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(2361 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PT204-6C High-sensitivity m phototransistor for proximity and presence detection Everlight Electronics Co Ltd 5,764 Add to BOM
MR5060 Compact and reliable, these LEDs deliver Onsemi 8,626 Add to BOM
HLMP-S401 Bright Orange Indication for Discrete Circuits Broadcom Limited 6,206 Add to BOM
AMS302T Monitor changes in daylight and adjust settings accordingly with this reliable sensor Panasonic 6,417 Add to BOM
SDP8406-003 Phototransistor Chip Silicon 2-Pin Side Looker Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 7,817 Add to BOM
CK45-R3AD471KNRA Radial lead design makes installation easy and efficien Tdk 5,188 Add to BOM
SLR343BC7T3F Note: Recommended replacement part number is SLR Rohm Semiconductor 7,715 Add to BOM
LTL-4231N Compact and reliable, these through-hole LEDs provide a bright green diffused light ideal for general lighting applications Lite-On Inc. 4,260 Add to BOM
HAFBLF0200C2AX5 Reliable measurement tool for industrial applicatio HONEYWELL 6,661 Add to BOM
701-101BAB-B00 The temperature sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its wide temperature range capability Honeywell 7,072 Add to BOM
F2001 Radial, through-hole polymeric PTC fuse with high reliabili Littelfuse Inc. 4,495 Add to BOM
WP132XGD Compact T-package ideal for miniaturized desig Kingbright 8,097 Add to BOM
TSHA6203 Reliable operation with consistent performance and minimal maintenanc Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 7,220 Add to BOM
TSHA5202 Optimized for efficient heat transfer in demanding environments Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 8,581 Add to BOM
UCD2A470MNQ1MS 47uF 100V 250mA@120Hz ±20% SMD,D12.5xL13.5mm Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD ROHS Nichicon 7,072 Add to BOM
BFC236845104 ±10% 250V 100nF -55℃~+105℃ Metallized Polyester - Film Capacitors ROHS Vishay 7,072 Add to BOM
RB-231X2 Tilt Switches ROLLING BALL C&K Switches 4,432 Add to BOM
IR928-6C-F 20° 1.25V 940nm Plugin,L=4.6mm Infrared (IR) LEDs ROHS Everlight 7,669 Add to BOM
MV57124A LED Circuit Board Indicators .22X.125" RECT HER Everlight 6,434 Add to BOM
SLR343BN4T3F Blue 470nm LED Indication - Discrete 3.2V Radial ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR 8,857 Add to BOM
SLR-343PC3F Standard LEDs - Through Hole LED 555NM 2PIN UNI-COLOR GREEN ROHM Semiconductor 5,976 Add to BOM
SLA560WBD2PT3 Standard LEDs - Through Hole White; 5V; 3300mcd 30mA Rohm Semiconductor 9,700 Add to BOM
SLR-343VR3F Standard LEDs - Through Hole LED-Red ROHM Semiconductor 6,143 Add to BOM
SEP8706-002 Infrared (IR) Emitter 880nm 1.7V 50mA 0.45mW/cm² @ 20mA 50° Radial Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 7,907 Add to BOM
SLI-570U2T3F Standard LEDs - Through Hole LED HIGH BRIGHTNESS ROHM Semiconductor 6,780 Add to BOM
HLMP-0401 Standard LEDs - Through Hole Yellow Diffused 583nm 3.6mcd Broadcom Limited 8,555 Add to BOM
WP113GDT Green 568nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.2V Radial Kingbright 7,279 Add to BOM
PT480FE0000F Phototransistors 860nm Side View Radial Sharp Microelectronics 9,487 Add to BOM
SLI-343V8R3F Standard LEDs - Through Hole RED-DIFF COLORED 40 VIEW ANGLE 639NM ROHM Semiconductor 5,421 Add to BOM
LHL13NB470K Compact radial design allows for easy integration into compact electronics design Taiyo Yuden 3,966 Add to BOM
16SVPK220M Polymer 52mA@120Hz 220uF 16V 22mΩ ±20% SMD,D6.3xL6mm Solid Capacitors ROHS Panasonic 3,306 Add to BOM
AY1472M65Y5UC63L0 4.7nF ±20% X1,Y1 760V Plugin,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors ROHS Vishay 5,335 Add to BOM
VY1222M43Y5UC63V0 Ceramic Capacitor, Ceramic, Vishay 7,844 Add to BOM
WYO102MCMBF0KR 1nF ±20% X1,Y2 440V Plugin,P=5mm Suppression Capacitors ROHS Vishay 5,117 Add to BOM
VY1472M63Y5UQ63V0 4.7nF ±20% X1,Y1 Plugin,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors ROHS Vishay 6,830 Add to BOM
VY1222M47Y5UQ6TV0 2.2nF ±20% X1,Y1 Plugin,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors ROHS Vishay 5,532 Add to BOM
VY1222M47Y5UQ6UV0 2.2nF ±20% X1,Y1 Plugin,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors ROHS Vishay 6,387 Add to BOM
VY2103M63Y5US63V0 10nF ±20% X1,Y2 440V Plugin,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors ROHS Vishay 4,432 Add to BOM
VY1472M63Y5UQ6UV0 4.7nF ±20% X1,Y1 760V Plugin,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors ROHS Vishay 5,422 Add to BOM
VY2222M35Y5US63V5 Safety Capacitors VY2 X440Y300VAC 2,2NF +/-20% Y5U BULK E3 Vishay 3,426 Add to BOM
VY2103M63Y5UG63V7 Ceramic Suppression Capacitor, 0.01 uF, • 20%, X1 / Y2, 440 Vac, 300 Vac, Radial Leaded Vishay 6,138 Add to BOM
TRF600-160 60A 160mA 320mA 250V Plugin Resettable Fuses ROHS Littelfuse 3,077 Add to BOM
S104Z93Z5VL83L0R 500V 100nF Z5V -20%~+80% Plugin Ceramic Disc Capacitors ROHS Vishay 2,163 Add to BOM
S101M59S3NU83L0R Single Layer Ceramic Capacitor, 100 pF, 6 kV, ± 20%, S3N (N3300), 10 mm, PC Pin - Bulk Vishay 2,128 Add to BOM
S102K29Y5PN6TJ5R Y5P 1nF 1kV ±10% Plugin,P=5mm Ceramic Disc Capacitors ROHS Vishay 6,202 Add to BOM
RUSBF075 Compact Solution for Overcurrent Protection Needs Littelfuse 2,125 Add to BOM
RKEF050 60V 500mA 40A 1A Plugin Resettable Fuses ROHS Littelfuse 7,010 Add to BOM
RKEF075 60V 750mA 40A 1.5A Plugin Resettable Fuses ROHS Littelfuse 7,802 Add to BOM
RKEF375 60V 3.75A 40A 7.5A Plugin Resettable Fuses ROHS Littelfuse 5,622 Add to BOM
RKEF250 Described as resettable fuses Littelfuse 4,217 Add to BOM