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(62 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ADM3054BRWZ-RL7 Ideal for rugged environments and harsh conditions Analog Devices 5,481 Add to BOM
ADUM1402CRWZ Four-channel digital isolators Analog Devices 4,453 Add to BOM
ADUM1402BRWZ Digital Isolator with Two Input and Two Output Channels Analog Devices 4,978 Add to BOM
ADUM1401WSRWZ High-performance isolation solution Analog Devices 5,463 Add to BOM
ADUM1401CRWZ-RL Packaged in tape and reel for easy handling and storage Analog Devices 6,923 Add to BOM
ADUM1401CRWZ Ideal for use in communication and power systems Analog Devices 6,356 Add to BOM
ADUM1401BRWZ 16-Pin SOIC Package for 4-Channel 10Mbps Digital Isolation Analog Devices 4,134 Add to BOM
ADUM1400CRWZ-RL 4-Channel CMOS Isolator Analog Devices 7,136 Add to BOM
ADUM1400CRWZ Quad-Channel Isolation Device Analog Devices 7,278 Add to BOM
ADUM1400BRWZ Isolator with four channels for digital signal transmission Analog Devices 7,214 Add to BOM
ADUM1301BRWZ Digital isolator IC for high-speed communication, utilizing iCoupler technology for isolation, supporting power supply voltages between 2 Analog Devices 7,908 Add to BOM
ADUM1300ARWZ-RL Three-Channel Digital Isolation Device Analog Devices 5,774 Add to BOM
ADUM1300ARWZ Triple-Channel Digital Isolator Analog Devices 6,647 Add to BOM
ADuM6400ARWZ With a CMTI of 25kV/μs, this general-purpose isolator is ideal for various electronic applications Analog Devices 4,594 Add to BOM
ADUM5402CRWZ The ADUM5402CRWZ is a versatile isolator with four channels and a built-in DC-to-DC converter Analog Devices 4,596 Add to BOM
ADUM5402ARWZ Four-channel isolators with 2.5 kV isolation Analog Devices 5,276 Add to BOM
ADUM5401CRWZ Quad-channel device with built-in DC-to-DC converter Analog Devices 4,274 Add to BOM
ADUM5401ARWZ Digital signal isolator Analog Devices 4,778 Add to BOM
ADUM5000ARWZ DC/DC converter for signal and power isolation Analog Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
ADuM3160BRWZ-RL USB data protection Analog Devices 3,704 Add to BOM
ADM2484EBRWZ The ADM2484EBRWZ is a line transceiver that supports EIA/TIA-485, ISO 8482, RS-485, and RS-422 differential protocols Analog Devices 5,302 Add to BOM
ADM2483BRWZ Robust and scalable connectivity solution for various industrial applications Analog Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
ADM2482EBRWZ ) Single Transmitter/Receiver RS-422/RS-485 in 16-Pin SOIC Package with Tube Analog Devices 7,790 Add to BOM
ADUM3301ARWZ This product comes in a 16-pin SOIC package, making it suitable for a wide range of applications Analog Devices 5,851 Add to BOM
ADUM4223BRWZ High and Low Side Driver for Power Applications Analog Devices 5,905 Add to BOM
ADUM2402ARWZ Digital Isolation Solution Analog Devices 7,204 Add to BOM
ADUM141E1BRWZ With its robust construction and reverse channel capability, the ADUM141E1BRWZ is a versatile digital isolator for use in demanding environments Analog Devices 6,544 Add to BOM
ADuM1412BRWZ Magnetic isolation 4 General-purpose SOIC-16-300mil Digital Isolators ROHS Analog Devices 3,558 Add to BOM
ADUM1412ARWZ Isolation Barrier with Four Channels Analog Devices 6,659 Add to BOM
DAC8420FSZ State-of-the-Art Signal Conversion Device Analog Devices 4,701 Add to BOM
ADUM1411ARWZ Advanced ROHS-compliant magnetic isolation technology enables safe and efficient data transfer Analog Devices 4,302 Add to BOM
ADUM1410ARWZ Suitable for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Integration Analog Devices 5,644 Add to BOM
ADUM140E0BRWZ Strong, Four-Channel Isolator with Output Enable and Zero Reverse Channels Analog Devices 7,261 Add to BOM
AD7705BRZ This ADC features a serial interface and comes in a 16-pin SOIC package, making it easy to integrate into a variety of electronic systems Analog Devices 5,920 Add to BOM
AD524ARZ-16 ±18V 16-Pin SOIC Tube Package Analog Devices 4,738 Add to BOM
OP497GSZ 4-channel operational amplifier in SO16 package, capable of 500kHz bandwidth, voltage range of ±2 to ±20VDC, and supplied in tube Analog Devices 7,812 Add to BOM
OP200GSZ 16-Pin SOIC package Analog Devices 5,011 Add to BOM
AD637JRZ 16-Pin SOIC Package with Tube Packaging Analog Devices 6,679 Add to BOM
AD7401YRWZ Robust and isolated interface for reliable system integratio Analog Devices 7,468 Add to BOM
AD7400AYRWZ High-performance signal processing technology for accurate data conversion Analog Devices 7,510 Add to BOM
ADuM1311ARWZ Magnetic isolation 3 General-purpose SOIC-16-300mil Digital Isolators ROHS Analog Devices 6,237 Add to BOM
ADM693ARZ Low Power Consumption Monitoring Device Analog Devices 5,990 Add to BOM
ADUM1402ARWZ Isolators with Four Channels Analog Devices 7,102 Add to BOM
ADUM1401BRWZ-RL SOIC-16-300mil digital isolator with magnetic isolation for general-purpose use." Analog Devices 6,378 Add to BOM
ADUM1400ARWZ Isolation device with four channels for data transmission Analog Devices 5,712 Add to BOM
ADUM1301BRWZ-RL Digital isolators with magnetic isolation in a general-purpose SOIC-16-300mil package Analog Devices 7,205 Add to BOM
ADUM5000ARWZ-RL Switching Power Supply Analog Devices 9,866 Add to BOM
ADUM4402ARWZ High-Level Electrostatic Discharge Digital Isolation Analog Devices 5,246 Add to BOM
AD1866RZ 16-bit serial ADC/DAC functionality Analog Devices 5,286 Add to BOM
ADUM4223CRWZ Robust digital isolators with 5kV RMS rating Analog Devices 9,067 Add to BOM