBF2202PT1 3-pin MOSFET designed for low power applications onsemi 5,092 Add to BOM
FGB20N60SFD IGBT, 600V, 20A, Field Stop onsemi 8,426 Add to BOM
FDB045AN08A0 N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET 75 V, 80 A, 4.5 mΩ onsemi 9,866 Add to BOM
MAX803TEXR+ MAX803TEXR+ is a supervisory circuit used for microprocessor reset functions analog devices inc. 7,917 Add to BOM
MAX803SEXR+ Advanced Logic Control for Smooth System Restart analog devices inc. 7,835 Add to BOM
SI1317DL-T1-GE3 P-Channel 20 V (D-S) MOSFET Vishay 7,072 Add to BOM
2SK3663-T1-A <p>N-channel power MOSFET for high voltage and current applications.</ renesas 8,734 Add to BOM
MAX809SQ293T1G One-channel power management solution Onsemi 4,821 Add to BOM
BC847W Versatile bipolar transistor ideal for radio frequency (RF) amplifier designs. ( char NXP 6,069 Add to BOM
2SD2656T106 30V 1A NPN transistor with low VCE (sat) characteristic, SOT-323 ROHM Semiconductor 5,911 Add to BOM
2SC4097T106Q Description of Bipolar Transistors - BJT product 2SC4097T106Q ROHM Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
MA4E2054B1-1146T Tape and Reel Packaged Schottky RF Diode, 3V, SOT-323 Configuration MACOM Technology Solutions 3,986 Add to BOM
SI1305DL-T1-E3 Trans MOSFET P-CH 8V 0.86A 3-Pin SOT-323 T/R Vishay 7,309 Add to BOM
BC817W Bipolar Transistors - BJT NXP SEMICONDUCTORS 5,946 Add to BOM
PMSTA92-QX Bipolar Transistors - BJT PMSTA92-Q/SOT323/SC-70 Nexperia 7,011 Add to BOM
SMUN5112T1 Bipolar Transistors - Pre-Biased onsemi 8,276 Add to BOM
SMUN5114T1 Bipolar Transistors - Pre-Biased ONSEMI 8,204 Add to BOM
NUP1128WTT1G 50V Clamp 3.5A (8/20µs) Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount SC-70-3 (SOT323) onsemi 6,861 Add to BOM
FQB8N90CTM Power MOSFET, N-Channel, QFET®, 900 V, 6.3 A, 1.9 Ω, D2PAK onsemi 5,698 Add to BOM
MXD1816XR29+T Low-Power µP Reset Circuits in 3-Pin SC70/SOT23 Analog Devices Inc. 7,695 Add to BOM
MAX803SEXR-TG05 Supervisory Circuits 3-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuits Analog Devices Inc. 5,920 Add to BOM
FGB7N60UNDF IGBT NPT 600 V 14 A 83 W Surface Mount D2PAK (TO-263) onsemi 8,792 Add to BOM
NCV803SQ308D2T1G Voltage Supervisor, Very Low Supply Current, 3-Pin Microprocessor, Reset Monitor onsemi 7,765 Add to BOM
SZMMBZH12VAWT1G 17V Clamp 2.35A Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount SC-70-3 (SOT323) onsemi 9,221 Add to BOM
NTBS9D0N10MC <p>MOSFET - Single N-Channel 100 V, 9.0 mΩ, 60 A</p> onsemi 7,396 Add to BOM
FJX992TF Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 120 V 100 mA 100MHz 235 mW Surface Mount SOT-323 onsemi 5,603 Add to BOM
NTS4101PT1 P-Channel 20 V 1.37A (Ta) 329mW (Ta) Surface Mount SC-70-3 (SOT323) onsemi 6,632 Add to BOM
NTB5D0N15MC <p>MOSFET - N-Channel Shielded Gate PowerTrench<sup>®</sup> 150 V, 5.0 mΩ, 139 A</p> onsemi 8,665 Add to BOM
TCM809ZVLB713 3-Pin Microcontroller Reset Monitor. Microchip 5,138 Add to BOM
MAX809ZEXR+T Supervisor Push-Pull, Totem Pole 1 Channel SC-70-3 MAXIM 7,971 Add to BOM
MAX803SEXR/V+T MAX803SEXR/V+T: Reset circuits for microprocessors with three pins Analog Devices 5,827 Add to BOM
MAX7375AXR105+T 3-PIN SILICON OSCILLATOR Analog Devices 5,196 Add to BOM