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(192 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
S80C196KB16 Computer processor Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
MC68HC11K1CFU4 8-Bit Microcontroller with MROM and HCMOS Technology FREESCALE 7,101 Add to BOM
UPD784031GC The UPD78 series microcontroller from Renesas offers impressive performance features NEC 7,072 Add to BOM
MC9S12XDG128CAA 16-bit CISC microcontroller with 128KB Flash memory NXP Semiconductor 7,300 Add to BOM
S9S12XS256J0CAA 16-bit MCU, S12X core, 256KB Flash, 40MHz, -40/+85degC, Automotive Qualified, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 4,139 Add to BOM
MC9S12XS128MAA MCU 16-bit HCS12X CISC 128KB Flash 5V Automotive 80-Pin PQFP Tray NXP Semiconductor 5,993 Add to BOM
MC9S12XEQ512MAA 16-bit MCU, S12X core, 512KB Flash, 50MHz, -40/+125degC, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 7,543 Add to BOM
MC9S12XEG128MAA 16-Bit Mcu, S12X Core, 128Kb Flash, 50Mhz, -40/+125Degc, Qfp 80 Rohs Compliant: Yes NXP Semiconductor 4,561 Add to BOM
MC9S12E128CFUE Introduction of MC9S12E128CFUE microcontroller NXP Semiconductor 5,750 Add to BOM
MC9S08LG32CLK S08 S08 Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 40MHz 32KB (32K x 8) FLASH 80-LQFP (14x14) NXP Semiconductor 4,312 Add to BOM
S912ZVMC25F1MKK Convenient storage option Nxp 3,543 Add to BOM
R8A66597FP Streamline your connectivity with this versatile USB controller, ideal for applications requiring simultaneous host and peripheral functionality RENESAS 6,780 Add to BOM
MC9S12XDG128MAA High-performance embedded system NXP Semiconductor 6,805 Add to BOM
HD64F2612FA20V Consider using the RX63T Group for updated projects Renesas Technology Corp 3,804 Add to BOM
MC9S12XDT512CAA 9S12XDT512 TSMC3 GENERAL NXP Semiconductor 6,408 Add to BOM
MC9S12C128CFUE S12C 16-bit MCU, HCS12 core, 128KB Flash, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 6,940 Add to BOM
ISP1521BE USB Hub Controller USB 2.0 80-LQFP (12x12) NXP 6,431 Add to BOM
D78365AGF NEC 7,072 Add to BOM
MC9S12XDT256MAA MCU 16-bit HCS12X CISC 256KB Flash 2.5V/5V Automotive AEC-Q100 80-Pin PQFP Tray NXP Semiconductor 7,971 Add to BOM
UPD75P518GF-3B9 MCU 4-Bit 32640Byte EPROM 3.3V/5V 80-Pin PQFP NEC 7,072 Add to BOM
TMP87PS71F MCU 8-Bit TLCS-870/C CISC 60KB OTP 5V 80-Pin QFP TOSHIBA 7,072 Add to BOM
MC9S12DJ64CFU MCDJCFU is an excellent choice for projects demanding reliability FREESCALE 7,165 Add to BOM
AD9883AKST-140 Comprehensive video solution for industrial and commercial use case Analog Devices, Inc 3,722 Add to BOM
TC8569AF Experience faster data transfer and improved system performance with this TC85AF Floppy Disk Controller Toshiba Semiconductor 7,630 Add to BOM
TL16C554IPN UART TL16C554IPN - 4 LQFP-80 (12x12) with 16-Byte Buffer, ROHS Certification Texas Instruments, Inc 4,746 Add to BOM
MC9S12GC32CFUE HCS12 HCS12 Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 25MHz 32KB (32K x 8) FLASH 80-QFP (14x14) NXP Semiconductor 5,982 Add to BOM
UPD16430AGF-3B9 LCD Driver 5V 80-Pin PQFP NEC 7,072 Add to BOM
MSP430F2618TPN 16 MHz MCU with 116KB FLASH, 8KB SRAM, 12-bit ADC, Dual 12-bit DAC, I2C/SPI/UART, HW multiplier, DMA Texas Instruments, Inc 7,607 Add to BOM
LM98620VHB/NOPB Video Processor IC Serial 80-TQFP (12x12) Package Texas Instruments, Inc 6,343 Add to BOM
S9S12P128J0MQK 16-bit MCU, S12 core, 128KB Flash, 32MHz, -40/+125degC, Automotive Qualified, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 3,169 Add to BOM
S9KEAZ128AVLK Kinetis E 32-bit MCU, ARM Cortex-M4 core, 128KB Flash, 48MHz, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 3,220 Add to BOM
S912XEG128W1MAA HCS12X HCS12X Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 50MHz 128KB (128K x 8) FLASH 80-QFP (14x14) NXP Semiconductor 7,164 Add to BOM
MC9S12XDT256VAA S12XD 16-bit MCU, HCS12X core, 256KB Flash, 80MHz, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 4,626 Add to BOM
MC9S12XD256MAA S12XD 16-bit MCU, HCS12X core, 256KB Flash, 80MHz, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 7,650 Add to BOM
MC9S12C32VFUE16 S12C 16-bit MCU, HCS12 core, 32KB Flash, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 7,325 Add to BOM
S9S12XS128J1MAA 16-bit MCU, S12X core, 128KB Flash, 40MHz, -40/+125degC, Automotive Qualified, QFP 80 NXP Semiconductor 4,339 Add to BOM
TW8832S-LB1-CR TFT Display Controller Renesas Technology Corp 6,180 Add to BOM
R7F7016894AFP-C 32-bit Microcontrollers - MCU Renesas Technology Corp 3,749 Add to BOM
PIC18F85K22-I/PT 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 32kB Flash 2kB RAM Microchip Technology, Inc 5,157 Add to BOM
ADAU1966WBSTZ 16-Channel 118 dB SNR Differential Output, 192 kHz, 24-Bit DAC Analog Devices, Inc 7,664 Add to BOM
CXD2303AQ Parallel interface with 8-bit access SONY CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
A11205RNCQ High-quality SPST rotary switch for reliable switchin C&K Switches 7,072 Add to BOM
LC72366 This Sanyo-manufactured IC features high-speed data transfer SANYO ELECTRIC CO LTD 7,072 Add to BOM
KB9223 PQFP80 Consumer Circuit BICMOS 14 X 20 MM QFP-80 SAMSUNG 6,174 Add to BOM
STM8S208MBT6B STM 8-BIT MCU 128 KB ST 8,065 Add to BOM
MC9S12XD64MAA MCU with 16-bit architecture, 128K flash memory, and 12K RAM NXP Semiconductor 4,021 Add to BOM
MC9S12XD64CAA Features Quad Flat Package with 80 pins NXP Semiconductor 4,774 Add to BOM
S9S12XS256J0VAA 16-bit HCS12 CISC 256KB Flash Microcontroller NXP Semiconductor 4,864 Add to BOM
MC9S12GC64MFUE This microcontroller is supplied in tray packaging for convenient handling and assembly in manufacturing processes." NXP Semiconductor 4,640 Add to BOM
MC9S12E256MPVE MC9S12E256MPVE product description NXP Semiconductor 7,837 Add to BOM